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By: Chris Connelly, KyndMusic Senior Staff Writer

"Hello, and welcome to KyndMusic's Fantasy Jam Band Game, where you get to draft an entire group and hear the album they produce! Then you have it scored for points! Let's get started!
"Who would you like to be your singer?"
...Bob Weir.
"You have entered: Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead, who will also double as your rhythm guitarist. Lead guitarist?"
...George McConnell.
"You have entered: George McConnell of Widespread Panic. Drummer?"
...Nick Mason.
"You have entered: Nick Mason of Pink Floyd. Would you like any additional members?"
...Roger O'Donnell. Boyd Tinsley. Ray Manzarek.
"You have entered: Roger O'Donnell, of the Psychedelic Furs and the Cure, to play synthesizers, Boyd Tinsely of the Dave Matthews Band to play violin, Ray Manzarek of The Doors to play organ. Would you like any additional members?"
"Thank you! KyndMusic's Fantasy Jam Band computer has created your Fantasy Jam Band! They go by the name Deal by Dusk, and represent a truly unique melding of influences from across genre and time period. The organ influence of Manzarek combined with the synthesizers of Roger O'Donnell blends into a wall of sound, giving solid support and an interesting complexity to the music as a whole. Mason's drums deftly maneuver around the kit, and make strong use of the cymbals, while Tinsley's violin is forced into restrained patterns that only let loose when the rest of the band does, which proves to be its best use. McConnell's slick lead guitar is used sparingly but effectively, and with tasteful delays. It is all carried, however, by Weir's smooth vocal ability and solid rhythm playing.

"Your Fantasy Jam Band, Deal by Dusk, marks the first combination of the Cure, the Psychedelic Furs, Pink Floyd, the Doors, Widespread Panic, the Grateful Dead, and the Dave Matthews Band. Would you like to name the members of the group?"
"Please enter your names and the instruments they will play. If you would a musician to play more than one instrument, please specify."
...Dan Kaulahao - vocals and both guitars. Jared Rushton - organ and synthesized bass. Daniel VanAndler - violin and keyboards. Ryan Rushson - drums
"Thank you! Please name your band's debut album!"
"Your Fantasy Jam Band is almost complete! All that remains is a final evaluation by KyndMusic experts! To continue, please enter three song titles for your debut EP, or go back and make changes."
..."Roll Me." "Kathleen." "Proof."
"Your debut EP, HEADLIGHTS, is a strong freshman offering. It sounds unique within the scene as it includes more synthesizer, violin, and prominent organ influences than most others. The combination of work between Rushton and VanAndler on keys ads valuable depth to "Kathleen" and "Proof," and Kaulahao's prominently featured voice is strong and resonant. He leads the band with charisma and attitude, varying his vocal delivery perfectly to reflect changes in the music behind him.

"Rushton's organ work throughout is phenomenal and creates the depth necessary for a successful improvisational group. VanAndler's synthesizers, most prominently featured on "Roll Me," could be utilized more often to include more diverse soundscapes, but are used well when they appear. Rushson's playing throughout the album is superb.

"Overall, your band Deal by Dusk is a very strong group, filled with your unique choices of musical influences that stand out from most other KyndMusic Fantasy Jam Band Game players! Consequently, KyndMusic has awarded your Fantasy Jam Band a score of 9 out of 10, and encourages you to play our upgraded version, where your Fantasy Jam Band can record a full length album! We'd love to hear more from your band, Deal by Dusk! -


"Headlights" EP - 2005
"Thread to the Torn" LP - 2007
"E.J." EP - 2009



-think bios are silly
-love music more than air
-are musically influenced by the grateful dead, the smiths, and the makaha sons of ni'ihau (amongst many, many others)
-occasionally get compared to my morning jacket, the cure, and ratdog (kind compliments)
-have been honored to share the stage with many national acts, usually in SoCal. (to date, Melvin Seals and the Jerry Garcia band were the highlight)
-adore our fans and friends. we continue to conjure and explore music from our souls, the road, and the stage, for them

it's a lifetime party...