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Dead Letter Dept.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Anthology UK"

Anthology UK

Rocking 10/10
Exciting 8/10
lyrics 8/10
Partying 10/10
Listening 9/10
Attention keeping 8/10
Quality of Songs 8/10

Dead Letter Dept.: are a punk/rock band from Canada, playing old skool riffs, chops and plenty of drum rolls, its enough to excite and to get you on your feet, with the new style vocals its also bang up to date ( punk/pop harmonies ) this is a collection of songs that will have you buzzing and singing along with, so listen, be entertained and then go out and buy it. - Rock3

"Anthology UK"

Raw Nerve
Anthology UK

I've never heard of this band before, so this is a quite nice collection of songs from three different demo's from a few year's ago. This canadian gang, who seem to be damn nice people from the really sincere and fun liner notes in the CD, play good time punk rock, happy sounding songs (obviously not necessarily in the actual lyrical content but in the sound), upbeat, no intensity to them, no darker side, just all out, jump up and down rocking tunes, that have some excellent titles as well, I never thought I would see titles like "Olive Oil.... I Need you" or "Spiderman Band Aid Cover's a Bloodied Wrist"

Fits in the current mold of 'punk' bands that are gaining much credibility with the MTV's of the world, with thier nice polished accessible sound, but Dead Letter Dept., in fact that this was done before all that happened, and for doing it FAR better than your Sum41 and New Found Glories of the world, get much applause from me, not too much of a punk fan, be it new or old style, but when it is done well it's definitly noticeable.

If you have found yourself at any point, liking Millincolin, Snuff, Get up Kids, Pharcyde or anything of that like, along qith the current new wave of melodious rocking punk bands that are getting their hype, and you are happy to backtrack and find older stuff, then I think you should be grabbing hold of this CD. It's a nice looking peice of work, sounds good, and has some inteligent words on the inside and well. - Raw Nerve


(May 2002)
Back when they were known as the Stiffs, these guys were the cutest little men that the Toronto pop-punk scene had to offer. Now, they're older and wiser and have changed their name, but they still crank out the pop sounds that got them noticed in the first place. This is perhaps their finest release to date -- most likely the result of hours spent on tour building character, as well as making a move to Chicago to record with Mass Giorgini (Screeching Weasel, 88 Fingers Louie). This re-introduction shows that they have definitely got their shit together.
Reviewed by MW Eye weekley magazine (Toronto) - Eye Weekly - Toronto


(September 2002)
Dead Letter Dept (formerly the Stiffs) are a Canadian band with a helluva debut EP. I like to describe their sound as a "pop-punk with balls", or maybe "punk smacking pop in the teeth". Whatever you call them ,it doesn't change the fact that they rock. 5 fast, pop-punk songs with some hilarious titles, well-written lyrics, a cool voice, and excellent musicianship, all produced by the man himself, Mr. Mass Giorgini. What else could you possible want? My favorite song is "I'll never get to go fuck the world". It's catchy as hell and has an infectuos lead guitar part. They don't sound like Blink or Weasel, but instead have a pop-punk sound all their own. If I were you, I'd head on over to and get this gem before Dead Letter Dept. huge. -


5 track EP from Canadian's Dead Letter Dept. is full of up beat melodic pop punk ala Lucky 7, Yellowcard and co. It's nothing super original but falls into the 'Good' pile of pop punk, the vocals suit and arent annoyingly high and they have decent lyrical content and good writing patterns. The recording quality is very decent and the cd flows well, you can't ask for much more, if you are a fan of catchy tunes with a bit of power you wouldn't be wasting your time checking these guys out. My pick would be track 3 'Action Figure, Yard Sale'. They have clever lyrics and song titles and a quality overall release. If youv'e gota few spare bucks check em out. 8/10 Reviwed by bomber for - Bombshell Magazine - Australia

"Rock N' Roll Hates You"

Dead Letter Dept.
Rock N’ Roll Hates You
(Underground Operations)
By Sam Sutherland
May 31, 2005

There is something thoroughly refreshing about the Dead Letter Dept., a band whose entire existence seems dedicated to taking down the faux-punk posturing that sadly dominates the Toronto scene to which they belong. Taking shots at everyone from Treble Charger’s Greig Nori to the bands they’re occasionally forced to share the stage with, lyricist Rob Moir knows exactly where he stands in a city filled with bands who have more T-shirt designs than songs. While scene politics are not the only subject touched on, a feeling of dissociation with the popular ideology is one of the record’s central themes, be it in music, personal relationships, or world politics. Musically, the album is light years ahead of the band’s earlier, more straight-ahead emo-punk work. Maintaining the same style, the band embellish their sound with pianos and keyboards, never cluttering their songs with unnecessary back-up vocals or copious guitar tracks. At their best on tracks like the progressive “Is Everything Alright?” and the vitriolic “Nip/Tuck/Face/Magic,” Dead Letter Dept. have proven that even in what can sometimes be a heavily water-downed scene, songs still matter more than merch. - Exclaim! Canada

