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"Club Connected meet Dead Wasps" - Club Connected Website

"The Beat Surrender demo review" - The Beat Surrender

"Precious Time single review"

More slick and sensual electro dance from the pens, pc's and digital armoury of the wonderfully named Dead Wasps. More subtle than blatant, more groovy than hypnotic, 'Precious Time' gives the 'night trippers' something less 'in yer face' to ponder over and grind away to.

Five (or is it four?) mixes are included here (although the 'sleeve notes' name five only four appear to be burned!!); each nicely rounded and aimed squarely at the dance floor and surrounding, loved-up lounge areas. Fluid, almost organic, 'Precious Time' evolves and expands with precise rhythms and moody 'string' arrangements as the piece progresses. Beautifully sympathetic voices share the lime-light with the 'instrumentation' to give a nicely balanced, rounded end result.

The 're-mixes' are varied and all work equally well on the senses; 'Precious Time' can be haunting as well as frivolous, depending on which version you prefer. Unlike many similarly targeted works, 'Precious Time' is refreshingly smooth and coolly laid back - there's no big surprises to jar on the nerves, no jagged spikes of electro sound or dirty samples to detract from the sense of equilibrium that the piece portrays.

Dead Wasps (an unlikely and unusual name for this genre methinks!) comprise Hayley and Gaz (with a little help from 'friends') and the digital duo once again get things just about right - the groove is cool, the vibe is chilled, the tempo is dreamy. 'Precious Time' will be welcomed by the club-sters out there - something to get off to without having to think too hard - easy on the ear and easy on the shoe leather. - Toxic Pete website

"Losing Today Magazine"

ead Wasps ’Precious Time’ (Self Released). This lot last featured here in these very pages via their debut outing ’Mexicola Bare Essentials’ (see missive 111) which was a much loved thing here at the singled out record shed - that said we were much adoring of ’precious time’ which we spied on their my space site at the time. Well several months down the line and here is ’precious time’ not once but 5 times in an ultra limited 100 hand numbered CD only release of which ours is numbered 97 which by way of a spot of handy mathematics means that there are either only three copies available or 99 - which frankly shouldn’t be the case for very much longer. The rarity aspect of our copy increases considerably given the fact that only four cuts appear as opposed to the advertised 5 and though we should grumble we can forgive the gremlins because this is a tasty spot of sophisticated groove. Dead Wasps are Manchester based trio Hayley, Gaz and Mike and ’precious time’ their second outing is as previously advertised a smoking club floor rogering babe of the highest order that draws and fuses together the early 90’s musical landscapes of both Bristol and their native Manchester so that the uber cool chill of New Order’s ‘republic’ is succulently teased and tranced by the solid state underpinning of 808 State and left to be woven by the mercurial classiness of Massive Attack with Everything but the Girl invited along to cast upon the proceedings their numbed elegance. The stately makeover with subtle dub interweaves of ‘precious time - PT2 - remix’ is more of the same only tripped with a devilishly hot ‘n’ horny mutant Chic re-drilled by Front 242 buzz sawing underpin welded onto a sumptuous house vibe braided by a deliciously maddening hypnotic clockwork rhythm that suggests a spectrally charged Dubstar being re-drilled by the remix talents of Andy Gray. From therein the cut is passed into the capable hands of Groove Federation and Neo for them to work their magic, the former sent through a cosmically chilled mincer only to return like a sprightly ‘backs to the wall’ era sounding A Certain Ratio pierced with some sassy 70’s styled New York funk grafts while Neo’s ‘break beat’ version radically reworks the original into a hulking floor throbbing beast with its stately ambient threads, brass arrangements and bouncing beat happy collages. We expect the same treatment for the rather sassy Moroder / Summer-esque ‘cherries’ which you can find on their my space site - personally I reckon they are toying with us. -

"Losing Today debut single review"

