DeadRingers Guild

DeadRingers Guild

 Panama City Beach, Florida, USA

We are a melodic metal band based out of Panama City Beach, Florida. If you have ever wanted to hear Iron Maiden, Metallica and Yngwie perform together then DeadRingers Guild is your band.



DeadRingers Guild's song WAR PATH has just been named a 2009 Finalist in the Hard Rock/Metal Category at the 8th Annual Independent Music Awards.

DeadRingers Guild guitarist Jake Dreyer is named Jagermeister's 2008 Guitarist of the Year at Club La Vela's(Largest Night Club in the U.S.A.) Battle of the Band on October 11.

We are a real metal band. Our music contains diverse rhythms, dual harmonies, shred solos and a clean yet powerful vocal style. All songs are copyrighted and we own 100% of all rights to our music. All members are ASCAP affiliated.

Our Name?
In England, during the late 1800's, graveyards found themselves running out of room to bury the recently deceased, so they decided to begin exhuming the graves of past generations and cremating the remains to make room for fresh burials. Lo and behold they discovered that one out of every few graves contained "claw marks" inside the coffin from where an unwilling or unbeknownst person had unfortunately been buried alive. After consideration, it was determined that the victims must have suffered from a catatonic state of lead-poisoning due to drinking from lead containers which brought the vital signs of the "thirstmonger" to a coma toxic form of zombification.
Hours later they awoke to the morbid realization of spending their last moments on earth pushing up daisies within a coffin. To remedy the situation, casket builders began attaching bells to the coffins and gravesites of the departed, and then bound them with cords which ran to the wrist or fingers of the "deceased". If per chance the dead were to wake from sleep they could ring the bell to notify the gravekeeper, to dig them up. These walking dead were called "Dead Ringers"

Our Music?
Our core sound is the 80's Metal Riffs, Chops, Gallops, Epic Themes and solos of Melodic, Thrash, Speed and Groove blended with minor elements of rock, blues, folk, classical and fused into our own brand of progressive metal with rich colors and vivid soundscapes . Vocally powerful and emotive with a dark passionately pure form of aggressive tones and timbres. Lyrics are positive artistic and thought provoking characterized by classic poetic/literary devices e.g. word painting, foreshadowing and golden moments.

Our Influences?
Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Dokken, Tool, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Guns N Roses, Ozzy, Yngwie J, Malmsteen, Jason Becker, Gordian Knot, Marty Friedman, Cacophany, Symphony X, Phish, Stavesacre, Demon Hunter, Living Sacrifice, Becoming the Archetype, and Frank Sinatra.

Members Musical History?
Scott Wells-- (former)Vocals/Bass was born in Chicago and lived in LA before making his home in Panama City,FL.

Scott (former bassist/vocalist)started playing violin at age 10. In High School he played brass instruments and guitar. Later he switched to bass and decided to give singing a try. Along the way he has had the chance to play shows with legends such as Quiet Riot, Slaughter, FireHouse, Ted Nugent and Crazy Horse. Past bands include: Soulstice, Element 115, and his own solo project Herd the Humans. Scott, who has an semi-extensive background in the computer science field, a wealth of knowledge and experience in the production and live performance arenas, and performs masterfully on the bass while executing his "strewn in chain mail" vocal style, make him an integral part of the DRG crusade.

Jake Dreyer-- (Lead Guitarist) was born and raised in Panama City, FL.

Awarded Guitarist of the Year 2008 at the Jagermeister Battle of the Bands on October 11, 2008

Jake started taking guitar lessons from Steve Cox (co-guitarist) when he was 8 years old and continued to until they became band mates together in 2007. He is currently taking online lessons with Chris Broderick(Megadeth), Bill Hudson (Power Quest, Ex-Cellador) and David Shankle (Ex-Manowar, DSG). he practices anywhere from 6-8 hours a day during the summer and around 4-6 hours when attending school. " I have a goal of attending Berklee College of Music in Boston when I graduate". He started his first band STEALTH when he was 12 years old. They played over 75 shows and opened for Lou Graham of Foreinger and John Waite at the Destin Seafood Festival with over 2,000 people in attendance. Stealth came in 1st at a local Battle of the Bands but was disqualified because Jake was only 13 at the time. An 8 song CD entitled (Pink Tutus and Christmas Sweaters) was produced with Stealth, but they eventually broke up. After Stealth disbanded he took part in a couple of other minor projects before he found Drake (drummer- DRG) through myspace and they formed the band FATAL CHAOS. They performed numerous shows with this band and recorded a 3 song demo (untitled). In October of 2007, Jake was awarded the Best Guitarist of the Year at the Stoli/Budweiser Battle of the Bands (Fatal Chaos). In December of 2007 Drake and Jake decide


War Path

Written By: Jake Dreyer, Scott Wells, Steve Cox, Drake Garrett (DeadRingers Guild)

(Spoken: Draw your Weapons…archers, Fire at will infantry…Look into the eyes of the Enemy without fear…Attack)

Into the Battle we Ride
Fighting For our Right
His Legions lining up to die
We won't be Denied

Authority given by king
Attack and do not hide
Now sanctified by blood we sing
His name be glorified

Called to be the victor over darkness and the grave
cast fear away
Power given unto those of us who choose to stay
And fight this day

Push until the enemy has fallen away
This is our day
Victory shall be the end of every move we make
In his name

Into your kingdom we rise
No weapon formed
Shall prosper with you by our side
In your kingdom we ride
May your name be glorified .....glorified

Traveling King

Written By: Scott Wells, Jake Dreyer, Steve Cox, Drake Garrett (DeadRingers Guild)

You're in for a show
betrayed on a level
that only the devilish liar could go
and what do you know
You'll reap what you sow
Out with another betrayal my brother
You'll soon get to know
the end of your soul

I've come for your head now
I've come for your head

Sickening me
with dissonent layers
this dirty soothsayer
is raining on me
his dark prophecies

Given to be
The father of lies
and his army of flies
are encircling me
his head will be freed
with devilish cries
a symbol of lies
enveloping everything that I despise
you're dead in my eyes

I've come for your head now
I've come for your head NOW

You're dead to me
You're dead to me
The traveling king is dead now X4
The traveling king

Morning Star

Written By: Steve Cox, Jake Dreyer, Scott Wells, Drake Garrett (DeadRingers Guild)

From Above the Moonlight's Silver Wings
Shine Down upon the Earth
Farewell o Night for hear the angels sing
The evenings final verse
And from the farthest ends of heaven
the stars are perched upon the breaking dawn
as the regent of the sun
awakes the morning with a song

And as the sun fearlessly ascends
My spirit radiates with the life and strength you send
for unto those who fear the name of the king of kings
The sun shall rise
with healing in his wings

The Sun Shall Rise

As I watch the Eastern star
ascend into the sky
I think about my blistered past
and wonder why
Then a smile dawns upon my face
as jewels adorn a golden crown
for even when the sun is rising
it is casting shadows down

And as the sun fearlessly ascends
My spirit radiates with the life and strength you send
for unto those who fear the name of the king of kings
The sun shall rise
with healing in his wings

The Sun Shall Rise

The Sun Shall Rise


3 song Demo CD Mastered:
Traveling King
Morning Star
War Path

Set List

We play a 1 hour set of original music.

Jacob's Ladder
Dies Irae
Morning Star
Traveling King