Deadly Alliance

Deadly Alliance

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Two of the most creative young individuals pairing together to form a "Deadly Alliance". A producing, writing and performing Rap artist duo that has something to show and prove that they have what it takes to make a change and bring new artists to a new plateau in this industry.


"Deadly Alliance" consists of Kalvin "Kardeai" Reitz and Thomas "Tazmain-e-ac" Lewis, Jr. whom are two young men that are full of talent and have joined forces to change the Hip Hop/Rap industry. Even though they are still youngsters in this game they touch on topics such as : tragedies, conflicts, romance and parties, inconjuction with just being able to deal with teenage life in general. Determination and being innovative sets these two apart from the rest. They are Lawless Entertainment's very own brat pack.


All Bout Money-coming 11/26/06

Set List

2 mic's and a stage, we'll do the rest.