Dead Wasps ‘Mexicola Bare Essentials’ (Deadwasps). Literally just taken delivery of this little two track cutie. The debut release no less from (now relocated to) Manchester quartet Dead Wasps ‘Mexicola Bare Essentials‘ takes several leaves out of Roger’s and Salon Boris‘ breathless futuro club throb and seductively laces it with a smouldering seductive soul edge. Draped across a back drop of aloofly acute retro electronics that coolly and ominously exude an icy minimalist chill culled straight from the Normal’s ‘Warm Leatherette’ it makes for a contrasting spectacle with Hayley Mitchell’s vocals softly purring to engage a tenderly smoking warmth atop the frosted hypnotic floorshow of buzz sawing floor rogering grooves. The ‘Testicola’ mix of the same cut on the flip provides the more alluring alternative - with its craftily toned 80’s retro re-arrangement this throbbing babe works a treat pulling and teasing at the original template priming it for club floor action, an infectious marriage of austere electronics and meaty techno / house accents that blossoms and radiates into an all consuming bulging hot, horny and sweaty desire fuelled after dark honey - classy doesn’t even begin to describe it - cold showers optional but advisable. Those with suitably whetted appetites are heartily recommended to head straight for their my space site at and check out the simply alluring ’Precious Time’ - a deceptively distracting nugget that should by rights be one of the surprise soundtracks to this years festivals - think primarily New Order and the early 90’s Manchester club scene fused succulently with prime time Massive Attack and Everything but the Girl - killer stuff. -


Singles released from the self titled debut album available on itunes:
Mexicola Bare Essentials
Precious Time

Singles released from the second album " 4 days of dirt " also available on itunes:
Lost At Sea



Dead Wasps are Gaz Wildsmith and Hayley Mitchell. This Manchester based duo write driving beats with beautiful melodies and strive to bring a new and unforgettable slant on the electronic genre. Gaz founded the band and after a few line-up experiments, finally found the right mix with Hayley, a singer with a knack for writing dark lyrics and the two set about to write and perform the music they love.
Often surmised as a band that hark back to the glorious Madchester/Hacienda days - the era was inspirational and can be heard - however these pesky Wasps have more sides than a decagon and have set about using them all to assault the senses.

In the beginning the duo – surrounded by the eerie beauty of an old renovated mental asylum where they lived – began writing songs and playing live on the Staffordshire music scene. This location bore tracks such as “Mexicola Bare Essentials” – pays homage to the insane world of insomnia, prescription drugs and losing a grip on reality. “Ward 21” was written about the asylum and its dark past and “H Bomb” occurred after a bad dream about Heroin.

With a half written album Dead Wasps upped sticks and moved to Manchester where they quickly gained a reputation for exciting and energetic shows. They secured a slot on at the 2008 In the City Event – Manchester’s official industry music week and released their debut single Mexicola Bare Essentials. The reviews from the national press were exciting and the limited edition copies sold out.

"Dead Wasps debut single ‘Mexicola Bare Essentials’ is a fine example of electro pop with a funky bass that will stay in your head for days. Hayley Mitchells sultry voice sitting nicely on top. Don’t be surprised if you hear the chant ‘Roll a J, and drink some wine’ at clubs home and abroad this year." - The Skinny Magazine

"The original single is magical and should be a huge mainstream hit." Charted at 8 - Bestival Radio 87.7FM

The self titled debut album was released just before the band embarked on their first US tour in May 2008 where they covered nearly half the country. Taking their unusual blend of house, dance, electro pop to a new an eager audience was an amazing experience and one that moved the band forward it terms of fan base and self belief. The tour was a success and the band had found an appreciation for their sound.

Whilst in America MTV asked to use the Wasps follow up single “Cherries” for use on the MTV Movie Awards and of course the band were chuffed. This then followed with the MTV Music Awards later on in the year and the link with MTV has continued right up to the present day. Talks of usage on a number of shows will materialise throughout 2009 and with a new album "4 days of dirt" just released in June '09, things couldn’t be better.

The new album shows a shift in gear to a cleaner, more grown up sound. The production is lavish yet simplistic. The vocals are less but more, leaving Hayley’s voice to shine through and the beats are just as banging but the strings are more emotive. This is a journey showing not just a musical one, but a personal one.

Dead Wasps went back to the US to promote the album and follow up from last year this June, taking in radio slots on the award winning Soul Cole Show,and Hunnypot Radio in LA. They also played prestigious slots in Vegas at The Mirage, The Cat Club in LA, Soda Bar in San Diego, Tiger bar in Portland and numerous other venues on the west coast, pulling in new admirers along the way.

Feeling like their work in the States was unfinished, Hayley and Gaz are heading back to the US in September '09 for more shows and are looking at adding the college circuit to their list of targets this fall.