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Dead Town Revival

Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE

Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Punk


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Chicago's Dead Town Revival might just be onto something here. They aren't doing anything all that different, but with the way today's scene is this is way out there so in other words I love it. They are obviously influenced by the "real" punk rock sound of bands like Social Distortion, Misfits, etc… This is what punk rock should sound like. Snotty vocals, simple guitars that assault you when you least expect it, and catchy choruses that will have you singing along in no time. This is a great record and while Dead Town Revival will most likely be overlooked by the masses, if you happen to stumble upon them in the underground scenes, then you just stumbled onto something that will someday be important to the scene. - ALL AGES ZINE BY J.K.


From the ashes of several Chicago-based bands comes Dead Town Revival, a self-described “punk-n-roll” band whose music speaks of love lost, hard luck and a complete disdain for authority. Nothing unusual in these types of themes from a punk band with hard rock tendencies and a complete disdain for authority; however, DTR's “Hasta La Muerte” (To the Death in English) goes beyond the stereotype to showcase a wide range of influences in their music.

With a style that stems from punk staples such as The Misfits and Social Distortion, rock legend Led Zeppelin and even country hero Johnny Cash, DTR may have a disdain for authority, but they give their listeners a good story in each of their 11 tracks without just shouting obscenities throughout the album. Many of the songs' lyrics are heartfelt with tracks like “Waco” which tells the story of a young mother who screams in vain and “Time” which begs “Father, please forgive me for the sins of my life and the feelings they bring…Time marches on. So, take my soul and make me whole. 'Cause I can't find my way in this world anymore.”

Their music has an addictive rhythm without being monotonous and the songs highlighting love lost tell stories of true heartache without being overly maudlin. For example, track five's “Hell Bent” really shows the anguish of a man who states, “I'm only half a man. How can I expect to dig this grave lacking my right hand? Took your heart away and all you left was pain. Now I'm broken down, choking on the little that remains.”

It's more of a wake up call than a slap in the face and more rock than punk, but I'm not saying this is a bad thing. Nathan Pujdak (vocals and guitar), Erik Polcat (bass and backup vocals), Joe Bernard (guitar and backup vocals) and Rich Genis (drums) come from the working class streets of south Chicago. I think their background helps them relate to the average person in their music, which serves to make their message even stronger and more heartfelt. It's rather refreshing to understand where a band is coming from in their songs, and not only that, to actually feel something in the process.

Released in February by Sinister Muse Records and produced by Andy Gerber (Local H, Smoking Popes, Cheap Trick and The Tossers), their debut album “Hasta La Muerte” is available in stores now. For the latest information about the band visit one of their websites at or - CRAVE MAGAZINE BY MOIRA K. WILEY


Chicago's Dead Town Revival is obviously well-versed in the finer points of punk & roll. The quartet easily meshes the roots power rock of Social Distortion, the socio-political bash of the Clash and blazing punk of hometown icons the Effigies and Naked Raygun into an intense ball of melodic fury. 'Silence,' 'Hail To the Chief'? and 'Rain' maintain a tuneful base to their athletic asskickery, making the songs more than just raging into the void. If righteous riffing (both the musical and lyrical kind), anthemic hooks and a husky shout are your meat, get out your plates and forks for a heaping helping of Hasta La Muerte. - HIGH BIAS by MICHAEL TOLAND


Dead Town Revival's music speaks to us of love lost, hard luck, hard times and an unhealthy disdain toward any type of authority. "Hasta La Muerte," which means "to the death" in English, hit the streets back in February 2007. The Midwest better be prepared for this Chicago punk sounding band's wrath. The band was inspired to make this album (they say) by guns, angst and good old rock and roll. Over the past 3 years "Dead Town Revival" have built a supportive fanbase and have toured with Local H, Murphy's Law, The Tossers, and Much the Same.

The boys come from the working class streets of the south side of Chicago and you can hear this within the tracks on this cd. Raw talent is displayed throughout this cd with riffs to give Rancid a run for their money. I can imagine young punks listening to this as they flex their imaginary muscles in the mirror waiting for the day they can try their hand at being in a cool band like "Dead Town Revival."

The band members are actually all members of previously broken-up Chicago bands. Their is no broken- anything in this stellar group lineup unless you count your bones after being at a live performance.
"Hasta La Muerte" is a cd you can sink your fangs into without worrying about some sappy lil boy begging his boyfriend to come back to his pathetic whining ass before he jumps off a bridge! Dead Town Revival keep it real and make that music their own, they don't add any fluff to sell copies or get radio airplay. So don't be surprised when you see their name headlining on the Marquee at your town's most popular venues cause it's going down... and if your smart you'll hop along for the ride! - BACKSTAGEPASS.COM by KRISTIN


At first listen, one can't help but draw musical parallels with Social Distortion. Now Where many bands fail miserably in doing the genre, DTR succeeds amazingly well, as Nathan Pujdak vocals complemented by Joe Bernard and Erik Polcat's backing delivers a sometimes rough, sometimes melodic angle to the music. Couple that with burning riffs and highly catchy leads, makes this a shining example that American Punk RNR can rival their European counterparts. Hopefully there's more written in the cards for these Chicago rockers so cross your fingers for a visit to the great white north?

