Dead On

Dead On


Dead On is described as "unique and original yet timeless: the perfect combination that a lot of bands completely miss the boat on" and "full, dynamic, intimidating, and high-intensity."


From London to Atlanta, Machu Picchu to New Zealand, hello World.

Dead On began on Cuba Street in Wellington, New Zealand in an Irish pub filled with trouble and heat pumps. Daniel Jones and Nicholas Bilz arrived in New Zealand after travelling the world in opposite directions. With thirty years music experience and forty-seven years life experience between the two of them, they got to work creating beauty simply by rocking.

The band established a cult following – of lowlifes and hangers on – with high intensity live performances in dining rooms, attics, bedrooms, and basement bars. Known for their dynamic, intimidating, full sound people are often surprised to see only two musicians on stage.

Their eponymous first album is due for release in January 2010 through Yeah Nah Music. Their North American tour begins in February with a European tour to follow.

Dead On will be your Imaginary Friend.


Dead On: To Be Released January 2010

Set List

1.) Imaginary Friend
2.) Guilty Beast
3.) Red Light
4.) The Rain
5.) Put Me in Charge
6.) Rule of It
7.) The Answer
8.) Purple Power
9.) Not Be Heard from Here
10.) Didi
11.) Disappear

Other possibilities include:
a.) Wrong Book
b.) Bad Reputation
c.) Overtones (Instrumental)

A nine song set is between 30 and 40 minutes of solid music.