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Dead Sexy Inc

Band Alternative Punk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music




“A dangerous international gang of freaks has decided to pervert the dancefloor. Kickass bass and electro percussions are slashing to pieces songs to pogo and fall into trance.� LES INROCKUPTIBLES

“We get hypnotized by their exceptional art to deliver sugar pop electro songs, sweating rock’n’roll from every holes. Dead Sexy Inc. can without a doubt pretend to an international career and kickstart the new wave of French Touch.� LE FIGARO

“France’s sexiest band has comes back with a full new record under their fishnet. The time bomb has a name, Kamikaze, and should leave no prisoners.� ROCK MAG

“A solid rock record, with potential hit singles, but above all a whole universe, like it or not, but that takes no compromise… Dead Sexy is a band that defines it’s own style… A bunch of pretentious wankers and proud to be so.� ROCK & FOLK

“Tight, dancing, dynamic, this new Dead Sexy Inc. record is a winner.� ROCK YOU

“Dark and solid� TECHNIKART

“An excellent mix of screaming punk rock and electronic debauchery�

“Kamikaze brings the dark to the dancefloor� Music info Hebdo

«A record that sounds like a classic, where clubbing meets rock wilderness, the magic of pop songs and the danger of punk rock.» D-SIDE

« Inspired by some of the best rock references – From Stooges to Kraftwerk – the Dead Sexy Inc sounds like today’s best band, at the border of electro, rock, with a serious punk attitude.» DIRECT SOIR

«This is the band that the fashion world wants to adore ! An electro punk glam tornado with no limits… Authentic and rare. » ROCK MAG

«With Kamikaze, Dead Sexy Inc fools everyone, because such a marstership has nothing of a suicide !… Dead Sexy are preaching danger on a bed of disco punk nails and live rock’n’roll at full speed. Banza-ai !» ELEGY

« A full frontal but complex record, proof that you can disturb without falling into the gender’s cliché. Headbanging on a dancefloor, who whould have guest ?» GUITAR PART

«Much sexy’n’glam on an electro-clash punk full of sweat and black leather » LYLO

« All of this smells like decadence… » LONGEURS D’ONDES

« Kamikaze … A hell of a ride against boredom.» START UP

«A delicious cocktail of sugar electro-rock, new wave and glam rock with beats to ruin the dancefloor. And a very unique goal, move your ass.» PRESTO

«Rock, straight and sexy, Dead Sexy Inc. has everything to fullfil electroclash fans. Kamikaze won’t miss its target.» W-FENEC

«Dead Sexy Inc hits hard and race for the leadership of the international electro rock scene.» ZICAZIC

“They shake dancefloors with vicious beats and agressive riffs. Fire ! God save the queer !� 491

«Urgence and speed» E-SENS

«A very good record that mixes rock and electro. Looking for a Prodigy new school, this record is for you.» FANZYO

«Kamikaze wears its’ name well. An extreme record, full of unstable explosives. We love it !» MAGIC BOX

« Dead Sexy Inc will please every rock fan tempted by the dancefloor » BOKSON.NET


Releases :

« Break Me » Electroshock Records (Germany) 2002
« Break Me » XIII Bis (France) 2004
« Mix Shake » Dj compilation Universal 2004
« Hellywood Sons » Cleopatra Hypnotic (US, Canada, South America)2004
«Kamikaze » Enragé Prod (France) 2008
« Spam me remixes » Enragés Prod (France). Maxi vinyl. 2008

Compilations :

« Dance To The Underground » by DJ Zebra Labels Virgin 2003
« Electroclash 2 » by Larry Tee Electro Mogul 2003
« Sonic Seducer Vol 33 » Sonic Seducer 2003
« The Great Electrocash Swinddle »by Mountsims Cleopatra 2004
« Electropunked » Hypnotic 2004
« Electrocure » Cleopatra 2004
« Zing Music » Zing Magazine New york 2005
« Say Hello and Wave Goodbye » Electroshock 2006



Dead Sexy Inc. got started in Los Angeles, the band signed their first record « Break Me » produced by Paul « P.K.» Kendall (Depeche Mode, Recoil, NIN) with Hypnotic/Cleopatra in 2004. Within a year, the Dead Sexy Inc. electro disco punk sounds appeared on various international compilations (ElectroClash Vol 2, Dance to the underground ,The great electrocash swindle...) and their talent as remixers is used by such artists as Marylin Manson, Indochine, Cool Kids of Death, Nun, or Pitchshifter… In 2004, the band release it’s first mixed compilation for Universal (« Mix Shake ») with Peaches, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Visage, Lords of the New Church… that sold more than 20 000 copies. In 2005, DSI leave Los Angeles behind and shoot a road movie, « We had a dream » (produced by Agnes B, DVD release in 2007), in between California and New York City. For the last 2 years DSI opened for E Neubauten, Vive La Fête, they played SXSW festival in Austin, Numero Festival in Porto (Miss Kittin, Fisherspooner…), Tokyo Decadance in Japan, Byte party in New York, White Trash in Berlin, and they apeared at the Sarajevo Film Festival, at the Music Outsider Festival of Larry Tee in New York, or at the Cock in London… Fall 2006, Dead Sexy Inc. wrote 2 songs for Larry Tee’s new record « Rock ‘n’rave » with Princess Superstar, Marc Bell of LFO and Vince Clarck of Erasure. Without catching breath, Dead Sexy Inc. tracked 2 songs for the release of the Nintendo « DS Lite » and upcoming « WII » campaign… Early 2007, started the post production of « Kamikaze » writen and recorded in between Los Angeles, New York and Paris with famous french engineer, Mazarin. Special guests on « Kamikaze » are Nicola Sirkis (Indochine), Japanese superstar Kenzo A (Gadget/Stigmata), Giorgio (Male Room), Larry Tee, or Mickey Blöw (Johnny Thunders). Kamikaze is coming out in France in february 2008 thru Enragé Production. They touring in Germany in march with Pravda, opening for Alec Empire french tour in april/may…going back to play in Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Spain in may/june…