Dead Jesus

Dead Jesus


When a match is torn across a brick wall, there is a screaming second of contained heat before friction becomes fire. That instant, furious with release, is the spirit and the sound of Dead Jesus.


Dead Jesus formed in 1997 in Edmonton, Alberta as a four piece band focused on the exploration and development of the classic death metal sound while staying true to its gore-soaked roots.
Wasting no time, Dead Jesus produced a four song demo entitled Into Mourning, which was consumed hungrily by crowds lucky enough to witness the now legendary shows of the late nineties. In such clubs as Edmonton’s Area 51, Calgary’s Night Gallery, and Winnipeg’s Albert Hotel, Dead jesus brought about more than just the messianic resurrection that western Canada’s metal scene so richly deserved; they left a trail of blood and viscera that nobody having seen it firsthand could ever forget.
In the year 2000, Dead Jesus’ much anticipated full-length debut, When Your Soul Is The Sickness pulverized a public ravenous for more of the unmistakable Dead Jesus sound. The disk features the now classic standards Roadkill, A.F., and Hymns Of The Unholy along side immediate crowd favorites such as Carnival Of Foetuses and Eulogy (a tribute to the late Stanley Kubrick). The success of When Your Soul Is The Sickness secured Dead Jesus coveted opening slots for Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Incantation and Cryptopsy, culminating in a 2003 summer tour stop at Montreal’s prestigious International Death Metal Festival.
2004 saw the release of Dead Jesus’ second full-length disk, Let Them Suffer. Edmonton’s best and bloodiest were back to tear off another strip, this time adding a second guitar to the attack. Let Them Suffer stood as testimony that Dead Jesus was no victim of the sophomore jinx. From the disk’s creepshow opener Draining Grace, through the twisted verses of Dichotomy and Vampurity, Let Them Suffer satisfied in full.
Dead Jesus is far from a witless band, and even if the wry sarcasm of their lyrics escapes you, you need look no further than their marketing and promotional savvy. Unique and shamelessly irreverent merchandise sells out regularly on tour, and with a stage show comprising elements such as self mutilation, enough animal organs to kill Paul McCartney outright, and the occasional murder/suicide thrown in for good measure, press coverage is rarely far behind
A new EP entitled More Funerals hit the shelves in June 2007. Look for the third full length CD from Dead Jesus in 2008.
And for god’s sake, see them live.


1998 - Into Mourning (Demo)
2000 - When Your Soul Is The Sickness (Full Length)
2004 - Let Them Suffer (Full Length)
2007 - More Funerals (EP)

Set List

Dead Jesus Set List June/July 2007.

Slowly Hating Christ
Hymns Of The Unholy Pt. One
Hymns Of The Unholy Pt. Two
Creature Of War
Into Mourning
Angel Cum
Blood Of The Enemy

This set bleeds us dry for precisely one hour. There are fifty minutes of music, and the rest is filled out with Org666's twisted vaudeville of blasphemic pantomime, blood-slinging, and physical heresy.