Dead to Rights

Dead to Rights


Dead to Rights is a three piece band from the North Shore outside of Boston. Our songs are split evenly between catchy original songs and crowd pleasing covers. The three of us have been together for over a year now and have been well received by all audiences so far.


Nic and Casey became friends while stationed together in the Coast Guard, which they are both still a part of. They began playing music together and soon brought in their friend Tom on bass. Their friendship stems mostly from similar musical tastes, which range throughout Rock, Punk, and Ska. A few quick influences are: Rancid, NOFX, the Violent Femmes, Against Me!, and Weezer.


please see the media page for several original Dead to Right recordings

Set List

Dead to Rights can currently accommodate two 45 minute sets.

Cover songs include:
Kiss Off- the Violent Femmes
Just Like Heaven- the Cure
Undone- Weezer
How Low- Against Me!
Roots, Radicals- Rancid