dead riot

dead riot


The future of Australian music.


Over the past 5 or so years, Dead Riot have rocked, partied and exploded their way up and down the east coast of Australia. Be it via festival, club gig,Tupperware party, bar mitzvah or even prime time TV in Japan (no, really),these guys go where their music takes them. The sound has grown from its original punk rock & activist roots, into a fun, energetic experience of hip shaking rock’n’roll. Their dynamic and engaging stage antics set them in the light as true performers, sure to raise the proverbial eyebrows of even the most post-modern of music enthusiasts. With consistent headline slots, sell out shows and a solid fan-base, their mission to bring the energy back to rock is definitely well received. Don’t miss out on the Dead Riot experience!


Can't stop the killing EP
release date: 02 may 2009
everyday formula/broken city
1.can't stop the killing
2.these pages
3.Dead to the Deaf

Set List

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