Deadwood Revival

Deadwood Revival


Old Time String Band Meets Acoustic Grateful Dead.


by Just Plain Folks!!!
WINNER~ 2009 Peoples Choice Award at the WINTER FOLK FESTIVAL in Florence, OR
Deadwood Revival creates some of the most unassuming, honest "feel good" music filled with the spirit of old-time Appalachia, soulful American roots, jam-band improvisation and a whole lotta hootenanny! Deadwood Revival came onto the scene as a duo in early 2005 when Kim Trenerry and Jason Mogi, after years of co-fronting their own folk rock jam band, found a new love...that of old-time Appalachian music. Combining their rock background with old-time gave Kim and Jason their reputation as "one of the hottest duos around" and became one of the first duos to ever win the Northwest String Summit Band Competition (2005). Hundreds of concerts and festivals, four west coast tours, and two cd's later...Kim and Jason reconnected with long time friend, bassist Ches Ferguson in June 2007 and the duo became a trio. In late 2007, former "Looking Glass" fiddler, Julie Campbell, came on board. The foursome enjoyed a nice run until Sept of 2011 when Ferguson and Campbell left the band to pursue other interests. But... in stepped the current bass player for DwR, Paul Stehr-Green. After several years in his "other" career as a doctor of epidemiology, Paul came back to the music scene as the bass player for Port Angeles band "Supertrees" and in Oct 2011 became the DwR groovemeister.

Jason's clean, percussive clawhammer banjo or soulful acoustic guitar work coupled with his homemade "stomp board", along with Kim's driving rhythm on acoustic guitar and Paul's rock solid grooves is the musical backdrop for Kim and Jason's powerhouse vocal harmonies that give Deadwood Revival its unique and unmistakable sound. And the addition of Paul means the addition of a beautiful third part harmony on some tunes as well. DwR continues to expand their musical horizons by adding a few new things to the mix...Jason has been toying around a bit with a loop station creating layers of rhythms from which to build heightened improvisational jams and Kim has been getting funky with the addition of a wah-wah pedal! Needless to say, Jason, Kim and Paul are musically inspired by one another and the pure joy they have in playing music with one another is evident.


Dead on the Creek, Willits, CA
American Music Festival, Brookings. OR
Wintergrass, Tacoma
Adventure Bluegrass, Stevenson, WA
High Sierra Music Festival - Quincy, CA
NW String Summit -Hornings Hideout, OR
Winter Folk Festival-Florence, OR
Long Beach Bluegrass Festival, WA
Amboy Bluegrass Festival - Amboy, WA
Bluegrass in the Forest - Shelton, WA
NW Folklife Festival- Seattle, WA
San Francisco Bluegrass OldTime Festival
Seattle Folklore Society Concert
Snowgrass in Port Angeles
Yakima Folklife Assn Concert
Juan de Fuca Festival- Port Angeles, WA
Washington Brewers Festival - Kenmore, WA
Music in the Park Concerts, Olympia, WA
Oregon State Univ. Concerts, Corvallis, OR
Leavenworth Acoustic Music Festival
Pine Stump Symphony, Winthrop, WA. .
Fremont Fair, Seattle
Yakima Seasons Concerts
Concert In The Cove, Coupeville, WA
Coupeville Arts and Crafts Festival - Coupeville, WA
University Street Fair - Seattle, WA
...and venues in Seattle, Yakima, Olympia, Portland, Ashland, Eugene, Corvallis, San Francisco, Arcata, Eureka, Chico, South Lake Tahoe, Tucson, Boulder, Atlanta and more...

*Dead On The Creek: John Phillips, Organizer
*American Music Festival: Perry Divine, Organizer
*The Seasons Yakima: Tor Blaisdell, Managing Director
*LongBeach Bluegrass Fest.: Ruth Ann Hocking, Organizer
*Juan De Fuca Festival of the Arts: Dan Maguire, Ex Dir.
*Bluegrass from the Forest: Greg Linder, Coordinator



Written By: Jason Mogi

Fiddlin' with the bolts and wires
Deep inside the chasm of a grease monkey
Goin' in reluctantly, and coming our mechanically
Inclined so much and climbing so hard I dropped her on the way down into third to keep from luggin'
while strugglin' to reach this apogee.

