Dead Poet Society
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Dead Poet Society

San Antonio, Texas, United States

San Antonio, Texas, United States
Hip Hop Drum & Bass




"Dead Poets Society: Kizersoze, Lawjick, “Good Ole Dusty 45?in the"

in this ill vid we got some dudes reppin the south hard, More specific straight out of the count down city (San Antonio). Kizersoze and Lawjick AKA Dead Poet Society, lyrically damage this track that is placed over some super ill beats! These dudes are also known to get some battling in and wreck shop! Big ups to the boy Dawson Smith for crushin this video prodution. - So Gnar


Still working on that hot first release.



There are more than 200,000 words in the dictionary, but no singular word can be used to describe the rap group Dead Poet Society. Based out of San Antonio, Texas, the group initially formed in 2011. Individually, Jeff (Kizersoze) and Robert (Lawjick) are monsters, but together they are a beast; they spit lyrical collages. A hybrid mix of the Wu Tang Clan and Eminem, combined with everything in-between, no subject is off-topic for the duo. Spitting new age rap, while staying core to the foundation of hip-hop, Dead Poet Society is the encapsulation of the art form.There is no such thing as a day off to these emcees. They just released their second official LP, appropriately named The Savage LP. From start to finish, they keep listener's minds engaged wondering what’s next. Currently, they are putting work together for their next release. When the Dead Poets are not in the studio, they are out battle rapping in the Texas Battle League.To those who have stood across the stage from them in a cypher or rap battle, they are known as 36 chambers and to those who have licensed to their poetry on wax, they are known as Dead Poet Society.