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Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Fazer Magazine 2009 Year End Review - DEAN LICKYER # 2 Best Show of the Year"

2. Dean Lickyer - Sound Academy - October 21st
Originally I went to this show for Flogging Molly but ended up with every bone in my body shattered by the performance Dean Lickyer put on. They have all the allure of a 70’s stadium rock band and they have such a huge opportunity to become absolutely massive.

Guitar solos, screeching vocals and a penchant for just being so ridiculously good that you have a hard time believing you’re actually seeing what is happening in front of you. Their music is heavily influenced by classic rock but has enough current influence that it doesn’t sound stagnant. Once they define the bands personality a little more finely, there is absolutely no doubt that this band is going to be in your face as one of the next big things. - Aaron Binder - Fazer Magazine

"Flogging Molly Concert Review - DEAN LICKYER supporting..."

First up - Dean Lickyer
Not to detract from Flogging Molly or second opener Inward Eye, but make sure you check this band out NOW. If you don't do it now you're going to be paying 100 bucks for nosebleeds at a stadium in two years. They put on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, making this whole concert line-up absolutely impeccable. - Aaron Binder - Fazer Magazine

"Inaugural Street Idol Winner Announced - DEAN LICKYER and "Get Your Own"."

Congratulations to Hamilton, ON based rockers Dean Lickyer on capturing first prize of the first ever Street Idol song competition held at Canadian Music Week 2010 and hosted by RDR Music Group and DMDS.

Dean Lickyer submitted "Get Your Own", which was judged by a panel of top indie radio trackers against over 100 other songs across all genres. "Get Your Own" advanced through 3 rounds of judging, narrowly edging out Dale Penner's "The Word" in an extremely close vote to win the $3000+ package of prizes including nationwide radio distribution via DMDS, a complimentary radio tracking package, a delegate pass to CMW 2011, a banner ad on, and more. When reached by SMS en route to Charlottetown where they begin the first busy month of shows as part of an Eastern Canada tour, the prompt reply was "Wicked. This will really help us out."

You can connect with the band via Facebook, MySpace and Twitter at, or email Thanks to everyone involved for making Street Idol a resounding success. - DMDS Newsletter - Issue 5, Monday May 10, 2010


30 Minute Live Show on MUCH MUSIC... Original Airdate - December 23, 2008

Click on link to watch episode clip. - Much Music - March 2009 - Season One - Episode 110

"Exclusive Interview - DEAN LICKYER"

Has your sound changed?

Eric-Our sound has changed a lot since we first started out. We originally were a five piece band, but our drummer went to school while the rest of us perused music full time. Eric changed over from guitar to drums which resulted in quite a change in our sound. There is defiantly more of a groove and 70s rock feeling in our music.

Josh- Our sound has really bloomed because this is the first time in I think all our musical careers we have had 4 dedicated, permanent and talented members. So we really got to ferment and develop a sound in which all of us have a hand in writing.

What makes Dean Lickyer different than other bands?

Eric-We are just four guys playing classic rock music that we love. I think it really comes through when people see us live or hear our CD.

Josh- Well what makes us different firstly is the music that we play its authentic rock n' roll and you don't see that from people our age. What makes us different individually though is that in our band no one is the forefront, musically. As the most obvious example I encourage everyone to pay close attention to our bassist and you will see the difference between his sound and many modern bassists.

Click below to see full interview... - Wildside Edge Magazine, Sudbury, Ontario - February 2009

"DEAN LICKYER - CMW '09 Special"

In a world of metalcore, mathcore, screamo-core and whatever-the-fuck-else-core, sometimes you just want to go back to a simpler rock 'n' roll time and place.

For Dean Lickyer, that place is apparently a Hamilton, Ont. basement rec room, because they look and sound like a band that could have been banging it out in 1976. Think Aerosmith, the Rolling Stones and (not a diss) the tougher parts of Foreigner.

CHARTattack email-blasted the band with some questions in advance of their appearance at Canadian Music Week. (Read Interview on link).


"NxNE 2009 Interview - DEAN LICKYER"

They emitted greatness on the NXNE stage this year and with the support they’ve been given and the dedication they have to music, the boys from Dean Lickyer are ready to howl their own immigrant song. - BLARE Magazine, by Aaron O'Connell - June 2009

"RiO! Band of the Week - DEAN LICKYER"

Once again, another band from Canada has claimed the title of RiO! Band of the Week and this time it’s Dean Lickyer from Ontario.