Sittin up high and sittin pretty like a DAISY-yellow splitty
looking like a cartoon lunatic, like a skeleton in roses,
rolling miles and miles with mile- long smiles, sometimes for real sometimes just in a lazy daydream and the flowers are blooming on behind.

Daisy's sleepin in a garden in the sun.
A slow decaying monument to the day she used to run.
She still finds a way to move me even though she's standin still,
At the bottom of the hill.

They rolled up asking questions and the answers were all numbers out of the window of my '66, I bought for just 800 days or years or miles ago I don't know I stopped counting when the golden rays of the setting sun reflected off the emblem bright as day onto an overpass and just below the rails lighting up, "I love you,Daisy" painted by an upside down romantic.

She says, "You found me, you got me goin', you love me, you called me Daisy, You drove me all over ,I love how you drove me crazy."

"You found me, you got me goin', you love me, you called me Daisy, You drove me all over ,I love how you drove me crazy."

She was sweet and slightly teasin' I did not want to be misleading, but in the spirit of good samaritan, I brought her on board Daisy. As we rolled my mind began to wonder, if we were victims of a thunder and ended up on the floor, would I still love my Daisy more?

"You found me, you got me goin', you love me, you called me Daisy, You drove me all over, I love how you drove me crazy."

Cover My Tracks

Written By: Jason Mogi

Don't nobody tell me how I"ve been doin' wrong
Don't nobody say I should have seen it all along.
I ain't going back
No, I ain't goin' back

I never knew that woman could take away my soul
But lately this here young man is feeling kinda old
And I ain't goin' back
No, I ain't goin' back
When the rain come down
Cover my tracks.

As sure as the sun is heading off west
That woman done me wrong even though I tried my best.
And I ain't goin' back
No, I ain't goin' back.
When, the leaves fall down
Cover my tracks.

I'm gonna hop a westbound freight train into the setting sun
and find myself some country girl somewhere in Oregon.
And I ain't going back
No, I ain't goin back
When the sun goes down
Cover my tracks

Now here she come a'calling
here she comes a'crying
tell her I ain't staying round for falsehoods and lying.
And I won't be coming back
No, I won't be coming back
When that train comes round
Gonna take me down the track
And I ain't goin' back
No I ain't goin' back
When the rain comes down
Cover my tracks.

Passenger Side

Written By: Jason Mogi

I'm headin' to the country
It's a fine day for a ride
There's an empty seat if you want it
On the Passenger Side

We don't need a backseat driver,
There's room enough for two,
My second choice is to go alone
BUt I'd rather be with you

So go put on your travellin' shoes,
bring all your colors
but leave your blues behind this time
Climg inside and take a ride
On the Passenger Side

We can take a foothill's highway
Or the road to Nash's Farm,
We can find someplace by a riverside
Where I'll hold you in my arms

We've been all over this town
and come to know it like a friend
It'll be right here when we return
from somewhere we've never been

So go put on your travellin' shoes,
bring all your colors
but leave your blues behind this time
and if you want to drive
then I can ride on the Passenger Side.

Ain't the Buyin' Kind

Written By: Kim Trenerry

By Kim Trenerry

I have seen the moonlight o’er the desert
And the Smoky Mountains north carolin’
My feet have climbed the red rocks of Sedona
Oh the treasures I’ve found, well they ain’t the buyin’ kind

I been through Louisiana swampland
And watched the sun set across an endless Kansas sky
I walked for miles up and down the streets of San Francisco
Oh the treasures I’ve found , well they ain’t the buyin’ kind

Aint got much money, but honey if I did
That wouldn’t change the way I live

I’ve been down the coast of California
And up to Colorado Rocky Mountain high
I’ve met the kindest folks in small towns all across the nation
Oh the treasures I found, well they ain’t the buyin’ kind

There’s a road that winds into a canyon,
And a place where you can stand in 4 states at a time,
Whether by back country roads or a long stretch of highway
Oh, the treasures I’ve found, well they ain’t the buyin’ kind..


