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Dead On

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"About the Demo"

My overall impression would best be transcribed in this one-act play:
NICK: "So Evan, uhh, what'd you think of the demo?"
EVAN: "..."
NICK: "Evan? You hear me?"
EVAN: "..."
NICK: *frantically waves his arms in EVAN's face*
EVAN: "..."
NICK: "So it was THAT good?"
EVAN: "...Yes" *pauses and turns towards NICK, giving a soul-piercing gaze*
NICK: "Huh?"
EVAN: "I'm sorry, Nick. It's hard to talk. The music is in my head, and its awesomeness is threatening to detonate my brain. If my concentration lapses, I may--" *head explodes, sweetbreads adorn NICK's face while scraps of skull and teeth tear through his skin*
NICK: "Yeah... God I'm good! Well... sprinkle some crack on him and lets get out of here."

My criticism now moves in a less holistic manner. Though the current 2-piece set-up is, well, bare-boned, Dead On balances percussion, guitar, and vocal volumes really well. The actual chord progressions of the songs are unique and original yet timeless: the perfect combination that bad bands completely miss the boat on. The thing that really makes the unsupported guitar so palatable is the tone, it's bright and kind of tinny but not shrill, just like your vocalist's style of singing. It's on the verge of the edge of the brink of the cusp of being "whiney" but never quite makes it there. It's like his pitch is the curve of an asymptote that infinitely approaches zero but never makes it there. The lyrical qualities of the songs are not over-the-top but not mundane, once again falling somewhere in that "happy medium" of what makes a good song.

In essence, I really think they're on to something... DEAD ON to something! Hahahahahaaa! - Evan Smith


Dead On: To Be Released January 2010



From London to Atlanta, Machu Picchu to New Zealand, hello World.

Dead On began on Cuba Street in Wellington, New Zealand in an Irish pub filled with trouble and heat pumps. Daniel Jones and Nicholas Bilz arrived in New Zealand after travelling the world in opposite directions. With thirty years music experience and forty-seven years life experience between the two of them, they got to work creating beauty simply by rocking.

The band established a cult following – of lowlifes and hangers on – with high intensity live performances in dining rooms, attics, bedrooms, and basement bars. Known for their dynamic, intimidating, full sound people are often surprised to see only two musicians on stage.

Their eponymous first album is due for release in January 2010 through Yeah Nah Music. Their North American tour begins in February with a European tour to follow.

Dead On will be your Imaginary Friend.