Deadly D

Deadly D

 Bellingham, Washington, USA
BandHip HopFusion

Fusing hip hop with many different musical elements such as funk, soul, rock, blues and indie pop, Deadly D provides a uniquely captivating, explosive stage show that includes live instruments, female vocalists and a live DJ.


Deadly D is a funkadelic hip hop fusion band comprised of 2 emcees, female vocalist, drums, bass, trumpet and live DJ. Established in 2011, and currently based in Bellingham, WA, they provide a unique style of hip hop blended with funk, soul, rock & blues. DJ Birdman delivers funky beats scratched over top of the raw percussion of Tommy “Church” Mutchler and the groovy baselines Sean Mckee. The silky, smooth sounds provided by Ray Cooney and his trumpet compliment the fast pace momentum. Energetic, thought provoking lyrics of front man Steve “Stevey B” Borden and the tantalizing hooks of Lydia Davis give the listener a captivating stage show, with the dance moves and crazy onstage antics of the group’s hype man, Matthew “Titty” Chistion being more than capable of getting anyone out of their seat! Striving to make commercially viable, feel good music with a message, Deadly D has a style that all music lovers can appreciate. As Richard Berry of Doldrums Ent. said, “the duo eases the audience into their quick style with smooth, flowing choruses.”

Coming off of their recent 5 week, 7 state tour, Deadly D is quickly making a name for themselves as one of the most exciting, entertaining acts in the NW. In  2015 they came in 2nd place out of over 300 bands at the Seattle Hard Rock Rising: Global Battle of the Bands competition. The group has played over 300 shows in 13 states and provinces over the last 5 years. They’ve shared the stage with the likes of Talib Kweli, Paul Wall, Nappy Roots, Del the Funky Homosapien, The Hieroglyphics, Zion I, Riff Raff, Ras Kass, Planet Asia, Potluck, Wrekonize, Dirt Nasty, Mickey Avalon, Lyrics Born, Madchild, Irv Da Phenom, Common Market, The Chicharones, Grayskul and The Luniz and their music has been compared to The Roots, Kendrick Lamar, Outkast, Atmosphere and Lupe Fiasco. They won the 2013 hip-hop duo of the year at the IMEAs (International Music and Entertainment Awards), and the title track from their mixtape Light Side of the Moon was nominated for hip-hop song of the year. Their Jan. 2014 album release of Psychology received rave reviews with Mike Roe of What's Up Magazine saying the project has the “potential to be really, really big”, while Underground On Top Online called it “amazing”, and compared it to classic old school Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Along with extensive independent touring, the band has played a number of festivals including Seattle Hempfest, Hard Rock Rising, Boeing’s ’16 Centennial, Bearmouth Music Fest, BrodieNation and the ‘15 & ‘16 Seattle Rock n Roll Marathons. With another full-length album in the works, Deadly D is planning a summer tour of the US to promote the project.

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Cocaine (Artificial Bliss)

Written By: Steve Borden,Mike Pianki

By Deadly D

Heard a song just the other day/
that reminded me of a time come and gone/ (uh oh, uh oh oh)
in a place I can only recall/
and I swear I can see your face/
when I close my eyes but then you're lost/ (I know, I know)
that it was worth these scars/

I never pictured watching you leaving/
We were living for the moment but a moment is deceiving/
Cuz even though they tell you to seize it/
It slips right past without anybody seeing/
Reminiscing with a 40 to recapture the feeling/
Wound up on the floor looking at a different ceiling/
Puking in a different toilet/
Telling strangers stories about the kids I was boys with/
But it all fades always/
The hallways, the rooms, and the people in em all change/
Had wine together just the other day/
Now I’m wetting your grave with the sulfites (damn)/
But I can smile through the tears/
Cuz the miles that we walked I’m just glad you were there/
(yeah) and I’m just glad to be here/
Just happy the nostalgia remains so clear (I)/ (Hook)

(Stevey B)
As time pass catch a memory of past times/
reminiscent likely givin' you an add sign/
trickles in what was missin' on subtract signs/
what was once lost hidden in your back mind/
found it's way to the forefront without tryin'/
naturally occurs when a spark gets synapse firin'/
likely happenin' when liquor gettin' passed 'round/
a ritual of sorts that the centuries hand down/
drunk driving a Delorean we travel time/
back to that old place that we once sat upon/
got that familiar feeling, as if it hasn't gone/
aged with the taste of perfection like a glass of wine/
inebriated off the minutes that have faded/
but the clock has situated not a way to recreate it/
so, it's alright holding onto what you miss/
but living in the past is only artificial bliss/ (Hook)

Saucy (feat. The Shanty Dwellers)

Written By: Steve Borden,Shane Soderbom,Matthew Christion,Brian O'neill

By Deadly D

Stevey B Verse
-This feelin that I’m feelin is an oddity
-I can’t explain it, all that I know is that it’s takin over every part of me
-I get to groovin, I get to movin
-so fluid like an oooh, like an ocean
-I know you feel it too!
-So baby whatchu gonna do?
-getchu in the mood to get dow-wicka-own
-how porno music do it, bow-chicka-wow-wow
-seducin ya softly
-lookin to spice things up well baby I’m feelin saucy