This band brings the sounds of classic rock to the modern age. Imagine if Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones had a kid illegally in Canada. It’s a big rock sound and it’s a band you should definitely be listening to. So head on over to their Myspace page to check out their music and to show some love to our new band of the week.
- Rock It Out Blog - September 4 2009

"Simmons hands retro-rockers DEAN LICKYER $10 k"

Hamilton Classic Rock band Dean Lickyer received a big kiss from Gene Simmons in the form of a cheque made out in the sum of $10,000 this past Sunday night

Simmons had pledged to award one act playing the CMW Festival the cash prize as part of his overall campaign to publicize Simmons Records and his much touted campaign to bring attention to Canadian artists and the domestic music scene.

“In all my years …lol… I would have never thought that half way through a set Gene Simmons would walk into the building with Much Music and at the end of our show give us $10,000,” waxed singer Josh Alvernia.

“We are honoured, star struck and speechless so the only thing we can say is thank you, thank you and thank you. It is funny because on our first tour we went through a huge KISS: Alive phase. The band is currently in Austin, Tx and is booked on an extensive Canadian tour through May.

Visit Dean Lickyer’s MySpace page by clicking here. Tracks posted are produced by Nick Blagona.

- David Farrell, - March 2009

"DEAN LICKYER - Young Guns"

From science class to stardom, Dean Lickyer is the old rock scene's next big thing.
- Ashley Coles, The Brock Press - March 2009

"DEAN LICKYER Give Classic Rock a Fresh Start (Edgefest Interview) - June 2009"

Very rarely do I come across a band that commands a level of musicianship the way Dean Lickyer do. The young band (seriously, they’re 19) infuses classic 1960s/1970s rock’n’roll with a fresh energy and perseverance normally reserved for the pros. They dominate the stage, they command attention and they do it all with a Southern Ontario honesty and charm. - Sheena Lyonais,

"Live Preview - Webzine (May 2007)"


Howdy gang...... I hope all of you enjoyed your Victoria Day Long Weekend.

A few years ago, Marley, one of my dearest bartenders, suggested that I book a few younger bands for the summer. The Summer of 2005 gave me opportunities to offer Sundays nights to younger Hamilton outfits. There were 2 bands that she spoke highly of: Red Confidential, and HIGH VOLTAGE. Both of these bands were merely tickling the age of 16.

I have always been a fan of guitar driven Rock N Roll. Red Confidential reminded me of Johnny Winter's "Still Alive and Well" record married to Ted Nugent's "Free For All" disc. HIGH VOLTAGE was a different monster all together.

I remember this particular Sunday Evening very well. Marley spoke about HV as if they were going to be the next big thing. Considering that she has great musical tastes, I took her suggestions very seriously. So, I waited by the soundboard, and watched 5 young rockers unload their instruments on the stage. You could tell that these guys were in a band. They looked like a Rock N Roll band. Black jeans, black T-shirts, and perfect hair. This 5 piece looked like they could have been on the cover of a Montrose record or a UFO release. Totally slick!

Their mannerisms were in check, and they did not appear to be a typical teenage band. There was something very different about these young dudes. I have booked and watched many young bands who stuck closely to the "indie" scene vibe and fashion. Its hard to explain, but I am sure that all of you know what I mean. High Voltage did not look anything like an indie band. In fact, they looked like a band that played the Fillmore a few times in the 70's.

So, High Voltage takes the stage. Its honestly close to 90 degrees outside. There are close to 150 young rockers in the room, and you can feel the adrenalin from the crowd. It reminded me of one of my first concerts. All of your friends are there, the slight stench of pot from some possible outside smoking mixes itself with the smell of Rock N Roll.

I asked my doorman to watch the entrance, as I joined the teen rockers at the front. I was in awe. I knew within the first 30 seconds of the set, that these guys were going to be my newest favourite band.

All these memories of my rock n roll records came back!!! It was beyond expectations. The lead singer, Josh, performed like he was headlining at Copps. Complete confidence spewed from his tall slim body, and his voice reminded me of Axl's pitches from Appetite For Destruction.

The dual guitar slinging was courtesy of Sean Royle, and Eric Martin. At moments, I was reminded of the Iron Maiden dazzles, and at other times, these young rippers threw out gut wrenching, street noise guitar work. Their set lasted about 30 minutes, and from what I can remember, all the songs were original.

BUT.....when I found out that 3 of the guys in the band had just turned 16, and 2 were still 15 years old, it was a testament that Rock N Roll will carry on. They are the torch carriers!!!!

Their set ended, and I waited for the right moment to say hello. I introduced myself, and told them how much I loved their band. I must have appeared like a 40 year old man impersonating a 12 year old giggly girl. Regardless.......I was awestruck!

