Dead Sparrows

Dead Sparrows


Rock and Roll group based out of the Lower East Side of New York City. Vocals, guts, guitars.


2008 put the Dead Sparrows back in the Studio, continuing their litany of ongoing sessions in the basements of Brooklyn New York. Endless songs came together, most of which may never see the light of day, others of which mutated into compositions appearing on the most recent release, "Into the Nettles." They burned and battered a slew of dates in NYC’s Lower East Side leading to residencies at multiple venues all the while continuing work on the record with producer/musician Graham Finn behind the boards, who had just finished Dave Gahan's record "Hourglass." By Summer ’08, Finn had contributed solos to a few of the developing songs and by the fall Finn was onstage with the boys playing to a packed house at Pianos. From there things fell forward and felt right.

2009; The three had become four, and Dead Sparrows emerged from what had been the Cummies. But with new personnel the old ways had to go and the heavens will have to open up wide enough for a dying new age. "Into the Nettles" is the release and the Dead Sparrows are picking up steam.


"Into the Nettles"

Set List

(45 min - 60 min)