Deaf Animal Orchestra

Deaf Animal Orchestra


We're composing music that prioritises songcraft, tight and tidy arrangements, directness of emotion, and most importantly music that excites us every single time we get together to play. And we're screaming for everyone's attention.


About us - This is the part where we get to talk ourselves up in detail, sell ourselves to whoever it is we wish to sell. So here goes. We're three good friends from Waterford city with a love for what we do and a belief in what we're doing (most of the time). Our first proper gig was the end of Feb '06, so our adventures in sound are only just beginning. We're currently debating whether or not to invent some sort of 'band mythology' for ourselves. It could prove a smart publicity stunt, like the way the White Stripes got people talking about the whole man/wife brother/sister thing. For the moment anyway just take us to be three folks who believe in the power of three and will use this power to be heard. This biography shite is a pain in the ass though, it is effectively striking a pose and there's very little room for humility whether you (or I or we) like it or not.

Band Members -

Joe Harney: studied psychology for a while, then music technology, now working earnestly on various music projects the most important of which (of course) being this band. the lyric writer, loves babbling on about how the self is represented in everyday conversation. most notable musical influences are the pixies and the white stripes but also in love with radiohead, tom waits, daft punk, bjork, david bowie, philip glass, steve reich and susumu yokota. will talk for hours about these people if prompted.

Alan Davy: currently completing a phd in computer science so will soon be a very important person. never played an instrument before starting to play bass in this band. a hardcore advocate of daft punk, cassius, etienne de crecy and all things french house. can drink all day and night without any problem.

Niall Hogan: very nearly a fully qualified carpenter/cabinet maker. likes to play drums. loves to play drums. forever bored of what he's currently able to play and endlessly pushes himself to find new rhythms and rolls. most impressed by the sounds of muse, jimi hendrix, dungen and ze artic monkeys. doesnt care if you don't have a good time.

Our music -
What drives us to do what we do is that musical spark, that moment when we stumble upon something new when playing and everybody looks up and smiles at each other, a 'musical moment' for want of better phrase. We believe in what we're doing (of course we do, if we don't then who the hell else will?) and want people to hear our songs and what we've got to say. Good music captures a mood and makes people want to dance (be it jive, disco, headbanging or whatever. and yeah headbanging is a form of dancing, youre moving to the music arent you?). We wanna make people dance and move in different ways with different songs, ecstatically, despairingly, lovingly, tenderly; we don't believe music should be designed to sit in the background. We've spent a lot of time discovering a pallete of sounds to work with and use those to serve the songs we write. Many people who've seen us live have commented on the diversity of our songwriting and our ability to shift between styles and moods from song to song. How about that?


Our first EP will be self released at the end of August '06. Two further EPs will follow this by the end of '06. These will be sold through our website and through extensive gigging.

Set List

Ideally we play for 30-45 mins. Beyond that sort of time scale the audience generally starts to lose interest and their attention drifts, even if the show is going well. It's also hard to maintain energy and focus in playing ability beyond that timescale.
The list of songs we generally play live is (in no particular order...)
Something Vicious (instrumental)
Whats The Point
Another Napoleon
Falling Asleep
Keep On Swinging
Morning Running
Wait A Minute...
The Madman
The Smoke Descends
Purple Dawning (instrumental)
Don't worry our instrumentals are not just jams we have to fill the gaps, they're songs in their own right and an important part of what we're doing. Come hear us and see what we mean.
And, generally we don't cover songs. Our favourite songs, the ones we would cover if we had to, are generally our favourites because the original version provides the definitive version and we don't wanna fuck with that.