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"Album Review for "New Medicines""

[Dead Poetic - New Medicines]

Label: Solid State Records
Release Date: April 6, 2004
Overall Score: 8/10

I love this CD. On New Medicines, Dead Poetic take an approach that's a lot different from what they've done before, and it turns out great. Brandon Rike's vocals are absolutely stellar, and they blend brilliantly with the screamed background vocals. A lot of bands make the mistake of screaming so much that it's annoying, while others do it so little that it has no effect on the overall CD. If done right, the screaming and melodies complement each other perfectly, and that's what Dead Poetic manages to do on New Medicines. If I had to compare this album to something else, I might say that it sounds like a more melodic Thursday mixed with Silverstein. Regardless, it works, and it works very well. The Dream Club Murders is my favorite track on this CD. It truly showcases how great of a vocalist Brandon Sike is and what an amazing range he has, and it's completely beautiful while being completely kickass at the same time. The guitars also really grab your attention in this song, and the drumwork is tight and powerful. The title track, New Medicines (which you can download from, opens with an awesome guitar riff leading into a hard rocking verse, and the vocals stand out a lot here as well, especially with the harmony in the chorus. New Medicines also features an awesome breakdown with a great little arpeggio that catches your ear. The entire CD is great, and I would recommend it to anyone in the scene. Anymore, it's hard to stand out in this genre, but Dead Poetic manage to set themselves above the rest with New Medicines.

Highlight Songs: The Dream Club Murders, New Medicines, Glass in the Trees
Official Site:
- Silent Sky Media

"CCm Review of Dead Poetic - New Medicines"

Artist & CD Title:: Dead Poetic - New Medicines
Reviewed by:: Bryce Cooley
Date Reviewed: April 30, 2004
E-mail the Reviewer: Bryce Cooley

Ok I just gotta start this off by saying, I FREAKING LOVE THIS CD!!! When i first heard their first single on "New Medicines" my mouth started watering. Than I heard their next track "Vanus Empty" and I was hooked. I loved Dead Poetic's first CD "Four Wall Blackmail" but once I heard these to tracks I was willing to forget their old CD. This CD has so much more dynamic sound to it. The production is amazing, the music is much more layered and less flat than their last album. It is just all around better. The perfect sophomore album, shoot this beats most peoples CD, dare I say it (only through clenched teeth) I liked it better than Blindside "About a Burning Fire" and I LOVE BLINDSIDE so thats gotta say something. My friend Eric says "The new cd is HOT, and the production on the new CD is amazing" I think he may have down played that a little bit I would say more along the lines of SMOLDERING. The thing I like about this CD besides the fact that it is AMAZING is the tempo in general is a lot more up beat and rock-n-roll than their last CD which on occasion seemed to drag on. If this CD does not make these guys blow up I don't know what else can be done. This is already better than most of the garbage that is on MTV. if you didn't catch it from the mass repetition of the word AMAZING, this CD is (not to beat a dead horse) AMAZING. So go buy it!!! by the way "Vanus Empty" is m favorite track.

One a Scale of 1 - 10 I give this CD a 10 - CCM


Dead Poetic - New Medicines

Dead Poetic have been garnering a lot of attention as of late and it appears as though the Tooth & Nail/Solid State family took note of this as both labels have opted to join forces to put out this sophomore release. A slick blend of melodic emo mixed with aggressive guitars and a few well placed screams, "New Medicines" is likely to be Dead Poetic's coup d'etat as it has everything going for it in today's musical climate.

While their previous outing "Four Wall Blackmail" was a somewhat jagged, mismatched affair, "New Medicines" comes off as a fully realized and mature sounding effort. Similar in kind to the lushly emotive, yet commercially sensible output, of groups like The Juliana Theory and recent Blindside, Dead Poetic croon and swoon with grace and cunning. Reflecting this, the metallic screamo aspect the band used to practice seems to have been cut to a minimum this time out as only the opening cut, "Taste The Red Hands", bears any resemblance to the more violent moments of their past. Instead what you are treated to here is well-produced, cleverly written melodic metal meets emo from a band who proudly sport their heart on their sleeve.

Catchy and immersive, the group look to have set their sights on breaking into the rock radio market and yet they still have no problems making the emotion they convey throughout their material sound authentic and engaging. However, for all they do right, there seems to be a bit of a formulaic approach taken. Nearly every song tacks on a few screamed back up vocals at key moments, usually during the choruses, while the momentum rarely stutters, causing each track to speed along to the finish line. The material is still dynamic in ideals, but overall there's little surprise or pronounced highs and lows present. In turn the album as a whole comes off as rather straight forward and fairly uneventful. That's not to say it isn't enjoyable by any means. Just that it may leave those familiar with the style gazing at their vintage shoes on more than one occasion.

(3 / 5) - The Prp


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