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The best kept secret in music


"Review: deadsun, Degenerate Matter"

By Jerry Work

Produced by Jim Lightman and deadsun

I saw deadsun live at the Coalfest concert at the Muse a few months back, but the live setting, although exciting, didn't really do justice to the quality of this band's songs. They are extremely well-crafted, well sung and well performed. Singer Todd Cadorette has a voice that can swing effortlessly from angst-filled screams to polished, pleasing rock wails. Lyrically, this is an intelligent band, and metaphors abound. Drummer Bandit Hempseed and bass player Dee Adman are solid as a rock. Guitarist Rex Arthur drives the songs with superb guitar playing.

The band is a spawn of the twenty-first century hard rock music climate - crunchy guitars (though blended beautifully into the mix), high quality vocals that utilize death metal stylings, and a tight, punchy rhythm section. The CD they sent me was labeled Test Master, but I would imagine this is very close to the final product. It's a very polished, well produced sounding album that should attract a lot of attention. This is one that needs to be turned up loud. It seems that cheap recording technology combined with high quality musicianship has truly blurred the line between major label/independent. I could certainly see this being played on 102.9 the Buzz.

This CD would sit comfortably on a CD shelf next to Lincoln Park, Saliva and Nickelback. Depending on how you look at it, that could be a liability or an advantage. I don't know these guys personally, but having seen them live and now given their CD a good listen, they strike me as a band clearly with major label aspirations, and I think any A&R rep looking for new rock material would be well served by giving this band a hard look. This is probably not a band that's going to change the musical landscape, but they do an outstanding job of combining various elements of current rock music trends. It only takes one hit song to make a band - these guys have a hit song in them.

My favorite tracks off this CD are 40 Days, the opening track, Hold Me Down, Bleed, and Get Up Stand Up. Hold Me Down has a killer groove, tremendous vocals, strong dynamics, and all kinds of guitar work, from crunchy to jazzy. On Bleed, in a couple of places some of the distortion is turned down a little on the guitars, which sounds awesome; in other places it shreds. Get Up Stand Up, a cover tune, sounds like old Van Halen at the start when it's just the guitar riff. They pull this cover off brilliantly, and in my opinion it would make a good first single - a recognizable tune that they blow up completely - to introduce their music to the masses.

All in all, this is a very high quality collection, and deadsun are definitely on my personal radar now. You should pick this up. I'm not sure where to find it, but you can probably get a copy from the band by visiting their web site: Add deadsun to your list of Nashville-area bands to check out: they may just be your new favorite.

Jerry Work


"Deadsun: Degenerate Matter Review"

Deadsun: Degenerate Matter - 07.26.2004

Deadsun can be described musically as explosive Agro-pop/metal, very hard and aggressive, but with catchy hooks and melody. So they basically sound like a hardcore band, but on the other hand have an alternative metal sound to them. If there were ever a band caught in between those two genres, Deadsun would be a perfect example.
The album starts off in high-gear with the leading track '40 Days' Hard guitars riffs, followed with a build up to screaming lyrics "Here we go motherfucker!" Being one of the best songs on the album, '40 Days' has all of the emotional ups and downs required for a good song. Highly energetic choruses, melodic versus and varying tempo make for an excellent choice for a lead track.

When the vocals aren't in hardcore mode they sound very similar to that of Fuel. One thing that's also very effective is the harmony that occurs with the vocals in the choruses. I don't listen to very much hardcore music, but this is something I've rarely heard in music that is hardcore/metal based, almost giving it a hard rock sound at times. I think that is what lures me into liking the music. The bridge the bands creates between the two genres.

'Happy Family' sounds a lot like a Papa Roach song. No offense to the band but I think that even though it was well recorded, it might be better suited for Papa Roach, or even had Cody featured on track, yeah that would have been cool.

Another favourite track of mine on the album is 'Drowning' This song is one of the slower tracks on the album but is amazing to say the least. I really love the vocals on this track, as they show Todd's true singing ability. It has deep lyrics, just an excellent song.

