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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Dead Match Corner"

“Music with a meaning. That’s what it’s all about”.

Remember when songs told stories of lessons learned, lives changed and left you with the feeling you had been touched somehow? All by the voice flowing freely from your dash speakers.

Take a bit of funk, rock and a whole lot of rhythm and you get Dead Match Corner. This band has an ‘easy alternative’ feel that will grab you and pull you in. In the midst of what seems to be an era of hate music, demeaning lyrics and harsh screaming vocals, DMC is a refreshing breath of musical talent. Weaving songs that groove the soul and grab the intellect are what these cats work hard to bring.

Dead Match Corner, a term used in construction and in painting refers to the joining of two corners. Chris Lourash and Brandon Pilger began the ‘matching their musical corners’ over 10 years ago after meeting through school. Jammin’ off and on over the years both together and with other bands, Dead Match Corner formed about 10 short months ago with the addition of Jeff Piuma on Bass. After several attempts at finding a drummer, their prayers were answered when Jeremy Senger joined up with them on drums.

Collectively the fellas of Dead Match Corner share a local upbringing. Illinois born and bred, these guys are far from corn fed. Brandon Pilger, lead vocals and guitar, hails from good ol Decatur. Brandon is the man behind the intriguing lyrics weaving songs of meaning and every day life. His musical journey began about 15 years ago when his brother picked up the drums. Wanting a guitarist to join him, Brandon decided to give it a go. Fifteen years later, Brandon brings polished guitar playing, skilled song writing and killer vocals to the table.

Chris Lourash, guitar and back-up vocals also got his start in music when his older brother bought a bass. After a while bass turned into electric guitar and the rest is history! Decatur born, Chris attended Stephen Decatur High School and is ‘the most versatile player’ according to his fellow band mates. Influenced by the 80’s hair bands…spandex and all….meshed with fluid funk, Chris Lourash is a talented, intricate piece of the Dead Match Corner puzzle.

Self-proclaimed ‘Jazz Fusion Bassist’ Jeff Piuma also began his musical journey early in life. Born in Philadelphia, at age 6 Jeff started playing the piano. In his early teenage years, after his family moved to Decatur, he broke his hand, which kept him from playing the piano. That may have prevented him from tickling the ivory, but it didn’t keep him from holding the neck of a guitar allowing him to jam with his older brother. This former Eisenhower High School attendee claims the 80’s Medal scene as his biggest influence musically. A guitar player primarily, Jeff didn’t begin playing the Bass full-time until the formation of Dead Match Corner.

Decatur born drummer Jeremy Senger seems to be a perfect fit. Sharing in the 80’s influences, he also draws from to 70’s, 90’s and beyond. He also plays guitar amongst other instruments, but the drums are his passion. After 10 years of drumming he contributes strong beats, mind boggling style and a perfect match for this ‘Dead Match Corner’.

Together Dead Match Corner focuses on making music with meaning: music with something to say. Their all original songs are smooth and a bit funky with awesome guitar riffs, passionate vocals and killer hooks. Looking to break away from ‘the local scene’ the band is currently working on getting signed with an independent label, Level II, based in Indiana. Once signed, you can see this band jam out in area cities including Peoria, Bloomington and Indianapolis.

You can check the band out at their website

Click on the link provided to hear one of their originals, ‘That’s just life’. Originally written about friendships as a child, growing up and growing apart, the song took on new meaning after a close friend died.

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In studio working on first album


Feeling a bit camera shy


From the flats of the middle mid west comes an effort to stretch the limits of four. In an attempt to relieve weary ears, Dead Match Corner pushes the envelope. All hands are busy without taking one eye off of the ever so hungry crowd. With both barrells blazing from start to finish this foursome from the heartland aims to please. Capable of taking you from the silky melodies of traditional and inspiring rock anthems to high octane power plays without even blinking, D.M.C. has it wrapped up. This is a live performance that truly performs. Drum phrases are tightly sewn together, offering a solid, roller coaster of back bone. The smooth sound of rich bass engages and rides the waves of percussion with ease. Gently and carefully, these two are balanced with a healthy diet of crunching riffs, and driving melody. Add to this recipe three part harmonies and you have Dead Match Corner. A band with the hometown personality of a high school football game, and the potential to blow the sky boxes out of Soldier Field. Don't miss this band when they are in your area. They play for the crowd, and do it with a true love for the art. The style of this band's music is hard to define into one category. Obviously they play soul rock ranging from blues and funk roots, to Rock type anthems. What they have managed to put together is something you should just hear. Dead Match Corner was formed out of the ashes of two regional Illinois bands. Crazy Marvin and Triple Crown both played shows in Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Indiana. Catering mostly to college towns, both bands enjoyed the energy of the live show and focused on that as thier strength. D.M.C. is fairly new to the cicuit but already showing great promise. It seemed that something was missing in each of the other two bands. As these two merged it all came together. All of the weak links are gone and this group is looking forward to a fulfilling career together. There are no soap operas, creative differences, or other kinds of band drama to hinder this group. They all just want to write and play music. Dead Match Corner has quite a lot of combined stage and studio experience and are sure to do well. This is absolutely the right mixture of guys for this band. Be looking for D.M.C. at a club near you. Don't miss the up and coming full length Dead Match Corner release as yet to be titled.