Dead Moons Grey
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Dead Moons Grey

Band Metal Blues


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"South Knox Seymour Times paper"

Power trio Dead Moon’s Grey hit the crowd in the face next with an avalanche of Appalachian metal. Taking the pace from mountain high to valley low, Marcus “Agony” Bersaglia shredded chords on guitar like a buzzsaw through dry pine, strip-mining the slopes and clear-cutting the summit with an awesome vocal range. Dave “Dirtbag” Peters powered through the hills with a fire-and-brimstone rain on the skins, while Adam “Satchem” Pierce provided the solid granite at the roots of the mountain on bass as the threesome devoured their tight set like hungry hill boys at an all-day Sunday dinner. - Seymour Times

"Georgia Muisc Directory"

Must see show of the summer....(2oo7) - GMD(same as above)

"96.5 WNRD"

"These guys are fun to be around and really know how to lighten the mood and be professional. Good radio show." - The Captian

"Club 106"

“ If your looking for fun, originality and a metal good time then look to the Dead, the Moons and the Grey. I did and I was so shocked that these guys were not playing stadiums, its that good.......Hell I thought I was 20 again"

Manuel Hermosillio - Manager Manuel Hermosillio

"Red Iguana Nightclub"

"The crowd actually stopped in their tracks, dead stop, and listened to this band. They were not background music these guys are the show."

Amanda Ward Bar Manager - Amanda Ward manager

"Hog Fest of Tn"

"Even though the website says Appalachian Metal,DMG is bike Metal!!"

Stephanie - Stephanie, creator of Hog Fest

"The Muse nashville"

"These boys had the crowd hypnotized." - Crasy-E (manager)

"The Maxx Nightclub"

"I had to keep telling my bartenders ans waitstaff to quit watching, it was catchy..." - Amy Maxwell

"The Jinx Metal Club"

DMG ripped the walls out..not really but, it was great. Bring the Mountain Metal!!" - Josh Bass (manager)


Radio play: Hazard, Ashe Tuesday, O.E.G.
Albums: Smoky Mountain Way, Black Dog EP..



Formed in an early Tennessee spring, Dead Moons Grey shaped itself almost naturally into a sub genre of its own.

Appalachia Blues Metal

Casting aside pressures to conform and reign in, they have allowed their music to properly reflect, musically, their mountain style. The D.M.G. energy has pleased many an audience from Motorcycles rallies to Bluegrass festivals to the regional club scene with its distinct and mountainous sound, not to mention their stage antics and showmanship.

Based out of Knoxville Tennessee, The D.M.G. derives its range of influences from life experiences and the variety of cultures and rhythms that are native only to the "Chain". With some songs employing instruments of the southeast region like banjo, Acoustic guitar, Jaw Harp, Slide guitar and finger styles of "sludge slides", "Hic bends" and very liberally "Pinch harmonics". The music is a definite hodgepodge of technique and artistry.

Having been showcased on television, radio slots and interviews, Internet streaming of performances (so as to reach overseas fans live) and Newspaper interviews and articles, prove that the D.M.G. machine is moving foreword and has already made a big ripple in their pond.