Dead Sea-Captains

Dead Sea-Captains


We are the not so prodigious sons of New Order... well let's just say they set the pace. We are a rock band with electronic dynamics, or is it the other way around? We enjoy making music and we choose to do it any way we want to. Guitars and drums; or beats and synths.


Started as a solo project of Jorge Flores. It began when he was at home, sick with hepatitis and couldn't leave for forty days.
After leaving house, he recruited his cousin, so it became a duo that lasted just a few months. But Jorge kept making music and one day he decided he wanted to take it to the stage and the band members that were to come, started fitting the unsolved puzzle: Gonzalo Castells, Diego Gradea, Gabriel Soma and Anita de Mattis.
So now a band, alive in Mexico City, Dead Sea-Captains relies on two dynamics: the indie/alternative side to rock and roll and the beats and synth driven electronica.
This is because of the influences, which range from Apparat, Underworld and New Order to Pavement, Silverchair and Blur keeping in mind SBTRKT, the XX and many, many other bands that couldn't fit in this space.
There is much detail in the songwriting process, the songs are crafted in a way that they could be played with just an acoustic guitar, a piano or a full synth/beat digital explosion. Sometimes it just ends as a very balanced mix of everything just said.
The band works around the incredible voice of Anita de Mattis, who sings mostly on duets with Jorge: a punk rock guitarist with a deep love for programming and synths, and the band's main songwriter. Gonzalo Castells a producer and composer in his own right that fills bass and drums duties to keep the low end going. Diego Gardea, a powerful and fast drummer. And Gabriel Soma a master keyboardist that holds the live show together.
The great thing about Dead Sea-Captains, is that there are no boundaries, the band just makes music with everything within it's reach to have a natural and unique sound, that only listeners have the right to judge.
In "live mode" the band exposes the five personalities and exploits them to make it a great sing-a-long/dance experience, with no complaints as of this moment.


Techno Trooper

Written By: Jorge Flores

xpand on the notion of true, but awful bleeding romance
elaborate on the things you think it'll make it last

we are all running though we are running nowhere
we're all praying though naïvety left us somewhere

in some dark places, drowning
& just few traces, to find us
we'll be dead with the cold sunlight upon us
we'll just die

i said we should get in, that hole and just wait
close our eyes cover our ears, i'm trying not to see or hear

expand on the notion of true but awful bleeding romance
elaborate why so much love and hate within this flag

we should be coping though we're going nowhere
we are calling god, naïvety left us somewhere
somewhere in the dark

i said we should get in, that hole and just wait
close our eyes cover our ears, i'm trying not to see or hear


Written By: Jorge Flores

simple minded, yet no use of logic
i am begging you to please be open
symbolize it, make it something
i am drowning but still looking closely

make it better, tricks are something
in this world of games i'm feeling lonely
morning light comes, curtains open
should i disguise the day as night?

reborn i've been taken away, i've been stopped in my tracks
reborn i've been dreaming away, i've stepped out of time
(out of the sky and into the sea, this place just needs light)
reborn i've been dreaming away cuz this place just needs light

simple minded, yet no use of logic
i am begging me to stand for something
never acting, just reacting
keep in mind this is disaster
so take this, now leave!

All These Leaves

Written By: Jorge Flores

Take out all these leaves inside your head
Outside the streets are melting
Will I get to see you through the rain
All is great keep stalling

Fake or try
It sure is me who's calling
Take your time, do it again
Share your lie
I don't know where we are going
Fill the streets with love again

Can't you hear a voice inside your head?
(All these leaves aren't letting you get away)
Can't you tell we are not moving?
Will I get to see you through the pain?
(Won't be long 'til these leaves are all dry again)
Maybe next time you'll be calling me

Fake or try
This movie has no sequel
Take your time, but it's running out
How can I pretend we have no secrets?
Maybe next time I'll let you rephrase
And I'll let you rephrase
I'm gonna let you down, south, far, where all these leaves drive insane
People like you, so cold and blue
People like you...
And it's so cold that is taking all the air in this place

Iridescent Lights

Written By: Jorge Flores

Desperate I turn around
I see the signs in neon lights just blinking
telling me to start believing
Confident I start a war
in peaceful ground in such a season
When the air we breathe is just deceiving
Iridescent lights, flat sounds
Showed me to fly far from the ground

We sailed around and sailed around you
now we're not turning back

A telephone rang, we heard it in the back
a voice on the other end just wishing we were dead
lights around the house shut down
and neon lights just blinking from afar

what do we have?
a horror story with no meaning, no apologies are to be given
Confident I'll start a war
I have the right to be deceitful
I'll be the goddamn air that you'll be breathing


Written By: Jorge Flores

i need you to discipline yourself
i need you to start bouncing
i need you in the fall when there is no rain
to kill the flowers in my garden

it's all good...
you know you can afford the truth
gorilla bouncing through the roof
and you know you can't escape so it's no use
that i'd be falling over you
you know you got me moving too
and now i'm bouncing through the roof
startling a gorilla ain't no good
though the days seem so much shorter

i need you.....

it's all good...
politics printed just in blue
dreamers falling all over you
d'you know that your skin is made of glue


H¡ - our debut EP
1.- Iridescent Lights
2.- Techno Trooper
3.- Gorilla
4.- All These Leaves
5.- reborn!
6.- Runnin'