"Rock N' Roll Hates You"

The Dead Letter Dept. - Rock N' Roll Hates You
Contributed by Wolfgang S. Casablancas aka Ams Casablancas aka Amber Michelle Beatrice Lindros Andrest

Tuesday, 17 May 2005

The spring of summer has inspired the question of what albums will be used as escape from the hot sun that returns from its heartless abandonment in Winter to become that suffocating ever present friend who always stands too close when talking. The Dead Letter Dept. “Rock n Roll hates You” is made specifically for this reason

The spring of summer has inspired the question of what albums will be used as escape from the hot sun that returns from its heartless abandonment in Winter to become that suffocating ever present friend who always stands too close when talking. The Dead Letter Dept. “Rock n Roll hates You” is made specifically for this reason- picture this- you drinking lemonade listening to a fun, fresh and cool album that seems to alter between everything in pop music that you ever were a sucker for, those jagged blasts of rock needed to avoid being classified as one of those new aged ‘hair’ punk rock bands, and that large slice of well rounded creativity that only ‘true’ punk would allow. Not only does the Dead Letter Dept. sound like Summer, the lyrics are inventive and fun and just what Summer needs attaching the romance of the struggling musician keeping his artistic integrity, with the romance of his one true love, with the romance of various lovers and a slurpy drinking binge at his lake of choice with close friends and a pen and notepad in his back pocket. There truly is much more to say but it cannot be said by me- it must be heard by you and you will probably like it even if you are stuck to a different genre of music because with The Dead Letter Dept. mixture of various different songs you are sure to at least appreciate one of them. They don’t scream and they aren’t metal if that’s what you’re asking… Buy this cd or we wont be sharing the same Summer- unless you hang out at my house.


2005 - Rock N' Roll Hates You - LP
2003 - Anthology UK - LP
2001 - s/t - EP


Feeling a bit camera shy


"…there is something thoroughly refreshing about the Dead Letter Dept., a band... dedicated to taking down the faux-punk posturing that sadly dominates the Toronto scene."
- Sam Sutherland, Exclaim!

In the time we have known Dead Letter Dept. (even back when they were known as The Stiffs) they have always been the most honest and forthright dudes in Toronto. In a city filled with industry wannabes, Queen St. scenesters, and phony musicianship, Dead Letter Dept. remains a staple of genuine artistic credibility. While watching bands that they have shared stages, drinks and laughs with successfully sell their soul for rock n roll, Dead Letter Dept. have honed their artistic credibility to the accuracy of a laser beam and set its sights on the generic rock consumer. Exploiting the shallow money trench that is the corporate music business, DLD creates heart-wrenching tales of love lost, lacking and lingering amidst anthems dedicated to those who have given into the consumerist ideal of society.

Over the tenure (and ten years) of this influential band's career they have worked with legends Mass Giorgini (producer of pretty much every good Lookout! record) and John P. Sutton (rocked bass for the Weakerthans and produced most of Winnipeg's finest bands) while notoriously being known for smashing guitars in basements in the USA, sneaking beers into backstage areas at arenas and coffee houses in Canada, misappropriating attention from mainstream fans at Edgefest 2005 and Edge Electric Christmas and crashing on floors of anyone who will take them during lengthy D.I.Y. tours through unchartered European towns.

Dead Letter Dept. have appeared (in the aural sense) on numerous episodes of Kevin Smith's favourite TV show: Degrassi: The Next Generation, opened for more credible indie rock and genuine emo bands than you have ever downloaded and still remain humble against a backdrop of acid tongued satirical lyricism so painfully truthful it's a wonder these four men (Rob Moir on guitar/vocals, Steven De Silva on guitar/keyboards, Mike Leblanc on drums/vocals and Chris Slorach has been stepping in on bass when not playing dodge ball) can still breathe through all the hot air surrounding them.

When they brought their pre-production to us (the meek, forgettable record company execs) we listened to it non-stop. It brought tears to our eyes; it tugged at our heartstrings and brought back every feeling we had left behind in our youth. It was the most punk-rock alt-country record we had ever heard. We couldn't decide which songs to choose for their EP so we said a collective, “Fuck it. It's too damn good. Let's do all 10 songs.” And we did. And you will thank us. These songs became their debut LP Rock N' Roll Hates You (April 2005) which brilliantly displayed their melodic song structures and gritty, authentic lyrics through a spirit that mournfully reminisces of times when art was recognized for its honesty, ardor, and encapsulation of emotion. This band could change your life.
After all, Billie Joe Armstrong digs Dead Letter Dept., why don't you?
Stacey McCool
Underground Operations

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