Overall this is a very solid album from Deadsun. 12 amazing tracks, sure to keep you listening with hard driving guitar riffs and catchy, melodic and hypnotizing lyrics. I would highly recommend this album to any hard rock, alternative metal, or hardcore fan.

Rating: 5/5



"reviews posted on cd baby"

ya'll need 2 come 2 columbus mississippi
Reviewer: billy
everybody would love ya'll

Reviewer: El Martino
Whhoohooww This kicks ass !!!! great metal I love the guitars .... Here is the band of a friend of me you will like it

Reviewer: Adrian
I think your CD is kickass! I couldn't stop bangin my head! Your ass kicking guitar and bass is the best I've heard in a while! Keep rockin'. Maybe you can come to Arkansas sometime and play a show for us in Little Rock! :)

You guys rock!!!
Reviewer: Kya
You guys are alsome i love all your songs.I tell all my friends how great you are.I hope i get to see you in concert sometime.

The music is melodically brutifull,...very deep intospective lyrics make this on
Reviewer: Dave

I Love All Your songs
Reviewer: Kya
I love all your songs. How did you come up with the name deadsun

This is the Shizzle!
Reviewer: Tim
This is the shizzle! This album is great start to finish, AWESOME-AWESOME-AWSOME SONGS!!!!

One word..........MINDBLOWING!!!!!!!!!!
Reviewer: BrianH
This is EASILY the best cd I've heard in a long time. Every song you find yourself hypnotized by their heavy riffs and solid vocals. They didn't hold anything back. TRUST ME this will take the masses by storm.
- cd baby


Deadsun released their debut full length CD Degenerate Matter , 2004.

Degenerate Matter is currently recieving airplay on 102.9 The Buzz in Nashville, TN on the local buzz radio show and have the most requested song (Get Up,Stand Up) for five weeks and counting, 100.5 The Fox in Louisville KY on the metal show

Degenerate Matter has been added to the play lists of over 50 college radio stations.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Deadsun delivers harmony and grind with substance. Their newly released album "Degenerate Matter" showcases deadsun's ability to blend melody, aggression and raw emotion.

Comprised of guitarist/songwriter Rex Arthur, vocalist Todd Cadorette, drummer Adam Hempseed and bassist Dee Addman, Deadsun have grown a loyal following in several cities in the southeast that is rapidly expanding through out the U.S with the release of Degenerate Matter. The self-released album has already been added to dozens of college radio playlist and is gaining momentum.

Produced by Grammy nominated engineer Jim Lightman (India Arie, Hank III, Full Devil Jacket), Deadsun are emerging as the next big hard rock contender.

The album features the tracks "Drowning" that deals with addiction and loss, "Stand for Nothing” an anthemic call to be true to your self and "Cursed" a song about depression and hope. The contrast of haunting melody and explosive aggression has prompted some of deadsun's fans to describe their music as "Breautiful".

The band has been together as Deadsun since 2002 and has gigged tirelessly since then playing over 120 shows.
Deadsun released "Degenerate Matter" to a crowd of over 250 enthusiastic fans at Nashville’s Blue Sky Court. The band continued to gain momentum with a sold out show (500 tickets sold) at the world famous Exit/In and an opening slot at this years Buzzfest Five at Starwood amphitheater that was headlined by Hard rock heavy weights Velvet Revolver, Sevendust and Saliva.

Delivering their live sound is key for the bands success claims guitarist Rex Arthur, "Our goal, every time we play is to give every thing that is in us and to hold nothing back, always leave the stage knowing we just gave the audience one hell of a show!"

Deadsun melds solid matter with pure energy. Their ability to break the mold in this day and age of clone acts gives the band an unwavering position in the rock genre.
Transferring all of the energy of their live performance to the studio has created one of this year's BEST hard rock recordings.

Degenerate Matter - 2004