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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Dead Sea-Captains Interview (spanish)"

Diversas bandas independientes son las que convergen en las redes sociales, esta vez el Blog se complace en compartir con ustedes una entrevista realizada a los chicos de Dead Sea-Captains, una banda que promete mucho y suena excelente. - Laurail

"Dead Sea-Captains en el Imperial"

En Adefesio tenemos una recomendación para la gente que gusta de salir entre semana. Este martes 3 de Julio los Dead Sea-Captains se presentarán en El Imperial Club, acompañados de My Black Heart Machine. - Fernando Calvo

"New Sounds from Pachuca"

"Dead Sea-Captains se rige en la combinación de dos mundos; el electrónico y el rock." - HacheGo


H¡ - our debut EP
1.- Iridescent Lights
2.- Techno Trooper
3.- Gorilla
4.- All These Leaves
5.- reborn!
6.- Runnin'



Started as a solo project of Jorge Flores. It began when he was at home, sick with hepatitis and couldn't leave for forty days.
After leaving house, he recruited his cousin, so it became a duo that lasted just a few months. But Jorge kept making music and one day he decided he wanted to take it to the stage and the band members that were to come, started fitting the unsolved puzzle: Gonzalo Castells, Diego Gradea, Gabriel Soma and Anita de Mattis.
So now a band, alive in Mexico City, Dead Sea-Captains relies on two dynamics: the indie/alternative side to rock and roll and the beats and synth driven electronica.
This is because of the influences, which range from Apparat, Underworld and New Order to Pavement, Silverchair and Blur keeping in mind SBTRKT, the XX and many, many other bands that couldn't fit in this space.
There is much detail in the songwriting process, the songs are crafted in a way that they could be played with just an acoustic guitar, a piano or a full synth/beat digital explosion. Sometimes it just ends as a very balanced mix of everything just said.
The band works around the incredible voice of Anita de Mattis, who sings mostly on duets with Jorge: a punk rock guitarist with a deep love for programming and synths, and the band's main songwriter. Gonzalo Castells a producer and composer in his own right that fills bass and drums duties to keep the low end going. Diego Gardea, a powerful and fast drummer. And Gabriel Soma a master keyboardist that holds the live show together.
The great thing about Dead Sea-Captains, is that there are no boundaries, the band just makes music with everything within it's reach to have a natural and unique sound, that only listeners have the right to judge.
In "live mode" the band exposes the five personalities and exploits them to make it a great sing-a-long/dance experience, with no complaints as of this moment.