Something a bit different with country music..Country picking and grinding electric guitars with driving bass and old stlye drums ..melodic..dynamic ..light and shade..


We all play in other bands ..started as a bit of fun..all fed up with the same old stuff so started messing with ideas..All the other band members got really pissed off that this was happening so we decided to persue the issue...We are wildly more dynamic live...all the recording was done in the rehearsal room and my kitchen on a dps 16...


Nothing to date..We're abot 12 weeks old at the time this was posted..

Set List

we open with a cover..Bush ..Little things..
Mirror back...Aluminium..home...the other cover is The devil by gillian welch next..Well oi ..Amoeba demeanor to end ..roughly 30 minutes...working on more stuff all the time..