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Olyphant, Pennsylvania, United States

Olyphant, Pennsylvania, United States
Band Rock Soul


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"The Real Deal"

Real Deal Future looks bright for Olyphant-based blues/rock band Dealer in Wares
Published: Sunday, October 26, 2008

Look out, music world, Dealer in Wares is ready to take Northeast Pennsylvania by storm. Led by the powerful vocals of Sarah Yzkanin and backed by drummer Chris Price and guitarist Royce Vaughn, the Olyphant-based blues/rock band has already proved it can more than hold its own in a region filled with wanna-be rock stars.

"You could put on any song, any record, and it'll make me want to play," Mr. Price said. "I get a vibe just by hearing music." The group's four-track promotional CD has a unique blend that is captivating. The band's recipe for success includes a little Janis Joplin, a bit of Stevie Ray Vaughan and, for good measure, a slice of Jimi Hendrix — all of whose influences can be detected in the Dealer sound.

The threesome has mixed blues with rock and roll and some might argue the sophistication of their music is beyond their years. Ms. Yzkanin, 18, is a Holy Cross High School senior. Mr. Price is also 18 while Mr. Vaughn, 21, is the newest member of the band.

"You can probably call our style the new classic music," Mr. Vaughn said.
"The biggest challenge we have is finding good music," said Ms. Yzkanin, who came up with the name Dealer in Wares after thumbing through an Irish Gaelic dictionary. "I was looking for crazy words and I came across the word for merchant, which meant a dealer in wares," said Ms. Yzkanin, who also plays harmonica for the group. "I thought it was cool. We were originally thinking of the name, "the Hollow," but I thought that was kind of common."

Common hasn't been a word local music reviewers have associated with Dealer. "Beautiful," "sensual," and "solid" are words often mentioned when the topic is Dealer.

Bright road ahead
The future appears bright for the trio. "I like to be careful with hype, but no hype here," said John Webster, one half of the Daniels and Webster morning show on Rock 107 radio. "(Their) sound is beyond their years. I can only imagine what it will become. (Ms. Yzkanin) is really good. She has a really good and strong voice, one that you could listen to all of the time."

The band's promotional CD includes the track "Move On," a down-home blues break-up song about a woman who realizes the end of a love affair. Their anthem, "The Dealer," is a hard-hitting blues/rock number with distinctive guitar riffs that also features harmonica playing by Ms. Yzkanin that could make Stevie Wonder jealous. The song, which shows off Ms. Yzkanin's gifted vocal skills, warns about a blue-eyed "dealer man" armed with a .45 pistol coming to sweep unsuspecting prey off their feet.

Ms. Yzkanin founded the group in February 2007. Later that year, the group's single, "Willow Song," charted at No. 14 in the American Idol's underground top 50 rock songs.

According to Ms. Yzkanin, during the 2007 First Night Scranton battle of the bands, Dealer won first runner-up recognition and later opened for legendary Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer Artimus Pyle at the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg.

This year, Dealer won first place in the Keystone College Commuter Council's battle of the bands and was voted NEPA Rebellion Internet Radio's No. 1 artist for the week of April 7, Ms. Yzkanin said. In July, she said, they won the Electric City/Diamond City weekly "Get Your Vote On" contest, in which readers vote for the band that would represent the 570 area at the Dewey Beach Music Conference in Delaware. "Prior to the battle of the bands nobody knew us," Ms. Yzkanin said. "The name wasn't out there but, because we did so well, our performance opened up a lot of eyes."

The band is also seeking to expand and has opened a search for a bass player. Meanwhile, they are shopping their CD to record labels while continuing to book venues in which to perform.

Among the many venues Dealer has played are the Blues Street cafe in Scranton, Paddy's Irish Pub & Eatery in Pittston and Borders Book Store in Stroudsburg. "You feed off the energy of the crowd, especially at a place like Paddy's where the crowd is so alive," Ms. Yzkanin said. "New venues to play are hard to find, but that changes once you have a fan base," Mr. Price said.

