Dead IDentities

Dead IDentities


Dead IDentities believe a song isn't worth playing if its not loud and fast with a sing a long chorus. We put in as much energy as a small nuclear bomb going off with enough sweat to get everyone wet. Nice.


Who are we?
Two Brits and two Kiwis brought together by our love of loud, grinding tunes and being on stage where it counts. We are based in London and have been together as a four piece for a year now. In that time we have played more than 50 shows to audiences of up to 500 people in places as far away as the Netherlands.

We all come from musical backgrounds and have been playing for a number of years. We play catchy punk rock and roll. Not your sugar-coated pop-punk but stuff you can really sing to and that will get you dancing in no time. We place a huge emphasis on our stage show and normally find that we have dropped a few pounds by the time we get off stage.

We have a wide appeal to a large audience both in the UK and overseas. Punkers, rockers and poppers are all a part of our growing fan base. And that is just the way we like it. We have an great time doing what we do and guarantee that our audiences will leave with their heads buzzing.

We currently have a publishing deal (Bucks Music Publishing - which us helped us to secure a single release on 'Burnout 5', a new Play Station 3 game coming out in March 2007. But other than that we have self-funded and self-promoted ourselves from the word go. Whilst other bands may come and go in these difficult times, the Dead IDentites will still be here, putting on awesome shows, recording new songs and loving it.


Wednesday Night EP (2005)
Music for the Waiting Room (2006)
Regular play on Punky Radio
Song 'Long Way Out' to appear on Play Station 3 Game 'Burnout 5' in March 2007

Set List

Typical Dead IDentities set lasts for around 30 minutes, we would rather blast you and leave you stunned.
We always play our songs but usually we like to play in a rock'n'roll cover DI style every gig for good measure.

Typical Set:
1. Going Down
2. Long Way Out
3. Who's Louise
4. S.C.A.R.E.D
5. Wednesday Night
6. Long tall Sally (Little Richard)
7. Hanging Around
8. Wednesday Night
9. Born in the UK