Dead Tight 5

Dead Tight 5


Hard Hitting rock band from Memphis Tennessee. Music fits several genres. Singer actually sings and band has amazing stage presence.


Members come from bands involving musicians from some of the most successful bands today. What sets this band apart is a tight, energetic show with music that gets the crowds on their feet and even on the stage. Music fits several genres and the band can reproduce the quality of the music on the cd to the stage.


LP-Blemish-1 song still getting airplay at several radio stations after 1 year, EP-As Far As You Know-1 track streaming in several locations

Set List

Perfect day, Karma, Indifferent Smile, Fallen, Lack, Blivet, As Far As You Know, Slufoot, Be Alone, Far From God, new songs written weekly. No covers. 45 minutes - 1 hour set.