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Dead Skankz

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The evolution of hip hop and rap music, Dead Skankz have risen above the media and pop culture, to break on though to the maintstream with a sound that is out of this world. If you still have a passion for true hip hop and rap, Dead Skankz would be the absolute best place to look. Real hip hop.


The Music truly speaks for itself. Hip Hop is Dead. Skankz have risen from the bottoms of the ghettos of filth to make music. Truly a cultural experience, One must listen to fully understand it's meanings.


'Summer of Skank' 4 song EP (July, 2006)
'STILL' 5 Song EP (January, 2007)
'Nosnibor's Hands' 12 song LP (Decemeber, 2007)

'Time to Rize' won Insane Clown Posse's "King of the Scrubs" contest in May of 2007 with a landslide against all other artists.

Played on In Your Head Wrestling Radio Weekly

Played on Nicotine Radio on a regular Basis

Played on

Featured artist on

Won ICP's Battlezone contest gaining a 68% of the vote.

Set List

1. Ominous Intro
3. Mother and Father
4. Taken
5. Time To Rize
6. Poor Folks
7. Into the River
8. 6620
9. Robbin Fat Hoes
10. Nosnibor's Hands