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Athens, Georgia, United States | INDIE

Athens, Georgia, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop EDM


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"Deaf Judges - All Rise"

Deaf Judges – All Rise
Bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “in your face,” All Rise is an angry, lashing album, full of intelligent artful prose and bursting at the seams with energy. Deaf Judges, hailing from Athens, Georgia, is a hip-hop group composed of three gnarly MCs and a DJ, all who seem to live by the life mantra “Do It, Or Punch It In The Face.” If Deaf Judges has ever felt remorse, ever regretted anything, or ever admitted weakness, they show no signs of it here. Instead, they are all boasts and flaunts—a quick, whirring vortex of bombasticy which would seem ridiculous had the MCs not been able to voice themselves so eloquently.
Much like an open mic night at some gritty east coast dive, each of Deaf Judges’ verses are spat in spoken-word fashion. Instead of rhyming, they focus on phonetics, the often-neglected power of lyrical rhythm. The group’s three MCs (Rorshak, Produce Man, and Louie Carlysle) each take turns rocking the mic in tag-team fashion, keeping the music fast-paced and interesting. With a delivery that is half Beastie Boys and half The Lonely Island, the lyrics are quirky and wry, but only a few gun references away from classifying the album as horrorcore. Although they touch on common, rather played-out themes in hip hop, each line is creatively packed with absurd references to everything from Ocean’s 13 to 1960’s psychedelic Tim Leary novels. And while some of it may seem nonsensical, Deaf Judges make commentary on social problems and the current state of foreign affairs, with the call to arms romp “Terrorist Music” and the mellow, sprawling “Outsider Art.”
All Rise is encapsulated in the concept of a court case, with intros and samples of debates and verdicts peppering its surface. Although this may at times be a nuisance, (such as the completely unnecessary introductory track), it helps to transition smoothly between the album’s eclectic grab bag of instrumentals. The brainchild behind these beats, DJ Cubenza, lets the rappers have the limelight, but is surprisingly influential in shaping the focus of the songs. His chimey, upbeat, sample-based production also gives the whole album a old-school sort of feel, but added electronic, international , and free-jazz elements make sure that All Rises also sounds contemporary and fresh. Cuts like “Boom Box Lunch Box” showcase his deep, groovy synth lulls, while his technical complexity is displayed on the rattling buzz of “Nuevo” and the gorgeous skitterings of “Short Term Memories.”
Deaf Judges deserve to brag. They’ve proven that they really are legitimate contenders with their quick blitzkrieg of sound, and their enthusiasm to seemingly exhaust the English language. They are confident and sharp, bringing a new breed of intelligence to underground rap. But they are also rude and relentless, and ruthless in their nature. So step aside, and make room for the new playground bullies of the 21st century hip-hop game.
Emerald City Ruins
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"Deaf Judges: All Rise Album Review"

The intelligently violent Deaf Judges have the ability to perform a cesarean section to your brain to show you knowledge you never knew you had. With traumatic rhymes, and a strange juxtaposition towards irony, All Rise is an album that erases the common semantics and philosophy of hip hop music. Instead, it destroys all possible faults, and regenerates a much more successful version of the beloved game of word play.

This foursome has a stage presence that is renown in their home front of Athens, Georgia. Athefest has even crowned them the local kings of Rap/Hip Hop three years in a row. Their outlandish antics really shouldn’t be a surprise when their tracks are laced with excitement that has not been heard since the early days of The Wu. The Judges hit their lyrical peak on the bar swapping cut “Phone Sex”. But, it is obvious that “Deaf Sentence” is the track our boys will follow up the ladder of success.

Some lyricists consider themselves very diverse and knowledgeable. But, until they mention beatnik authors in their songs (i.e. “Nuevo,” Kerouac), Deaf Judges may be ahead of their peers and superiors. These guys would probably fit right into the Rhymsayers crowd. But, their southern mentality would remove enough pretentiousness to put them on their own level. This is poetry because it is important. But, it’s hip hop because it holds onto grace through the gritty hallows of a harsh reality. And this works quite well. - FencePost

"Deaf Judges - All Rise Reveiw"

Known as the breeding ground for such indie and alternative bands as R.E.M., The B-52’s, Indigo Girls, Widespread Panic, Japancakes, and Matthew Sweet, Athens, Georgia rarely is known for its hip-hop. Bubba Sparxxx and Danger Mouse have helped to diversify what that great college music scene is known for and Deaf Judges are soon to be added to that talented roster. Comprised of three MC’s and one DJ/producer, Deaf Judges have the furious delivery of a Public Enemy with the old school heritage of a Wu-Tang Clan all wrapped in nice neo-soul and funk samples with deft hip-hop bass-riddled beats. Nice entry in the hip-hop scene by indie label Emerald City Ruins with enough punk cred to pump up any stage. - Smother Magazine

"The Deaf Judges"

The Deaf Judges are a four-man hip-hop crew formed in southern Georgia. They have an old-school sound, yet incorporate their Southern roots with modern music to create a different sound of hip-hop. Though they are a fairly new group, they have shared the mic with such artists as Ghostface Killah, RJD2, Three 6 Mafia and more. While the group may be new to the music scene, their sound is classic old hip-hop.
The beats featured in the new Emerald City Ruins ruin are very different. While some, like the song “Snake Charmin,” are slow, bass-filled and inspired by Southern rap, other songs are more upbeat, energetic and electronic, like “BoomBox LunchBox.” The group took older hip-hop beats and added their own flavor to create new beats that sound, well, old.
Not only are the beats a mix of old and new, the lyrics are old-school underground resembling styles of NaS. Because the lyrics recall those of ’90s underground rap, they are rooted in very strong emotions. The album is lyrically strong and contains words that carry meaning and significance, just like hip-hop should. The Deaf Judges created an album that introduces new sounds to the old-school, hip-hop music. | Shelley Kaur - Playback


All Rise (2008)
Deaf Sentence Vinyl Single (2009)
The High Honorable (2010) Available for free download at Deaf



Three MC's
One DJ
Rap Ass Whippins.