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Dead Men Dreaming

New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Rock Metal


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"Dead Men Dreaming – Last Call"

As usual there comes surprise albums throughout the length of the year that you really did not foresee coming, and often they do arrive from independent bands trying to break new ground. As with any up and coming band the fellows of Dead Men Dreaming formed in 2004 in New York had stamped it’s name in the underground scene in New York for a while and managed to released some demos in 2006 and 2008. The word spread quickly about these guys and they jumped on board and have performed live with such acts the likes of Otep, Static-X, Type-O-Negative, Ill Nino, Life Of Agony, Kittie and Dope. So the hard road ahead has had some successes, but with “Last Call” I don’t see why the band wouldn’t take the next step in the circle of popularity spread. They feature the best that the mainstream Hard Rock and Metal commercial genres in the USA have to offer.

You are probably wondering what makes this guys so interesting right? Especially with the the brand of style they play? Well the first thing that jumps out at me is the great mix of heavy bottom riffs mixed with your crushing Hard Rock elements which can be heard in the chorus lines. The vocals of Mike Triana are modern metal sure like any you have heard from so many bands, but the difference is the man has a powerful voice that fits the style here with perfect execution and I mean in those great parts that feature high choruses, he manages to match the crushing rhythm guitar with a keenness that is worth taking note. On tracks like “You Make Me High” and “Remember To Forget” the previously mentioned formula is out on perfect display. The punishing skull pounding of “Where Did I Go Wrong” brings flashes of emo angst at it’s best If i had it my way this is one of the tracks that would get constant radio play.

It is also worth noting the band worked with Indie Producer Mike Wirt who’s past works include Incubus, Live, Hoobastank to name a few, and if you know anything about those bands then you know their sound was especially crafted to balance the heaviness with some very appealing pop elements in the music that hit the mainstream here in the States and propelled those bands to well known careers. The difference here is that DMD keeps their gut pounding attitude driven vibe intact added to the fact that the songs are catchy and more mature sound then the band has ever dove into then in the past and this eventually makes the record more enjoyable. Plus who doesn’t want to hear music that speaks of your crazy late nights with your buddies right? This is one is highly recommended for any fans of commercial driven hard rock performed at a high level. These guys should pick up and attract more attention to themselves after this well played shot of kinetic smash-mouth energy and bravado. Just don’t let it pass you before your “last call”. - Myglobalmind Webzine

"Dead Men Dreaming: Last Call"

Dead Men Dreaming: Last Call
Modern (Melodic) Hard Rock

By Craig Hartranft, 09.27.2010

Of the scores of indie bands out there, you should probably take heed to New York's Dead Men Dreaming and their sophomore release Last Call. Twenty or more indie bands cross the Dangerdog editorial desk each, but few are quite as entertaining and, can I say (gasp), original as Dead Men Dreaming. Maybe 'original' isn't quite the right word; perhaps 'creatively intriguing' might be better since, as one wise man once said, 'there is nothing new under the sun.' Nevertheless, this quintet, who has shared stages with Static-X, Type O Negative, Kittie, and Dope and have entertained crowds in Times Square, at Bamboozle New Jersey, and the notable South By Southwest festival, deliver the hard rock goods on Last Call.

I really like this whole album, though some parts are stronger than others. Call it post-screamo, post-grunge or simply something akin to current alt hard rock, DMD takes the best of melodic hard rock, circa the late 1980's, and injects it with some modern edge and energy. But they don't sound like Nickelback, Disturbed, or anything outside or in between.

DMD has a ambitious sense of creativity that breathes some unpredictable ingenuity into their compositions. They can equally rock (Table for 1, You Make Me High) or get near melodic metal (Remember to Forget, Up in Flames, the best song here) and then get into a hard party groove (Tonight Gonna Party) while consistently giving the listener an authentic and accessible hook and melody. Deadmen can even give you some well-crafted sentimentalism as on Flow and For the Ones that We Love (without being stupid sappy). This simple combination of versatile song composition and street level melodic wisdom, gives the listener undaunted enthusiasm to discover what the next song holds. To this end, songs like You Make Me High or For the Ones that We Love are pure 'single' radio-ready material for the masses (and certainly please the modern rock crowd). Yet, As I remarked earlier, some songs were (slightly) weaker than the others including Table for 1 and A Part of Me. The simple reason is that they had a certain recognizable familiarity of current music. Nevertheless, they do not detract from the whole of Last Call (and even now, after the third spin, they are growing on me.