Favs: Waco, Let It Out, Through her eyes & Hail To The Chief.� - DEGENERATION OVERDRIVE by FLO


Rating: 4 out of 5

What do you do when you have a bunch of local bands that are underachieving? Take the best from each and form that scene's supergroup.

That's a good way to describe Dead Town Revival. The quartet consists of the ashes of former bands that once roamed the mean streets of Chicago's south side.

Not only does Dead Town Revival have adroit musical sense, they have fine lyrical skills that are from the perspective of hardened souls and those who've seen too much, done too much and somehow lived to tell about it. It's reflected in their rumbling, lumbering punk sound and Nathan Pujdak's gruff-but-articulate voice, the opposite of the 'American Idol' pap currently poisoning America's airwaves. Dead Town Revival isn't pulling punches here. They give the obvious impression they're hard-nosed dudes who know what they like and don't care what anyone thinks.

There's some appurtenances on their CD 'Hasta La Muerte' (meaning 'to the death'). Melodic soloing is added to the mix, and Joe Bernard provides some Angus Young-type electric riffing to 'Let it Out.'? Otherwise the cadre is hard-hitting and sinewy sing-alongs, capturing the best characteristics of New York hardcore.

Most of the tracks that stand out also are the best lyrically. 'Hell Bent'? is musically addictive while providing a harrowing account of drug addiction. No CD is complete without a done-me-wrong song, and Dead Town Revival's version is 'Through Her Eyes.' For all their crusty attributes, writing from the female perspective here is oddly cathartic, and shows they have heart.

They leave the best for last with 'Rain,'? featuring the meatiest, most ear-catching hook and words that form a dramatic suicide note that cuts deep. It's a song that should be a classic, if enough people hear it. The members of Dead Town Revival haven't had their share of success yet, but if there is any justice in this world, they'll get it with 'Hasta La Muerte.' - HARDCORESOUNDS.NET by WADE COGGESHALL


Rating: 8.25 out of 10

Dead Town Revival plays what they describe as, 'punk-n-roll' style of music. I would describe it as a blend of 75% punk and 25% rock.
The band was born out of the working class streets of the south side of Chicago.

The band lists some of their musical influences as; The Mispent, Social Distortion, Led Zeppelin and Johnny Cash. As you might imagine with such a wide range of bands as mentioned above Dead Town Revival has their own unique style. The songs found on this release are peppered with crunching guitars along with in your face drumming. The vocals are gritty and match well with the angst filled song lyrics found in the eleven tracks on this release.

The songs deal with several forms of lost and negative types of love. One of the other main themes that runs through the release is the band's bubbling over disapproval of the government and authority in general.

This CD was recorded and mixed by Andy Gerber (Local H, Smoking Popes, The Tossers, Cheap Trick). Andy also produced the release along with the band.

This is a strong project from the band that hits the mark musically.
(For those of you wondering the release's title Hasta La Muerte translates in English to- 'To The Death.') - INDIE MUSIC STOP by C.W. Ross


Punchy and melodic punk rock 'n' roll with elements of later SOCIAL DISTORTION, ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN, THE FEDS, UNION OF THE DEAD and ambitious vocals lines ala Glen Danzig. It's heavy and adamant and the production here really pushes that especially when played loud this record is fucking brawny and so rock 'n' roll should be: there's no skimping on here, the music is full and the vocals manifest themselves with some real presence. At times it actually really reminds me of TIGER ARMY when they do their heavier style but there's only glimpses of this here and there. To me, this sounds like a band who has really given their all on this record and the title of this record says it all. - NO FRONT TEETH by MARCO


Dead Town Revival :: Duct Tape and Broken Dreams EP (Sinister Muse Records - 2009)

Dead Town Revival :: Hasta La Muerte (Sinister Muse Records - 2007)

V/A :: The World I Know: A Tribute To Pegboy (Underground Communique - 2006)



Hailing from the working-class streets of the south side of Chicago, Dead Town Revival is a self-described 'punk-n-roll' band with a wide ranging list of influences from punk staples such as The Misfits and Social Distortion to rock legends Led Zeppelin and country hero Johnny Cash.

Dead Town Revival's driving melodic music speaks of love lost, hard luck and a complete disdain for authority. Inspired by angst, guns, and rock and roll, the Dead Town Revival release, 'Hasta La Muerte,' or 'to the death' in English, equates to "a punch in the face for the person who enjoys pain." The album, newly-released in 2007, was recorded and produced by well-known rock producer, Andy Gerber, at his Million Yen Studios (Local H, Smoking Popes, Cheap Trick, and The Tossers) in Chicago. Dead Town Revival will support the forthcoming album with extensive touring in the Midwest and East coast throughout 2008.

Formed from the ashes of several Chicago bands, Dead Town Revival's musical influences have created a unique sound that stays rooted in the undeniable 'Chicago punk sound' along the lines of Naked Raygun, Rise Against, Pegboy, and Alkaline Trio.