SBS verse
-And all juiced up, come and boost up
-got my girl by the hair and I’m pretty much
-in a rodeo, the way I ride it yo
-minutes turn to hours and she loves it when I ride it slow
-speed it up now, beat it up now
-bout to bust out a load better duck now
-round 2 and 3 are in store
-too wet in the waterfall she wants more
-nails digging in my back and I’m really diggin that
-sweet drippin down her spine and she sippin on some wine(cause)
-just like the rest of my posse, you can bet that (I’m feelin saucyyy)

(Backgrounds will be in parenthesis)

-I’m feelin saucyyyyy
-I got that flavor (got that flavor)
-I got that flavor (got that flavor)
-I got that flavor ooooooooh! (got that flavor) X2

Titty verse

First section is talked thru with low sexy voice

-Oh… I don’t know HOW you do it girl (How you do it, baby?)
-Extraterrestrial the way you be rockin SO many worlds (so many worlds)
-Well peep game, boo. YaBoy’s so saucy. (SAW-SAY)
-Flavor for days, how could I not be
-5 Stars!? (5 baby)
-After I’m done you’ll say I’m the best by far (uh)

Last section normal rap

-So baby get comfortable
-I’ll always be here just to let you know
-Once you find out my love is incredible
-You’ll never wanna let me go! (let me go no!)

Biggs verse
-Too smooth (yea, yea) I’m on my baddest behavior
-And I’m looking too cool for my own good but it’s all gravy I got that, flavor
-Got my drink and I’m good to go! (repeat)
-Grab you girl by the hand take you to the floor (repeat)
-Do you remember, your first slow dance, first kiss, first hand down your pants
-So awesome, feeling bossy, girl you sweet as frosting, got me feeling saucy!


Musical Breakdown


Little Boombox Kid (feat. Ashley Douglas)

Written By: Steve Borden,Ashley Douglas

By Deadly D

Verse 1 (Stevey B)

All my life I felt misunderstood/
like speaking a different language and articulation/
so through this confusion, I just did what I could/
but amidst the attempts to fit in I’d trip on my foot/
leaving those around me concerned and worrisome/
cuz they getting no response whenever they told me jump/
I would rather play it slow when they wanting to hurry up/
see me swimming upstream even whent the current strong/
developed this uneasy feeling in my skull/
probably why I related with Pac, me against the world/
never to think anyone could ever put eyes on it/
see these scribbled thoughts written down and decipher it/
but I was wrong cuz ever since you came along/
realized I’m not the only one singing the same song/
don’t have to mumble under my breath ever again/
belt it out with the person that sees who I really am/ (so you)

Hook (Ashley Douglas)

Don’t go crazy my little boom box kid/
find you’re safety don’t fight if you can’t win/
under my skin I will gladly let you in cuz/
you make me better, you make me wiser/

Verse 2 (Ashley Douglas)

Don’t let them turn you into stone/ (no, no)
beauty’s balanced you are safe and cold/
you’re hard to cut through, you’re much too bold/
you take the cake, you’re great you got it all/
falling forward deeper in the past/
eyes wide open it happens so fast/
get out of you’re head/
I don’t want to see you left for dead/

Hook (Ashley Douglas)

Don’t go crazy my little boom box kid/
find you’re safety don’t fight if you can’t win/
under my skin I will gladly let you in cuz/
you make me better, you make me wiser/

Verse 3 (Stevey B)

All seemed lost felt like I couldn’t ever win/
outside in the cold rain and the heavy wind/
you answered the door when I wan’t expecting it/
this little boom box kid never thought that would would have let me in/ x2

(so sing it like)

Hook (Ashley Douglas)

Don’t go crazy my little boom box kid/
find you’re safety don’t fight if you can’t win/
under my skin I will gladly let you in cuz/
you make me better, you make me wiser/

(Ashley Douglas & Stevey B)

Don’t go crazy my little boom box kid/
(All my life I felt misunderstood)
find you’re safety don’t fight if you can’t win/
(like speaking a different language and articulation)
under my skin I will gladly let you in cuz/
(don’t have to mumble under my breath ever again)
you make me better, you make me wiser/
(belt it out with the person that sees who I really am, really am)


2017 - Til' the Fight's Finished (EP)

2017 - The Long Count (Mixtape)

2015 - STEVEY B of the DEADLY D

2015 - Project Re-Collection (Stevey B Solo)

2014 - Hybrid Hop (Stevey B Solo)

2014 - Shantyville (Compilation)

2014 - Psychology Vol.1

2013 - Somewhere In Between

2010 - Story of My Life (Stevey B Solo)

2010 - What Will Always Be

2010 - Light Side of the Moon (EP)

2008 - Double Helix (Strand 1 & 2)

Set List

1. Nothin' Real 

2. Nobody Like Me  

3. I Don't Think So 

4. Brown Paper Bag Boogie

5. Breathe

6. Rental

7. Just a Citizen Tryna Cope

8. Pretty Lights (Good Feeling) (feat. Mollie Jayne) (Show w_VOX)

9. Highway Home

10. Newton's Law

11. Light SiDe of the Moon

12. Bounce Back

13. Saucy