Deal by Dusk

Deal by Dusk


Deal by Dusk plays music for people to drive in the rain at night with, that brings a crowd on a journey, that drops down heavy, and still floats in delicate colors. Music that aims to shake the body, and touch the soul. A recent article called it "ratdog meets the cure" (we laughingly love that)


-think bios are silly
-love music more than air
-are musically influenced by the grateful dead, the smiths, and the makaha sons of ni'ihau (amongst many, many others)
-occasionally get compared to my morning jacket, the cure, and ratdog (kind compliments)
-have been honored to share the stage with many national acts, usually in SoCal. (to date, Melvin Seals and the Jerry Garcia band were the highlight)
-adore our fans and friends. we continue to conjure and explore music from our souls, the road, and the stage, for them

it's a lifetime party...



Written By: kaulahao


it was an open house that day
meeting in the irony of warm december rain
i saw your eyes reflect a reaper at the door
this is a bloodless recipe girl, and nothing more

*lets push the beds together
and find out if he’s really waiting for you
the room is lying
and if you need proof
i would gladly tear the roof of of it for you
eyes open wide

and your life flashed before my eyes
our conversation is my warm and treasured ride
drown me in aged stories and still i’ll want some more
these are the feeling and the remnants of the war

so wear a fragile smile no more
ignore the decoy that’s abandoned on the floor
let me return you to your long forgotten shore
there’s always time for love
yes, that’s what time is for


Written By: kaulahao


there’s a break in the storm
your chance to run
when you make it send for me, i’ll come
i wouldnt trade the smallest grain of time
that we breathed together for gold or piece of mind
sure, blood was spilled as we would raid it
but at least the broken bones we have wont break
in the same place again

call me grassy knolls, then come walk my path
i’ll give you one sound reason and leave you out of breath
this thing that we made is real fire
you know, the one thing we’ll never want to ignore
is how to make amends

come on, get in, and try to steel yourself
once you hear where we are headed you’ll think of nothing else
it’s thread to the torn to know you’ve made it
i’m still in awe of what your eyes created
this is what it means to be down: the storm will break again

*on and on the trade winds blow
i show up amazed to another show
don’t you want to know how i survived the night?
i gaze upward on the way home
and resculpt the fight ‘till it feels right

so let us ride until someone cracks
we’ll pick up the pieces and throw them in the back
what you need to know is there’s one able
to spread the pieces out on the floor, and make them whole again

a colder wind will split the past behind
(and i’ve got one specific person in this room in mind)
it’s thread to the torn to know you’ve made it
not one thing you left me has ever faded
this is what it means to be down: the storm will break again

it all slows down as i trip through the door
and saw her blinding new perfection before i hit the floor
it’s thread to the torn to know you’ve made it
and the stitching aint all that complicated
this is what it means to be down: the storm will break again


"Headlights" EP - 2005
"Thread to the Torn" LP - 2007
"E.J." EP - 2009

Set List

~ most recent setlist ~
from: The Coach House - San Juan Capistrano, CA
(performing with Stan Ridgeway of Wall of Voodoo)
45 minute set

loser (garcia/hunter)
blue manna battery > take five > blue manna battery
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