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Dead Recipe

Austin, Texas, United States

Austin, Texas, United States
Pop Surf Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Dead Recipe - New Music "Introducing""

My Internet has been broken for the past week or so, luckily I had a few pre-written blog posts to avoid radio silence on here and now, thankfully Virgin Media have sent me a new modem just in time for me to avoid tearing me hair out - just how Internet dependant I am! - my first evening back turned into a random browsing session of bandcamp and soundcloud with the odd email catch-up. I discovered a few bands too, the first of which I'm posting about are Dead Recipe, a trio (quintet?) from Austin, Texas, a town city no doubt in recovery mode after SXSW but their blissful, sweet but not saccharine folk/surf pop tracks could perfectly aid the clean-up process.

I found the band via their Flowers single, available on a pay what you like basis via Bandcamp and I've since discovered a debut album is available via iTunes. "Flowers" takes a glorious, toe-tapping melody and combines it with Camille Lewis' beautifully rich vocal, her warm effervescent voice brings a radiant charm and instant listenability to the track whilst the shuffling beat and easy guitar hooks catch the ear throughout.

The harmony laden "Patterns" is equally pristine and memorable too, here its chiming guitars that leads the way, sparkling easy listening that could be a countrified version of the Spector sound. One thing these two tasters have highlighted is Dead Recipe's effortless knack of blending stylishly crafted songs with a gorgeous, timeless sound.
- Just Music That I Like

"Austin Multi-Genre Trio Comprised of Three Multi-Instrumentalists"

In 2009, friends Kyle Albrecht and Camille Lewis met and began writing and recording after discovering their shared love of folk, rock, blues, vintage pop music and other genres. No long after, Lewis met Andrew Davis at work and the three multi-instrumentalists formed Dead Recipe and started rehearsing in Davis’s garage. Last year, the band began to play more gigs in Austin (get in line as they say down there), and during the summer enter the studio with producer and engineer Shawn Jones to record their self-titled debut album, released last week. - Indie Rock Cafe

"Dead Recipe- Flowers"

Awesome. Dead Recipe is an up-and-coming local band that is constantly looking to expand the breadth of their project. Although the band is homegrown, their sound is eclectic. It’s an ardent sound that has some strings of surf/folk pop. This is extremely refreshing. Just listening to this band, you can tell theres definitely something special here. Dead Recipe is continuing to grow in the local scene and should have no problem spreading their name all over. I would love to see this band live. Take a listen to them, spread the word and don’t forget, comments are always greatly appreciated. - The Superlative

"Dead Recipe: Feature"

There’s something quite nice about Austin band Dead Recipe. Their music features deep, soulful vocals split three ways. Back those with chill folk-pop that flirts with surf-pop and the result is both familiar and unique. “Flowers” and “Patterns” are great examples of this young band’s prowess.

“Flowers” is the perfect tune to get your head bouncing with enough unique and interesting elements to pick at the brain of the listener and entice them to seek out more by this new band. “Patterns” follows suit with harmony vocals that delve out quite the memorable hooks.

Dead Recipe doesn’t fool around; some of their songs feature time changes, others find them using unique instruments and multiple vocalists. Then again, their new self-titled debut album was produced by Shawn Jones (The Eastern Sea, The Lovely Sparrows); I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Dig into Dead Recipe and you’ll hear a bit more; “Kitchen Mouthings” borders on folk with all three — Kyle Albrecht, Camille Lewis and Andrew Davis — on vocals. “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” immediately jumped out (WTF as read via the NATO phonetic alphabet). And closer “Traveler” has a light jazzy shuffle to it.

Dead Recipe is available now on iTunes; you can also listen to a few tracks on bandcamp and stream the LP in its entirety on - Fensepost

"Dead Recipe and the Embodiment of a Cultural Shift"

Surf sound, surf culture. Despite hailing from the landlocked hub of weird that is Austin (one of my favorite cities in the world), Dead Recipe harnesses the emerging surf rock trend just as well as coastal bands. In fact, Dead Recipe and The Jean Jackets (featured a couple weeks ago on this blog), an unsigned New Jersey band, have more appealing 60s beach vibes than some signed groups like Best Coast and Beach House. Go figure. Maybe it has something to do with the expanding global popularity of surfing, longboarding (which has deeply developed, if young, roots in Austin), and other action sports that developed from surfing. These days, you can almost authentically reproduce waves in your garage and hit the beach in your living room. Hang ten, and listen to Dead Recipe. - A Permanent Kick

"Dead Recipe at Mohawk"

Austin's Dead Recipe can't be pinned to just one genre; whether it's their fluttering organ, flamenco-influenced guitar or vocalist Camille Lewis' ability to channel her indie goddess from within, they embody a sound that is distinctly their own for such a young band. Now they're set to release their debut record and want to play it for you at their Album Release Sunday, December 30th at Mohawk. - Wanderless

"Dead Recipe- "Flowers""

"There has got to be some vortex of cool rhythmically swirling around the core of Austin, Texas. How many times have we all heard a special, indie tune that knocks us off our feet, only to find it too was born in Austin? The “live music capitol of the world” has conceived something truly special in the form of the five-piece, Dead Recipe. The band has tenderly brought together elements of surf, 60’s, blues, folk, and indie rock to define their signature sound. And it sure is a dreamy, beautifully executed sound.

Their single, “Flowers,” is only the gateway song to their diverse music. Vocalist Camille Lewis’ voice is absolutely sweet and soulful with playful keyboards and layered harmonies backing her up. The guitar and bass work together incredibly well here with strong drumming throughout. Dead Recipe’s self-titled debut was released January 5th and is an eloquent first chapter of their history. This is a band to put on your watch list. Dead recipe have only begun their journey and great things are headed their way."

-Jamie Verwys - The Daily Krapht


Still working on that hot first release.



Coming into form a year ago, Dead Recipe was the culmination of many side projects between founding members Kyle Albrecht and Camille Lewis. When Lewis met multi-instrumentalist Andrew Davis at work, the three songwriters immediately started writing and playing together. Each member brought their own influences to the table- psychedelic rock, 60s era pop, folk and bluegrass, etc. In July of 2012 Albrecht, Lewis and Davis went into the studio to record their first studio effort, a self-titled album to be released in January 2013.