Deadman Anchor

Deadman Anchor


Deadman Anchor is a band that combines a little of every style of music, which makes it so hard to put the band in one genre of music. The music is fun, fresh, and ready to move anyone who listens it. The bring the feeling of the old jam bands and new rock into on band.


The journey of this band started back in 2005. Cory started drumming with these guys in a metal band. The search for a guitar player in that band lead them to find Dan. After a year of jamming with these guys things started to fall through. Dan and Cory stuck together and worked out some progressive/ metal songs together. The quest for this project started to fail. Then they started to write more of a death metal genre of songs, which eventually ended. The search for fellow muscians for these projects never worked out. Cory and Dan started to jam on some catchy rockin riffs, and wrote the first six songs of Deadman Anchor. However they still needed a bass player. Dan found Danillo in school and asked him to come to jam. From that point on the band has been rolling foward. They recorded their first ep in the early summer of 2008, and working on Lp currently. They have been playing New Jersey rock venues such as The Stone Pony and Mexicali Blues. We also now have our music being played on!


Two Birds

Written By: Cory Mahady

music written by Deadman Anchor

Two birds sang a song for me today
Do you want to hear what they say?
They can see what is from the sky
We all wish we could just fly

Singing, dancing is all fun
Why don't we go out in the sun?
We'll be there for nine hot days
Then we can go find the show

This party
This body
Take me
May break me

Two young kids try to get outside here
They want to be old too soon
What's the point in growin' up?
You can still get real, real drunk
I see that people are also stuck
They need to get out of this rut
I told myself the same thing
Now I'm too old to take this advice

One to GO

Written By: Dan Ehrmann

music written by Deadman Anchor

No more pictures
It's all hear
Miles away from what anyone knows
Lookin' over rocks for sights in the sky
This is too real to ever let die

I know back home this is only a dream

Foot in the tracks
Never wanna go back
And there's one more mile to go
History's here while beauty surrounds me
Something they'll never teach me in school

Let's take a break
It's too good to be true
Think I'll build myself a home here
I can eat, talk, and sleep with the wind
I now we must go but are you kidding?


Written By: Dan Ehrmann

music written by Deadman Anchor

Pickin' up some old thoughts swimmin' in my head
Blissful in the clouds but now i'm combfortable in my bed
Time to get a move on with the show
Only drug I ever needed was rock n' roll

Wait, these wheels are movin' too slow
My mind's made up now and we gotta get to the show
It's okay, don't need your medicine to play my blues
Cause' its burnin through my soul and it's about time I found home

No more trippin' when your mind's goin' in the wind
Time to hit the road here with my band
Catch a new city and maybe a lover
I'll stare in her eyes and then catch me another

Time is running out
This one's for the crowd
Never knew life could be this
A happy place where I could rest my head


First ep- 2008
1.all clear
2.dumbstruck to go
4. down
5. daydream
6.mount life

lp currently in progress
3.two birds
4.pete's song
5.lost it
6. the station
7. old johnny

Live From The Stone Pony
1. Horses
2. Medicine
3. The Road
4. The Reasons Why

Set List

Our set list can be from 30 minutes to 2 hours. We play our originals, and some songs which we are working on. Since we are a jam band we do improvise on our originals, as well as covers. If we play longer sets we tend to play a few covers. We have covered Blind Melon, The Doors, and Moe to name a few.