"We're always chaperoned, but it's not like we're going to break any rules by going to the bar and order drinks," Ms. Yzkanin said. "That's not what we are there for."

For anyone who may want to audition for the open bassist spot, caution is the word. Like the music, Dealer refuses to settle for just anyone.

"It's hard to find someone who is committed," Mr. Price said. "In this business, dedication is the toughest thing to find." Wise beyond her years, Ms. Yzkanin is able to put the search in perspective. "It's tough to ask someone to put something else away for a dream," she said. "I just want to be a professional musician. I enjoy it," Mr. Vaughn said. "My biggest thing is to travel and play all around the world. It doesn't have to be some big venue," Mr. Price said.

Each member has maintained aspirations outside of music.
"I want to be a holistic nutritionist — if we're not rock stars," Ms. Yzkanin said. Mr. Vaughn, a senior at King's College, is an economics major. "I can handle the money end," he said. Mr. Price is a freshman at Johnson College and his major is computer information technology. "We are all realistic," Mr. Price said. "We know we need something to fall back on and, even if our music does take off, we need something to do after music."

Contact the writer: sbrown@timesshamrock.comAbout Dealer in Wares

Royce Vaughn, guitarist
Age: 21
Family: Parents Roy and Noelle Vaughn
Favorite guitarists: Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Johnny Winter
Favorite food: Turkey sandwich
Quote: "I started playing guitar at age 14. I signed up for a guitar class at school and needed some help learning the material (which included) embarrassing songs to play like "Jingle Bells." So I started taking lessons with Matt Benick. He showed me how to play the material for class, but then told me to get a Johnny Winter album titled 'Nothin' But the Blues.' From the moment I first heard Johnny play, the deal was sealed."

Chris Price, drummer
Age: 18
Family: Parents, Michael and Veronica Price; brother, Jason; sister, Danielle
Favorite Bands: Lamb of God, Led Zeppelin, Human Abstract
Favorite food: pizza and hot wing hoagies
Quote: "I was always into playing drums from a very young age. I got my first drum set when I was 5 or 6 for Christmas. My parents got tired of me drumming on all the furniture and walls in the house. It wasn't long after that it got beat up and it was time to move on to a better set."

Sarah Yzkanin, lead singer/ harmonica player
Age: 18
Family: Parents, Joseph and Lorna Yzkanin; siblings, Rachel and James Yzkanin
Favorite band: Free
Favorite vocalist: Paul Rodgers
Favorite song: "Don't Say You Love Me" by Free
Favorite food: Pasta
Quote: "I've been listening to classic rock as long as I can remember. My dad would quiz me on band names when songs would come on the radio from the time I was in preschool. I always wanted to be a singer and have been singing publicly since the age of 5. My biggest influence is Paul Rodgers of the bands Free and Bad Company."

- The Scranton Times

"Various quotes about Dealer in Wares from DJ's and Music Journalists:"

"I like to be careful with hype but no hype here. I've never heard anyone so soulful as you two, the incongruity being your ages. Your sound is beyond your years. Beyond and a little bit so I can only imagine what it will become! Enjoyed your performance immensely tonight."- John Webster, DJ and radio personality from Rock 107's Daniels & Webster radio show

“Yzkanin's moody, sensual delivery sounds with a wisdom well beyond her years...” - Alicia Grega Pikul, Staff Writer, Electric City Weekly

"With the powerful lyrics and often-haunting voice of lead singer Sarah Yzkanin, Dealer in Wares could be described as Janis Joplin singing a Fleetwood Mac-influenced song with Jimmy Page on guitar“ -Randy Shemanski, Editor, Electric City Weekly

"The surprise of the day - no the shock of the day, was the opening band, Dealer in Wares. These people had such a tight sound, such a full sound, and such a laid back vibe on stage. I expect great things from them very, very soon." Plain Sam" radio personality and DJ - 99.5 FM

""Beautiful. That was by Dealer in Wares. They are the featured band tonight. They have been the last couple of weeks. They’re a breath of fresh air. They’re just obviously awesome performers...”- Paul Martin, DJ and solo artist, KCTV King's College Radio

