Dead Tree Duo

Dead Tree Duo

 Austin, Texas, USA

From a technical standpoint, the basic formula is deceptively simple. Guitarist A.J Seidner and cellist Mark Ford are the Dead Tree Duo, utilizing strings, vocals, and perhaps a porchboard or a stomping beat. Not much more. But all it takes is a moment of listening to discover an enormous, beautifully-crafted combination of influences like classical music, jazz, and Appalachian that makes their music - their live performances - so mesmerizing."- KUTX's Austin Music Minute


Hailing from Austin TX, Dead Tree Duo is an acoustic rock act featuring A.J Seidner as guitarist and vocalist, and Mark Ford as cellist and vocalist. Drawing from an eclectic array of sources, their inspirations are Folk, Rock, Classical, and Jazz. They have been compared to Mumford and Sons and Simon and Garfunkel with an edginess reminiscent of Tool and System of a Down. Their first LP, recorded at Threshold Recording Studios NYC, contains ten tracks and will be out in the early fall of 2013.

Dead Tree Duo shows are fun, energetic and rich in musical and lyrical content, twists and turns.

A.J grew up in a musical household, and has been actively pursuing a career as an artist for ten years. He chose the guitar because of the wide range of emotions it could convey with sincerity. "The sound it makes is the sound your body draws from it," he explains. His songs explore themes of strength and determination in the face of adversity. "For me, music was a very healing thing, even if the song I listened to was sad, or violent, there was always an experience of catharsis that helped mitigate my pains and troubles," he writes. A.J also enjoys reading philosophy and literature, writing poetry and prose, yoga, and spending time with his dog.

Having begun his musical career over fifteen years ago, Mark now finds himself playing cello and singing with Dead Tree Duo. At the tender age of five, his mother asked him if he wanted to play the cello, to which he readily agreed, having no inkling of the wild and wonderful ride it would take him on throughout his life. He writes about a world unseen in our daily lives. "I focus on fantastic characters and dreamscapes in which larger than life events take place. Within my songs there is hope, however, and a message to be heard," he explains. He sees music as a force that can create experiences that lift people up and bring joy to their lives. The "other hat" Mark wears is that of a chef. He recently graduated from culinary school and is enjoying working as a private chef.