I recalled the mature lyrical content in their songs, plus the sophisticated hard rock sounds in their style. Here was a band that did their homework. A perfect example of Rock N Roll students who stole their parents' records to learn their chops.

Since the summer of 2005, I have booked High Voltage over a dozen times, and all of us have become close friends as well. I am fortunate to know their families. Kudos to them for the enormous support that High Voltage receives from their kin.

In the past 2 years plus, High Voltage has participated in various "Battle of the Bands" and walked out of these venues, VICTORIOUS!!!! Most recently, they won the Spring Music Festival battle. Who else????????

I must tell all of you who are reading this, you will get a chance to see this fine piece of Rock N Roll, on Friday May 25th at Club Absinthe. They will be supporting former Dogs D'Amour front man, Tyla.

So, as I reflect back to this Summer of 2005 show, I recall Marley smiling and saying to me......."Didn't I tell you? Uh? Uh? Uh?

You sure did, Ms Crawford! I am indebted to you.

She introduced me to my newest favourite band!

HIGH VOLTAGE, ROCK AND ROLL!!!! - Lou Molinaro - Hamilton Promoter and CIOI DJ

"Classic Rock Mag - Sons of Gun III Compilation"

At the tender age of 14, four scruffy young Canadians picked up instruments and formed High Voltage, perhaps the youngest cock-rock band on record... And now, just a few years later, they have a new name (DEAN LICKYER), a demo full of accomplished arena-rawk songs, and enough momentum to push them right over the top. And they're not even old enough to drink yet! (pg 8).

NEVER LET YOU GO - Track 9 on Classic Rock's "Sons of Gun III" Compilation - CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE - June 2008


Summer 2010 - "Get Your Own" single and video.
New recording produced and engineered by Brian Moncarz
at Metalworks and Rattlebox Studios. Set for release in 2011

Fall 2009 - Acoustic demos
1. Caroline
2. Sara
recorded and engineered by Jesse Colburn

Fall 2008 - DEAN LICKYER demo
limited edition 7 song EP pressing with hand printed retro card sleeve packaging

1. Hog
2. Never Let You Go
3. Good To Be Home
4. Summer Man
5. Get Your Own
6. Cold Times
7. Witchin' Hour Moon
Tracks 1 - 3 produced by Nick Blagona and recorded at Metalworks and Pyschotropic Studios
Track 4 - 7 produced by Dean Lickyer and recorded at Mastermind Studios
All tracks mastered by Nick Blagona

High Voltage EP (2006)
Selected for 2007 Hamilton Music Award
"Best Loud / Metal Recording of the Year"
1. She Ain't Easy
2. Mama Gold
3. Good To Be Home
4. Rumour Mill
5. Shake Hands With The Devil



Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, DEAN LICKYER has captured a euphoric high in modern rock and roll music, giving audiences across Canada an opportunity to take a fresh look at the classic rock and roll style.

In early 2008, a self-titled demo was created containing 7 original songs showcasing acrobatic vocals, fierce guitar solos and vibrant bass lines with a youthful charm and vintage feel. Tracks like “Summer Man” and “Witching Hour Moon” feature DEAN LICKYER's brilliant blend of bluesy rock riffs coupled with raw and soulful melodies that make you believe rock and roll is still alive in the hearts of a younger generation.

Colourful, captivating and fresh at the age of 19, DEAN LICKYER enamoured Canadian television audiences when they debuted themselves nationally on Much Music’s DisBand program. This breakthrough performance would be the catalyst for a very successful 2009. The band’s mighty stage show, coupled with their musical virtuosity, caught the attention of Gene Simmons of KISS, who subsequently deemed them “the Best Band at Canadian Music Week”.

The honour not only gained them bragging rights, but it also earned them $10,000 courtesy of Gene's revitalized SIMMONS RECORDS and an invitation to be the direct support for KISS at Sarnia Bayfest, where they performed to a sold out crowd of 24,000. With the buzz brought on by all the press, the band shared stages with Kim Mitchell, April Wine, Mariana’s Trench, Matt Mays and El Torpedo and Arkells. During the autumn season, the band landed a coveted spot as the opening act for Flogging Molly’s first Canadian tour.

After touring Canada thrice in twelve months, and a tour down to Austin, Texas for SXSW, the band took a breath in early 2010 and collected themselves. With the acquisition of drummer and longtime friend Zander Lamothe, DEAN LICKYER recorded a single, “Get Your Own”, with producer Brian Moncarz, and filmed a
music video for the song with the award-winning studio Insider Films.

With a defined sound and a wealth of new material, DEAN LICKYER is eager to finally record their debut album.