"Did Dealer In Wares have to sell their souls on the Olyphant By-Pass to play so well at such a young age? It just wouldn’t be the blues if we knew for sure"- Rob Cee, Staff Writer for Electric City Renaissance

"The prolific band boasts haunting melodies, grinding guitars, restless energy and libertine longing impossible to ignore. Early acclaim has only made it more determined to earn the success authorities assure is certain." - Alicia Grega Pikul, Staff Writer, Electric City Weekly

"'The kids are alright' is an understatement when it comes to Dealer in Wares, a Blues/Rock trio out of Olyphant Pennsylvania. I was fortunate and very pleased to make their performance at Borders in Stroudsburg PA the evening of March 1st..." - Michael Meade: CEO, Editor-in-chief, journalist, photographer, Tastes Like Rock! Music Magazine

"You guys played soulfully from the heart. Thats a rare gift.” - Long Island Street Survivors, after opening for them and Artimus Pyle, famed Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer

"That last band was Dealer in Wares. Wow! They have alot of rave reviews - Daniels & Webster, Electric City Weekly, King’s College Radio - and I’ll tell you what, they’re worth every one of them because they’re a really good band." Joe Craig, musician and host of NEPA Rebellion radio show

"Finally a female vocalist! Awesome and on pitch...Rock that harmonica!" -Manic Marc, DJ and Radio Personality from 98.5 FM KRZ after judging the Keystone College Battle of the Bands

"I love the bluesy feel ... Solid, soulful performance. Can't find a thing wrong or off..." - Judge from Keystone College Battle of the Bands

"Hey Janis, nice job...shocking soul, sweet harmonica, nice blend of sounds. I'm impressed. Sarah has a good stage presence." -Judge from Keystone College Battle of the Bands

- Electric City Weekly, The Weekender, Tastes Like Rock Music Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.




Dealer in Wares is an award winning original blues-rock band which was co-founded by vocalist and harpist, Sarah Yzkanin, in February of 2007. Music critics agree they combine grinding guitars, smooth backbeats, haunting lyrics, and soulful vocals to produce a sound reminiscent of their classic rock influences without replicating them. They have managed to win the hearts of blues/rock fans throughout the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre/Mount Pocono area in the short time they have been together. Read on for a summary of their accomplishments:

In September of 2007, their original tune, “Willow Song” placed number 14 in American Idol Underground’s top 50 rock songs. They made the same rock charts again when "Pretense", another original, placed number 43 the next month and number 48 in January of 2008.

In November of 2007, Dealer took second place in the Kiwanis Club Annual Talent Show and was awarded $500 for performing a third original tune, "This Dream." The band was awarded First Runner Up in the 2007 First Night Scranton Battle of the Bands.

A few days later, they opened for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame drummer of the legendary Lynyrd Skynyrd, Artimus Pyle & The Long Island Street Survivors at the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg. In April of 2008 they were awarded First Place in the Keystone College Commuter Council's Battle of the Bands. They were also voted NEPa Rebellion Internet Radio's No. 1 artist for the week of April 7, 2008.

In July of 2008, Dealer in Wares won the Electric City/Diamond City Weekly "Get Your Vote On" contest which allowed readers to vote for the band that would represent the 570 area at the Dewey Beach Music Conference in Delaware. They performed at the conference as a result of that contest, in September of 2008.

In December of 2008 the band was awarded Best Original Band of 2008 as part of the Electric City Weekly's Readers' Poll.

In January of 2009 Dealer in Wares new original tune "When the Night Comes" was produced and recorded by Carl Canedy and placed in the semi-final rounds of Mike Pinder's (of the Moody Blues) Song Wars Contest.

Dealer in Wares plays at least four shows a month and has performed at a multitude of venues ranging from church picnics and coffee shops, to bars, theaters, shopping centers and blues fests. They have appeared on local television, and received radio play from 102.3 FM - The Mountain, KCTV - King's College Radio, University of Scranton's Radio, and IBIMW internet radio. Experts in the industry agree that the band is a force to be reckoned with and they are determined to take this project as far as it can go.