A few final thoughts before closing. Producer Jim Wirt (Incubus, Hoobastank) certainly drew the best from the whole DMD crew. Also, kudos to singer Mike Triana for his impressive strength and range throughout. However, I think I was mostly impressed with the skills of drummer Dima Shnaydman, especially on Up In Flames (awesome song, but I think I mentioned that already).

Dead Man Dreaming's latest Last Call is silver platter of some of the best American modern melodic hard rock. Neither formulaic nor predictable, Last Call intrigues, entertains and seriously rocks. Strongly recommended. - DangerDog Music Reviews

"Dead Men Dreaming - Last Call"

Self released, 2010

Dead Men Dreaming is an indie rock/metal band based in New York City. They’ve recently released a new album, a ten-tracker record, entitled Last Call. The album is produced by another famous Indie-producer Jim Wirt (Incubus, Jack’s Mannequin, Hoobastank etc.).

Production duties were done to the perfection and I must say that Jim perfectly balances the heaviness and anger of heavy metal with more appealing and radio-friendly main-stream modern tunes.

The music itself is a great blend of heavy riffs, crushing Hard Rock elements, angry, powerful yet modern vocals and some nice and addictive chorus lines. Just listen to two of my favorite tracks, namely melodic metal song “Remember To Forget” and the pounding “Where Did I Go Wrong” and you’ll immediately know what I’m talking about. However; the band doesn’t limit itself as on the songs such as “Flow” and the closing “The Ones that We Love” they even show more melodic and sentimental side. Both songs can be heard on their myspace.

Last Call is definitely a record of high quality filled with energy, anger, intelligent lyrics and a visceral modern sound giving an authentic and accessible hook and melody to any listener.

Esp. recommended for the fans of modern American indie/emo/metal/rock and bands such as Kittie, Dope, Ill Nino, A Day to Remember, Incubus, Disturbed etc.

For more info contact - Metal Revolution

"Review from Ron Thal of Bumblefoot & Guns N' Roses"

"Killer fuggin band...ball of energy and intensity - keys add a nice sweet side to it."
- Ron Thal (Bumblefoot, Guns N' Roses) - None

""DMD brings 500+ people to Record Release Party...""

So back in my hometown of New London, CT, there's a pretty good live and local all ages scene that we're proud of. You know, the kids come out and get hopped up on soda, the bands rock, and everyone pretty much feels like they belong to something.
But I wasn't prepared for Staten Island to represent like it did for the Dead Men Dreaming CD release party on Oct 14.
Some of you have probably heard of this band, as they're a local Staten Island outfit who has been gaining momentum over the past few years--momentum that I didn't understand until I went to Dock Street to check them out. The place was literally mobbed. You can click on the thumbnail picture I've provided here to view a slide show that the band provided to me.
I guess you could call Dead Men Dreaming nu metal, although to me lumping them in that genre seems kind of insulting considering the number of terrible nu metal bands out there. I think basically they're hard rock--mixing the technical, growling elements of classic metal with more epic and melodic Journey-like songwriting and a dash of screamo. Granted, it's not my kind of music exactly, but I don't have to love nu metal to know that these guys have what it takes to go bigger than Staten Island.
Of course, when you've got 500 + people showing up for your shows on SI, who needs to expand? The members of DMD are veritable local celebrities already! And now that their self-titled CD has dropped--with the help of SOR Records--it's likely that their Island following will only get bigger.
After opening sets from other talented local groups like Rule of 9, Woods of Arden, and The Delay--who Staten Islanders should also be checking out for sure--Dead Men Dreaming took the stage in the building's upstairs space. They played a bunch of stuff from the new record, some more established DMD favorites, and three or four popular covers, including one from an obvious influence--Journey's "Don't Stop Believin.'" Every musician in the band is solid in terms of skill and stage presence, and singer Mike Triana's high-pitched scream is pretty amazing to hear in action--sounds just like the record. The crowd of course ate it up, singing along, supporting band memebers as they crowd-surfed, and sticking around after the show to get various DMD stuff signed.
Over all the show was a huge success--a perfect storm of the band's talent, the record's quality, and the marketing savvy of SOR man Mike Grande. Now the band's trying to book a short tour through the northeast--and they're looking for shows, so if you've got suggestions, hit up their myspace page.
- Staten Island Advance / Ben Johnson

"Living The Dream"

This time last year, the guys of Dead Men Dreaming were nothing more than a popular local band. They had the chops, they had the hometown props, and they had big, beautiful dreams of taking the world by storm with their Staten Island brand of piano-tinged metal.

A year later, a lot has happened for the band.

