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Self titled full length CD released in 2005. 3 Song Demo recorded in 2007. Demo songs can be heard at



Define deadly. A serial killer? A nuclear bomb? A car wreck? Those are all threats to life. In the case of metal purveyors Deadly 7th, the threat is to other artists. Want to see someone fall like a rock from the heights? Then watch what happens when Deadly 7th hits the charts and sends the current toppers tumbling down the ladder.
Everybody needs release from the dark forces that dwell within. Every single one of us. It's true of people at large, as well as for the members of the Deadly 7th. “Music is a source of release for us, everything from joy to anger, peacefulness to aggression.” Their creativity is the boon of the audience. By finding release of emotion, be it the working out of anger or the vibrancy of joy, Deadly 7th creates music that is hard-hitting – as it should be with any metal band – but able to finesse its way into the heart and mind, where the band's release becomes the release of the listener.
“We like to write about different experiences in our lives, both positive and negative, that everyone in the world has in their everyday lives.” That's called truth, and it's also called mass appeal. It's a delicate balance to strike, reaching the masses without sacrificing the truth and artistic integrity of your musical offering, but Deadly 7th pulls it off. “Our music is an enhancement of these emotions that we share with other people who have been in similar situations as us and can relate to what we felt.” In other words, Deadly 7th ably finds common ground and expresses the power of the commonality of humanity via their potent metal music.
“Play what makes you happy.” That's the motto of Deadly 7th, and it's more than just a slogan. It's a fact, a philosophical truth that gives this band's music the weight that it carries. By finding full emotional satisfaction in their songwriting, they are guaranteed of providing the same satisfaction to listeners. “If you don't enjoy the music that you are playing, it shows and you cannot expect other people to enjoy themselves if you aren't. If you are having a great time playing ...” It seems obvious on the surface but how many bands sacrifice both artistic and career success by failing to capture that balance and channeling it into musical momentum? Deadly 7th is not one of those bands. Its intricate understanding of the quest for artistic contentment and the drive to succeed on every level grants the band's songs the ability to please everybody across the spectrum, from composition to listening pleasure.
Life – in one of its many manifestations – is often cited as the inspiration for songwriting. And why shouldn't it be so? Isn't life behind humanity, whose purest expression comes in musical form? And just as life encompasses everything from the everyday to the profoundly personal, so Deadly 7th's music embraces this range. “We have written songs about everything from betrayal by someone that we cared about to a situation that happened on a TV drama series. Inspiration comes from so many different places that the real important part is recognizing it for the inspiration that it is and making it something that everyone can relate to.” Even if your experiences are situationally and specifically different than those felt by the members of Deadly 7th, every human experience, no matter what it is, shares an underlying common component. This reality fuels Deadly 7th.
Deadly 7th stands as one of the most popular bands in Jackson, Mississippi, and has played every major venue in the city. They have also played in several venues in the Southeastern region of the country. Good reviews have also flowed freely from music critics. But don't think that the Deadly 7th is limited to regional acceptance. Indeed, the band has much to offer, something the world will soon discover.