Dead Rabbit

Dead Rabbit



Dead Rabbit was born in a burrow on Staten Islands’ infamous Sand Street in 2005. Bred from parents of different backgrounds – jazz, jam, grunge – Dead Rabbit became an anomaly in the hardcore/metal Sand Street scene. Driven by fuzzy bass, Fender Rhodes, thundering drums, and a casual wail, dead rabbit has been turning heads across nyc since their debut show at the Knitting Factory.

We like to say we don’t sound like anyone, but saying that we sound like “The Band meets Nirvana” works too. People who think that's stupid like to say things like Pavement, The Flaming Lips, The Talking Heads, The Police.

We like hand claps, power chords, tambourines, robots, and funky bass. We play, or are inspired by, all of those things.

We've been featured multiple times in the Staten Island Advance and have appeared in numerous venues around NYC including the Mercury Lounge, the Knitting Factory, and The Hook. Our debut EP, The Destruction EP, was released in 2006 and was recorded at The Welfare Line in Royersford, PA – look for a full length soon.

Keep those rabbit ears perked, because this isn't the last you've heard from this cuddly bunny.


The Destruction EP - June 2006

Set List

All Mutants
Chemical Reaction
Sunday Pt. II
We Are Happy
Mechanical Animals
Out Of Our Heads
The Waltz

Sets are between 30-45 minutes 7-9 songs

(All original compositions)