Dead Magnum

Dead Magnum


Loud Rock with a vibrant splash of metal! A great blend of fun and rough music. Fun for the whole Family! Loves playing shows, and taking names.


Our music takes alot of influence from early metal bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Megadeth. Theres also some new metal influence of Lamb of God and Killswitch Engage. We are a fun loving group of guys who have been friends for years and musicians for longer. We formed in 2005 and since then have been ripping upstages in the tristate area. Dead Magnum, coming to your town soon.


Dead Magnum- As we Burn EP(2006)
Dead Magnum- Darkness Rise EP(2007)
Produced and Engineered By shloppy James Petronio at Northern Lights Studios.

Set List

1.)War Babies- 2:45
2.)Darkness Rise- 3:26
3.)Trapped Inside- 4:30
4.)Anarchist Anthem- 3:50
5.)Mouth of Babes- 3:50

All songs mentioned above are origionals