Dead Letter Chorus

Dead Letter Chorus

 Leichhardt, New South Wales, AUS

with second album "Yearlings" due out in July this year, Dead Letter Chorus have found themselves to have created a concise and majestic record. With a perfect blend of indie-pop sensibility and folk-rock passion, the band is poised to take 2011 by the horns.


While summer may have shuffled off to the north somewhat prematurely this year there is still plenty of sunshine ahead in 2011... Dead Letter Chorus have made certain of that with the release of the third single from their forthcoming album ‘Yearlings’ due in June.

Previous single ‘Run, Wild’ is now being heard in lounge rooms across the country thanks to its inclusion in the latest Toyota campaign. Added to rotation on MTV Australia and bestowed with Indie of The Week status on ABC's Rage, ‘Run, Wild’ is still galloping along nicely; enjoying continued spins on Triple J and across community radio nationwide.

No strangers to the road throughout 2010 Dead Letter Chorus will again hit the asphalt stage locally in July before jetting off to Canada in October to grace the stage at the esteemed CMJ.

‘Yellow House’ is the new single taken from the band’s forthcoming second album ‘Yearlings’ due for release in June.

Stay tuned for tour dates, in the meantime, make your way up the cobblestones to the Yellow House, no need to knock or take your shoes off. Welcome on in.


Yearlings - Album - Out July 2011

Yellow House - Single - 2011

Run, Wild - Single - 2010

Covered By Snow - 7" Vinyl - 2010

The August Magnificent - Album - 2008

Down In Your Valley - Single - 2009

Listen Carefully... - EP - 2007

Set List

Hour Long Set List:-

Run, Wild
All Mine
Yellow House
Covered By Snow
I Belong To You
The Peaceful Sleep Of Death
Down In Your Valley
Oscar Moland
Fight The Morning
11th Dream About Aeroplanes

Occasionally play a cover every now and then..

Other songs by Dead Letter Chorus that may appear on set-lists:-

The Changing Tides
Edge Of Town
The Poet and The Thief
Gently Weeping
Wait All Night
Magnolia Farm
Silly Little Man/Kill The King
Coming Down
Chasing Hearts
The Long Goodnight
Sally In Red
Fathers and Daughters
Modern Faith
Misery's Widow
Laces Bound
Fred Astaire
Drifting Along
Winter Solace
Man Of Constant Need
Father's A Drunkard, Mother is Dead