The quintet has released a record to uproarious reception at home, gone on several regional tours and made some noteworthy connections. This spring, DMD went to the giant underground music festival South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, where they played a backyard showcase packed with industry heads and music fans. Sure, they had to bail out their roadie (who they'll identify only as "JR") while there. He was arrested for public intoxication and pugnaciousness, and had to be subdued -- with pepper spray, no less. But the band also scored a last-minute gig at famous L.A. club The Whisky, extending its Texas road trip into an adventure to the West Coast and back.

Saturday, DMD engages in another impressive opportunity. The band is headlining a show in Manhattan at the new Blender (formerly know as the Gramercy Theatre), booked by Clear Channel spin-off company Live Nation, who puts on tens of thousands of live events all over the world annually.

Mike Triana, Chuck Bennetti, Rich and Paul Riccobono, and Anthony Bordonaro are hoping that if they do well and bring a good number of heads into the club, DMD might get the chance to start up a relationship with the company, which could easily take the band to the next level.

"We're really grateful for this," says DMD singer Triana, 29. "I mean you can see the kind of acts Live Nation usually works with. Apparently we're being given some sort of opportunity here that we need to work really hard for."

While the band's booking agency works on setting up another tour in July, the band has chartered a couple of busses for Saturday, which will bring DMD fans from the Staten Island Mall to the club and back, serving pizza and soda on the way to the show. One bus is almost full, and it looks like the band may have to charter another just to fulfill requests.

"It's good for the younger people, whose parents don't want them taking the ferry or the trains by themselves," says Triana. "It's a safe way for them to get there and get back."

Local metal band DizneyFist and two hardcore/metal-influenced bands from New Jersey -- Summerkill and Flashlight Arcade -- also will play the show.

"As long as we bring a fair amount of people, then Live Nation will be happy with what we have to offer, and maybe we'll be opening up for bigger bands than we're used to opening up for," says Triana. "We need to step up to the plate and show them what we can do, and obviously we're going to do that with the support of our fans, who have always stuck by us."

Starting July 10, the band is taking its show back on the road, all the way to Florida and back up to Ohio before coming home in early August. Owners and promoters at L.A.'s The Whisky, who Triana says treated the band very well, apparently asked DMD to head West again in July, but since several of their July tour dates are already booked, the band will have to try and make it back there in late summer or early fall, he says.

Although DMD's members say playing for NYC fans makes for the best gigs, the band is making a concerted effort to grow their band, as fans will witness this Saturday.

"South By Southwest was probably the best experience I've had recently," Triana says. "The majority of the places we go to, people are taking it well. We're working hard -- we've been trying real hard. It's finally starting to pay off." - Staten Island Advance

"CMJ Features Dead Men Dreaming"

The music of Dead Men Dreaming is provocative and unique; difficult to fix into a particular genre as it has extracted characteristics from the whole history of rock and roll. Their guitars and searing vocals wander the spectrum of emotions from angry and hopeful, to agitated and relieved, while retaining their virtuosity at every turn. - CMJ


LP - Last Call -2010
EP - Impure Thoughts - 2008
LP - Self-titled debut album - 2006

Rich Ventre (917) 295-5055,



Dead Men Dreaming is an American Hard Rock band formed in New York in 2004 by a group of friends who grew up in the same neighborhood. After tearing up the local scene and releasing a few demos independently, DMD got into the studio in 2006 to record their first full length album, a self-titled release that was one of CMJ's top 5 most added albums in April of 2007. Following another successful release in 2008, Dead Men Dreaming opened for A Day To Remember, Otep, Static-X, Type-O-Negative, Ill Nino, Life Of Agony, Kittie and Dope before headlining their own sold out shows at New York’s Gramercy Theater and Irving Plaza as well as performing at the Nokia Theater in Times Square and Bamboozle 2009 in New Jersey. In addition to their extensive touring of the east coast, mid-west and California, notably at the Whisky-A-Gogo, DMD has also played every South By Southwest music festival since 2007.
In 2010, singer/keyboardist Mike Triana, lead guitarist Anthony Bordonaro, rhythm guitarist Paul Riccobono, bassist Rich Riccobono and drummer Dima Shnaydman began working on new musical material. DMD enlisted platinum record producer Jim Wirt (Incubus, Hoobastank) to help bring out the very best of the band’s more refined and mature sounding songs, and with Jim at the helm they recorded their most inspired work to date, "Last Call," which combines the decadent attitude of 80's rock with a visceral modern sound. After debuting "Last Call" to a sell-out crowd at Gramercy Theater, DMD went on to open for Times Of Grace, In This Moment, Nonpoint, and CKY in support of “Last Call.”