Dead Set On Crazy

Dead Set On Crazy


Classic Rock sound meets today's hard edge! A fusion of true rock riffs, and hard crunching metal sound, with just a touch of punk power! Dead Set On Crazy explores the realm of envelope pushing to the extreme!


Shy decided to form a band in 2002. Shy brings a hard edged 80's rock influence and almost 20 years of guitar playing to the mix. After fooling around for a while he met Jess in 2005, she brought new life to the Crazy sound. A first time singer/song writer, Jess gives it her all. Alex came soon after, he's a firey young guitarist with heavy blues and jazz influences. Forrest brings crisp, tight drumming with a punk rock sound only 12 years of playing allows. Mike the bass player is the final peice to the puzzle, he has a new ear for the music, and completes the sound nicely.


Dead Set On Crazy is currently working on a demo cd, however you can always hear us on our myspace page, the official Dead Set On Crazy home page.

Set List

Our set is about an hour long at this point. We are always working on a new song, and never play the same set list twice. The diversity of our band allows us to change it up for every venue! We do cover some songs, but we never limit ourselves to anything.