Written By: Jason Mogi

by Jason Mogi

Roscoe, what’s goin’ on?
I heard you singing that high lonesome song
Ring like silver, shine like gold
60 brackets on that old banjo

Seven days in the mine
Where the sun don’t ever shine
Banjo ring through those hills
Never take away them cold, cold chills

Better days come my way
Better days gonna come my way
65 degrees, 65 degrees
in the shade

Roscoe…..what’s goin’ on?
I heard you singing that high lonesome song
Ring like silver, shine like gold
60 brackets on that old banjo
60 brackets on that old banjo


Written By: Jason Mogi

By Jason Mogi

I lit out from my hometown
Had myself a look around
Over on the other side
Of mountains high and rivers wide
I met a girl named Pearly Blue
Lacing up her travelin’ shoes
Saying, don’t know when, but it won’t be long
till this old world is dead and gone

And everyday and Sunday too
Went to see that Pearly Blue
Now and then along the way
I thought I hear my little pearly sayin’,

“Where to now? I don’t know
On the road and bound to go.”
She said,”Where to now? I don’t know
On the road and bound to go.”

Now it may rain , it may snow
See me headin’ down the road
Where the mud and slush get mighty deep
miles to go before I sleep
And I don’t know, but I been told the streets of heaven are paved with gold
Cobblestones all right with me
To wear this path eternally

Where to now. I don’t know
Down the road and bound to go
She said, “Where to now? I don’t know
On the road and bound to go.”

Now everyday and Sunday too
Walk the soles right off my shoes
Out the door and down the street
Feel it way down in my feet
And I don’t know , but it’s been said
Those milder day are gonna kill you dead
So Pearly come and go with me this road leads to eternity

Where to now, I don’t know
On the road and bound to go
She said, “Where to now? I don’t know
On the road and bound to go
It may rain, it may snow
Where to now? I don’t know
On the road and bound to go
Cobblestone alright with me, we’re gonna wear with path eternally
Where to now? I don’t know
On the road and bound to go


Deadwood Revival- SAT 730... all live cuts! with all four artists!!

RELEASED Dec, 2007 Deadwood Revival's second cd, THIS OLD WORLD with 8 original songs and 4 traditional pieces. DwR was still a Kim&Jason duo.

Deadwood Revival (then a duo of Kim&Jason) released their DEBUT CD, Deadwood Revival on June 1, 2005.
The disc includes 13 tracks, 10 of which are original.

The CD's have received airplay on
KHUM - Humboldt County
KBCS - Seattle WA
KMPS - Seattle, WA
KUOW- Seattle, WA
KAOS - Olympia, WA
Village 900 in Victoria, BC
KBOO - Portland
KLCC - Eugene, OR
KRVM - Eugene
KSOW- Cottage Grove, OR
NWPR- Inland Folk aired over 45
in Washington
KZFR in Chico
Shoot Your Radio Show in CALIF.
JPR-public radio-northern Calif.
KZSU - Stanford CA
WKJC the Michigan Grapevine Opry
KBZC in New Jersey
KPVL in Postville, IA. (LOTS)
and probably some we don't even know about

Tongue and Groove (debut CD), 2001
airplay (STILL!!) on Village900 in Victoria BC.
Live! Thanks for the Ride, 2002
Jam, 2003

Set List

Though shows include mostly original songs by the artists, they perform some traditional and neo-traditional old-time songs.
When they dive into COVER SONGS, most frequently they can be traced back to THE GRATEFUL DEAD.

The sets are generally 60-90 minutes in length and their shows are as short as an hour or can last for an entire evening.

Cover/Traditional Songs include:
Hell Broke Loose in Georgia
Little Bird of Heaven
Brokedown Palace
Friend of the Devil
Sandy Boys
Old Mother Logo
Been All Around This World
Say, Darling, Say
Little Maggie
You Led Me To The Wrong
Rainbow Sign
You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
Tear My Stillhouse Down
Bobby McGee
Out My Back Door
Sittin' on Top Of The World
Freight Train
Darlin' Corey
Chilly Winds
Red Rocking Chair
Hop Pine
Cold Rain and Snow
Cotton Eyed Joe
Cripple Creek

Selected Original Songs by Deadwood Revival