Dead Letter Box

Dead Letter Box


Finally a band that pulls no punches! Dead Letter Box combines Hard Rock and Metal to produce a unique and powerful sound that grabs you and doesn't let you go.


The Vision

Dead Letter Box explores the dichotomy of love and hate and exposes the many truths blinded by emotion. The music represents the light and the dark; the good and the evil. Lyrically, rhythmically, and sonically, Dead Letter Box provides clarity and wonder within their music. Their songs are stories of life events examined from all sides. In essence, music that serves as a mirror to discover one’s self.

The different backgrounds of this New York City quartet were brought together mid 2005. Fusing their influences, Dead Letter Box quickly developed a form of song writing they could call their own which can be described as hard rock, southern groove and elements of metal illustrated by dynamic vocal range and aggressive riffs. Their songs range from progressive epic melodies to hard pounding metal breaks as the music takes the listener on a different journey every time. Never concerned with fitting into the trends of today or marketed by the diluted industry standards Dead Letter Box’s primary focus is song writing that will stand the test of time.

The Players...

Vocalist David Alexander captivates audiences with his energetic stage presence and unique vocal styling consisting of moving screams and growls transitioning to melodic emotional singing. It is his powerful range and style that sets him apart from modern rock vocalists today and helps define the Dead Letter Box sound.

Guitarist Tom Tribolt crafted his trademark sound through his musicianship and tenure in the music industry. He toured with Saxon in 1997, pop-star Suzanne Vega from 2001 to 2003, and worked with artists from Dream Theater, King’s X and Winger. His extensive knowledge of music is portrayed through the song structure, chord progression, and melodic riffs in the band’s music.

Tony Ortiz, drums/percussion, has a well-diversified background, playing in numerous bands that fall under the Rock, Pop, Jazz and Metal genres. Tony’s unique approach to drums helps shape the backbone of Dead Letter Box by providing tight southern grooves, blast-speed death metal, and jazz infused patterns. In addition to playing drums in Dead Letter Box, he gives private drum lessons in Manhattan.

Bassist Billy Vassiliadis has almost a decade of experience playing in Hard Rock and Metal bands across the New York City area. Also a graduate from one of the most prestigious audio engineering schools in the states, he now adds a new dimension to the bands’ lower frequencies by complimenting their sound with his wide range of eclectic styles and unorthodox techniques.

The different backgrounds of this supercharged group helps define their sound, which can be described as hard rock, southern groove and elements of metal illustrated by dynamic vocal range and aggressive riffs.

On January 27, 2007 Dead Letter Box played to a crowd of more than 1,000 at Starland Ballroom, one of the biggest venues on the east coast. This band is pushing the hard rock and metal genres by creating great music and fulfilling their dream of performing their souls out on stage.


You Take Love

Written By: Dead Letter Box

In time we drew these borders.
In time we drew farther.
Now I sit and wonder.
If we'll be back together.
Now do you, care that I never let you go? Don't you see that I'm sinking?
You take love for granted.
Now all I can see is your smiling face.
And you smile.
Now I focus my anger.
Thoughts of you walking with strangers.
Now do you care that I never let you go. You hurt my mind with these images.
You take love for granted.


2007 Sympathy For the Devil 4 song EP
2007 Full Length Album due this Fall

Set List

-What You Want Me To Be
-Wasting My Time
-Candle's Edge
-Big City Gamble
-Waiting To Drown
-You Take Love
-Sympathy For Devil
-Evil As An Understatement

*Set list contains approximately an hour of material. Songs and set list can be altered to accommodate any venue.

*Covers played "A New Level" by Pantera from the album "Vulgar Display Of Power"