Dead Moons Grey

Dead Moons Grey


Appalachia Blues Metal.......Its like Down, Black Label Society, ZZ Top and the Allmon Brothers all mixed into one...with some Danzig and Muddy Waters thrown in to a mountain mix.


Formed in an early Tennessee spring, Dead Moons Grey shaped itself almost naturally into a sub genre of its own.

Appalachia Blues Metal

Casting aside pressures to conform and reign in, they have allowed their music to properly reflect, musically, their mountain style. The D.M.G. energy has pleased many an audience from Motorcycles rallies to Bluegrass festivals to the regional club scene with its distinct and mountainous sound, not to mention their stage antics and showmanship.

Based out of Knoxville Tennessee, The D.M.G. derives its range of influences from life experiences and the variety of cultures and rhythms that are native only to the "Chain". With some songs employing instruments of the southeast region like banjo, Acoustic guitar, Jaw Harp, Slide guitar and finger styles of "sludge slides", "Hic bends" and very liberally "Pinch harmonics". The music is a definite hodgepodge of technique and artistry.

Having been showcased on television, radio slots and interviews, Internet streaming of performances (so as to reach overseas fans live) and Newspaper interviews and articles, prove that the D.M.G. machine is moving foreword and has already made a big ripple in their pond.



Written By: Marcus

As performed by Dead Moons Grey.

I feel I know you.
Aint got much to say.
From that which I remember.
It wouldn’t change any thing.
I tried to warn you.
Not to make a stand.
And noone remembers.
When your darkness fell.


Like a blanket of pain.
The cursed torment came.
Seemed to blind, cover the eyes.
Tried to bury that shame.
I ran so far n’ fast.
To get from beneath the cape.
Caught me up any way.
No time, no escape.

And it runs us back–But brings you nowhere.

While this water runs down my head.
I watched them bring you out.
Soaks in pain n’ things not said.
Looking down, in mountain mud I stand.
I wanted to thank you.
For a truth so vast.
Live life to your fullest.
And goddamn the rest.

And it runs us back–But brings you nowhere.

Copyright 2006 M&D’s Records PO Box 12753 Knoxville Tn. 37919. Written by Marcus Bersaglia.


Written By: marcus

As performed by Dead Moons Grey.

Oh Pete boy, Spoke some stories.
What have you done? ‘bout your lies.
I turned my head. Was I there?
Heard the crow When you fell?

And the crow called you Did not let you drown, son

Many times. You’ve seen the way.
You did not trust. How to cure and heal.
Yet you said. Yet this rooster,
Denied my life. Calls you out

Left with all to bear Guilty as you know

3 times I was left
3 times, given away
Run boy, hide our face
I’ve forgiven you.

Whats done is done now, ashe to ashe what? Eye to eye how, Dust to dust say
You threw it away

Copyright 2006 M&D’s Records. PO Box 12753 Knoxville Tn 37912. Written by Marcus Bersaglia

True colors

Written By: Marcus

True Colors.
As performed by Dead Moons Grey.

Now I giving back your pain.
I hope it burns just the same.
We shared it all what did I miss?
Swallow it all now along with my fist.

Now you say, Im so blind
Should feel guilty, for being right.

Witness the power that I bring.
A true perspective, sometimes shame.
A different tongue, who would think?
Only here are we the same.

And now I know just where you stand.
Behind the ‘guise of equality.
Only a few do you keep.
And the right you forsake.

Copyright 2006M&D’s Records PO Box 12753 Knoxville TN, 37919. Written by Marcus Bersaglia.

Sad Hollar

Written By: Marcus

Sad Hollar.

Again in a hollar I stand
waiting the wash of memories
To trickle down and warm
this heart that was so cold.

A smerk crosses my lips
As I choke back some pain
So many good reflections
It aint ever gonna be the same.

So now im left to wonder
About like where we’d be
Had I’d known to be there
Forever regret plagues me.

Never again will you know
Simple joys that life can bring
Like the smile of your child
The touch of a wedding ring

I hope your journey takes you far
To heavans highest peak
Don’t ever bother looking back
In regret im left to weep

In this hollar I hear
Your childs voice echo
In these walls of stone now
I feel you next to me

Sad Hollar- Here I stand- No rain this time
Never seeing- Raise my head- Oh no it has come
Sad hollar- Here I stand- Chilled in the bone
Im breathing- Open my chest- Got to know did you make it home?
Pre solo
I know-you made it home-Oh and happy you’ll be

7 Dec 07, 0131 am Copyright 07 M&Ds Records, written by marcus bersaglia


Radio play: Hazard, Ashe Tuesday, O.E.G.
Albums: Smoky Mountain Way, Black Dog EP..

Set List

Our normal set is about an hour or so of 10-12 songs

We can do covers but prefer not to do them like the original band...past songs have been form Janes Addiction, Black Sabaath, Rush, Danzig, Suicidal Tendencies really just bands we all liked growing up but none that are in the genre of we makem' sound like us...

we can fill 3 hours of time with 3 sets of music and antics which is what we do at bike rallies.