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Houston, TX | Established. Jan 01, 2003

Houston, TX
Established on Jan, 2003
Band Metal Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Live: Deafening/Plump/Casino"

Finally, Deafening took the stage. Mindblowing, just killer. Dan and I were getting more than a bit spun by then and were ready for something a bit heavier. Deafening didn't disappoint. Lead singer/guitar Tony Casella went huge with what sounded like a newer solid state Marshall into split 4x12 cabinets on either side of the stage, and Carlos Torres and Muttley held down the bottom end like a pair of vice grips. For once, here was a power trio that didn't sound like three people wanking or that they were missing a member.
As anyone who has seen this band live can attest (or heard their album or stuff on MySpace, but I think it sounds better live), Casella's voice is god. Thick, rough without screaming, dynamic, perfectly in tune, and -- surrounded by the detuned musical onslaught -- beautiful. One of the best rock/metal voices I've ever heard. Combined with a wry stage presence and a coif that Sebastian Bach would have killed for, Casella is every bit the perfect heavy metal frontman. I didn't hear him come close to blowing a note all night. A great ending to a really good lineup.
The show ended, and the 40 or so people still in attendance left. Dan and I talked shop with Al Bear and Jason Jackson for a bit after their set, and I shook hands with kudos to Damon Murrah (who seemed ready to hit the after-party), but overall it was a pretty low-key ending to a really good set of shows. I implore all of you who read SCR to start attending shows like these. The bands and our scene need the support, and you are missing a ton of really good music.
by Andrew Perkins - Space City Rock

"Deafening:Don't Mess with Texas"

When bands submit to us, I literally do try to give a fair review. I try to listen to the entire collection of music they provide, and allow my mind to develop thoughts and opinions based on what I hear. The criteria is the music (I cancel out the lyrics and listen to how the sound is layered and how it flows) - then the vocals and lyrics - and then the overall sound. I try to find things I would consider "workable" and then I try to find things that I like, or dislike.

There is a movement occuring that I am witnessing with bands in the indie circuit that is more of a growing trend, literally, due to the increase in a number of things: 1. Bands are reaching out to more fans through social networking. 2. The advent of Internet radio and podcasting has brought major competition to corporate radio. 3. Bands are maturing, creating good music, and marketing themselves appropriately - more appropriately than before. This can be said about "Deafining," which hit my in-box this morning, and literally blew me away with an inventive metal sound that is capable (and has been) a frontrunner through both Internet and commercial radio. The balance has shifted, and this is one band that deserves praise.

The song "The Science of Frogs," my personal favorite hits you from the beginning with a notable "punch in the face" and doesn’t stop pounding. It’s melodic metal harmony weaves it’s way from traditional metal, yet, still remains honorable to the genre in a class all of it’s own. This is one band you should "Deaf-a-nately" check out, and we are glad to have them on our station rocking out! Check them out on MySpace! Don’t pass this band up!

- Street Blast Radio


LP - Herize: A Deafening Experience
1.Another Word For Cold
3.No Substitutes
6.Something More Than Dead
7.James Brown
EP - The End of The Vine
2.All The Years Gone
5.Death-Defying Me
EP - El Baile De Humanos
1.Die Down
2.The Science of Frogs
3.Living and Breathing

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Deafening “that which I can embrace” is a dominating grunge-metal triad thriving in Houston, TX. The continual evolution and success of Deafening can be summed up in three words; Tony, Carlos and Muttley. Vocalist/guitarist Tony Casella hits hard with scraping vocals intertwined with his six string machine. With a voice that can crush on command, this front man doesn’t just have something to say, he amps it up and penetrates your core; while the guitar slaves to keep up with the master. Carlos Torres, Deafenings’ bassist, stomps into the foreground of the band setting with a high degree of prominence in the music. Holding the triad together on the drums, the one who makes the band tick, is Carlos E. Escober a.k.a. Muttley. Deafening will have you chewing the lucid skin from your lips while your heart pumps another ounce of grunge to feed your soul (leaving you grinding your teeth for more!).

Herize: A Deafening Experience, is a full length CD available to all. The CD is part of nineteen professionally recorded songs obtainable through the bands website. Herize is a full bodied Deafening experience. Professionally recorded and mastered to get the blood flowing, eyes dilated and the hair on the back of your neck standing. Can you feel it? The hair rising like rat whiskers erected in attention. If you’re not fortunate enough to own the CD you can catch Deafening playing all over the Houston, TX area. Tony’s skeleton grin is a definite hair raising event (no CD required).

Deafening has seen much success in the Houston area. The band were prominent members of the Houston Band Coalition, HBC. Much of HBC’s achievements can be accredited to signing Deafening. Although no longer members of HBC, it is no secret that Deafening has long worn out coattails from leading the way for all others to follow. Success in Houston hardly describes this trio. One would have to travel to Los Angeles twice, play at the Roxy, and Whisky A Go-Go, just to scratch the surface. Deafening can be seen in Cold’s music video “It Happens All The Time” aired on MTV. Not to mention opening for Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains! These guys have well earned bragging rights.

With a bag full of accessible ego the members of Deafening are exceptionally humble. They focus on satisfying and growing their fan base. The fans are why they are here and why they will never leave. It’s the great fight for the underdog that sparks this being to life. Spending four homeless months in Los Angeles did not scar this group, it fueled their desire to push through. Push, pull, shove…. Whatever it takes - Deafening is certainly that which we can all embrace.

Written by Joshua Moore