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"Deadlight Shinning"

ost gigs are just gigs. You go there, you listen to some band, wich usually is ok, good, even very good sometimes. Well, most of these bands are not amateurs who just have met on the street and thought that forming a band is a good idea. And when you had a couple of pints it wouldn't even matter if they were such amateurs.
Nevertheless, I love live music. Even without few pints before. Even if the band is just ok. When you see a band on the stage, when you can see them sweating and doing their best to entertain you it feels completely different from listening them on CD or ipood or some other digital device. Gig means music in making, godly act of creation.

Before I went to The Hobbit last Friday, I've checked who's going to play that night. Deadlight... Since there was MySpace link on the poster, I've checked that out. After listening to "Control" I knew that it's not going to be just a gig. But let's cut to the chase.

Before Deadlight started playing, I admit, that I started yawning a bit. Not that bands playing before were bad, boring or something, but I was simply tired after the whole week of work. I even considered leaving the pub earlier to wrap myself in warm duvet and travel to some nice place inside my mind, but then, The Band started preparing themselves. After a couple of minutes they started playing. And this was my awakening.

What can I say? They were simply and purely great. Absolutely fantastic and what I saw and what I've heard was definetely worth waiting for.
They say they've started playing together in April. Maybe yes, but they sound like they were together since the beginning of time. This means one thing: lots of work. Lots of hard work, sweat, blood and tears. And you can hear it in their music. Oh yes, you can! Their sound builds up carefully, growing in your mind, expanding and filling it. Very rhytmic, very energetic, very fresh. They seem to know what they want to do and they do it with lots of strength. Toni's voice is magnetic. Her singing merges rhytm and melody in a perfect way. Even putting aside the fact that I immediately fall in love with every female vocalist who puts heart in what she's doing (for the time of the gig at least), I still can say that she has great talent and voice to die for. You guys all have what it takes to be condemned for the success. Don't fuck it up please, do your stuff as you're doing it now, with your passion and keep doing hard work you were doing so far. Good luck with your EP and hopefully a full album later.
There were only two issues with The Hobbit gig. 1. It was too short :D 2. Toni's voice was a bit lost in the overall sound. Still, I hope to see you live again, it was great experience. Thanks. - David Stern


Deadlight were an unstoppable force of rock, energy and attitude. With an outrageously tight set which would put many of their older peers to shame, deadlight came to the show to do one thing, and that was announce to Babalou in Brixton that ‘we are here and you are going to want to see this!’

The band had a great look about them that was neither clichéd nor felt put on. This reflected in their music which clearly demonstrated the bands ability to create a well written and original song.

Vocally, Toni-Amanda Coe is outstanding. She not only rocks out but delivers a faultless vocal performance hitting every note perfectly and with power. She is backed up by an awesome band that refuse to fade to the back ground but come together to create a fearless ensemble.

Constant and hard working professionals, not only did they give their fans a superb performance but they then went on to give out free goody bags and even some cake! Now that’s fan dedication!

Catch Deadlight soon before they hit the big time, you won’t be disappointed! – Matt, Hot Vox

- Matt: Hot vox promotions


We have an EP of 3 songs ready to be released but are waiting to launch it at the right time this year.



Deadlight are a four piece Alternative Rock band from Guildford. They are heavily influenced by artists such as Sevendust, Skunk Anansie, RATM, Karnivool and Dark New Day. They are extremely passionate performers and the set is nothing less than charming and authentic. Their sound is unique, honest, heavy and British. Refreshing individuality and strong branding. This band is neither difficult to work with or conceited. Completley down to earth and professional at all times.