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Action / Reaction b/w
Black Horse cd single - May 2008

Full length coming in Fall 2008



Dead Twins. It makes you stop and think. Odd. Dark. Catchy. Just like the music that they make. Formed in the summer of 2006 when two brothers, Nick and Gabe Cardinale reunited, Dead Twins is a duo hailing from Dallas, Texas. Gabe elaborates, “…the name Dead Twins came to me in a dream and it was always more figurative than literal. Actually it was in reference to the duality of things and people, much like a split personality. Also a lot like Nick and me.”

“We’re brothers. We have a unique type of communication that allows us to write and conceptualize quickly without directly speaking to each other. It’s relieving that this band doesn’t have to pretend to be anything but what we are. We’re just brothers making and performing our own music by ourselves” says Gabe, while Nick laughs “But loading gear in and out with just the two of us is a real pain in the ass.”

Dead Twins spends a considerable amount of time developing their own sonic recipe, uniquely combining vintage and analog instruments with a more modern digital approach to songwriting and performance. On stage, low-end synth and sequenced bass rumbles through a large, strikingly unmanned Ampeg rig, flawlessly synched with Nick’s boomy powerhouse drumming and Gabe’s perpetual guitar hooks. Strangely enough, the music at times is as layered as any 5-piece band. Nick says, “We get a lot of questions after shows as to how we’re pulling it all off. We’ve even been asked if we have members playing from backstage, to which we usually respond… ‘sure’."

Dead Twins define their brand of music as rock, period. No sub-genre or additional description. Their first release is the frantic single “Action/Reaction” b/w “Black Horse.” With lyrics like ‘The wheels are off the ground. I wonder how it came to this. Panic for the sake of the sound’ Action/Reaction is a blend of nervous yet driving rock. “It’s a lot like a tightrope walker who looks down while he’s at the middle of the rope and just loses it,” Gabe says. “It's about obsessing over the little things too much, being neurotic and over-analyzing things to the point of delusion.“ Action/Reaction sits with the listener like a panic attack, while the mood and atmosphere of Black Horse shows the opposite side of Dead Twins dual-personality.

Gabe interjects, “…ultimately we came to the conclusion that we must take care of the music, even if we do it in a closet. And if we really do that, somebody's gonna come, and open the door and say ‘Hey, we're looking for you.’ We feel like we’re at that point as a band now.”