Dean Milano

Dean Milano


Country/folk/rock - songs about my own experiences and a few experiences I wish I'd had.


Dean Milano Bass guitar/lead and harmony vocals

Studied music at Southern Illinois University 1970-74

Studied bass with Rufus Reed 1974- 75

• Rock, country, big band, pop, jazz, folk, Cajun, and bluegrass round out my background in music. I’ve performed at corporate events, festivals, including Taste of Chicago and Milwaukee Summerfest, dinner theatres, concerts, and hundreds of nightclubs and hotels all over the country.

• In the late 1970s, I was a founding member of the 14 piece big band, Airflow Deluxe and I also performed on tour with the New Seekers (Georgy Girl, I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing) for four years.

• I studied at the Players Workshop of Second City during 1986-87 and wrote and arranged the opening musical number of the Graduation Show which was performed by the entire cast. I also performed in the Second City Children’s Show in 1987.

• I did time with the US 99 radio crowd and played in Big John Howell’s Born to Boogie band for several years during the 1990s.

• Since 2001, I’ve been a regular Summer performer on the stages of Chicago’s Navy Pier and summer of 2007, I'll be performing on the Blues Cruise events aboard the Star of Chicago.

• As Music Director, I worked at the Dry Gulch dinner theatre directing a cast of 13 men and women for seven years and also arranged the music for the original show at Tommy Guns dinner theatre in Chicago
• Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to have opened the show for such greats as Paul Butterfield, Jan & Dean, Cab Calloway, the Spencer Davis Group, Bo Diddley and many more, but probably one of my most memorable moments was singing the National Anthem at Yankee Stadium in front of 40,00 crazed baseball fans.

Dean Milano
362 Highland Ave.
Elmhurst, IL. 60126

630-832-9024 home
630-732-9024 cell

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Influences would be Dylan, The Band, The Beatles, Merle Haggard, The Doors, Judy Collins, '60s Rock n Roll radio....


Flashes of Brilliance

Written By: Dean Milano

(Note: some lyrics may differ from the recorded version)
Flashes of Brilliance, a painting, a rhyme
Might only happen once in a Lifetime
But if that flash is the best thing that they'll ever do
It sets them apart from me and you
Verse 1:
We all know the song
About the day the music died
Somethin’ made it special
But no one knows quite why
Singin’ Bye, Bye Miss American Pie
Everybody sang along
And they’re still singin' it today.
Verse 2:
1961, a new book lands on the charts
his words might set the world on fire
but then he’s gone before it starts
So when things don't go the way you want 'em to
You shake your head and call it a Catch-22
And if you wonder why you just said that
Look to the sky and tip your hat
To those Flashes of Brilliance

Verse 3:
The critics snarl and the critics sneer
"Looks like another One-Hit-Wonder here!"
And while that critic moves on to the Next Big Thing
Without even thinking about it, he begins to sing
A long forgotten song from many years ago
When he was a kid, he used to hear it on the radio
But he could never write that song, no matter how hard he tried,
Cuz to write the song, ya gotta feel somethin’ inside
Like those Flashes of Brilliance

Chorus, then tag with:
Flashes of Brilliance
Like a diamond on a black velvet sleeve
Like lightning on a warm September Eve
Those flashes of brilliance......

Take the Blue Highway

Written By: Dean Milano

Take the Blue Highway written by Dean Milano- copyright 2005

(Note: some lyrics may differ from the recorded version)

Verse 1:
I was complainin’ to a friend of mine
Just the other night.
Seems my cross-country dream vacation
Hadn’t turned out right.
I told him how I’d loaded up my brand new Chevrolet And proceeded down route 80, just to see the USA.

But everything seemed different
From my childhood memory.
That road stretched on forever
With nothin’ much to see.
And every time I got off
At another exit ramp
There was a Texaco, McDonalds
And a KOA camp.

Well, my friend he took one look
upon the map that I had read
Do ya wanna know the secret?
And this is what he said:


Take the Blue Highway
You might just be surprised
Take the Blue Highway
Where the magic never died
Go find Route 66,
The Dixie and the Lincoln
Well, the old road still exists
And it’s more like what you’re thinkin’

Verse 2:
Well, if it’s just the same old places
I can see that anywhere
What’s this magic that you’re talkin’ ‘bout?
And he began to glare
If ya look a little closer
You’ll discover what I mean.
You’ll find the roadside and the folks who keep it like it used to be.
These are people who are hangin’ on
With every breath they’ve got
Tryin' to save this country's history before it goes to rot.
There’s a new disease that’s creeping out
Across the USA
and when the towns all look the same,
well that’s an awful price to pay.



So I loaded up the Chevy
with my friends philosophy
and with every new adventure
it was getting inside me

I took the Blue Highway
And I was damn surprised
I took the Blue Highway
The magic hadn’t died
I found Route 66,
The Dixie and the Lincoln
Well, the old road still exists
Yes, the old road still exists
And it suits my way of thinkin’

Time Machine

Written By: Dean Milano

Copyright 2005

Verse 1:
Lookin’ out your window
CM7 Em9
A midnight snowstorm fills the air

Swirlin’ round the streetlights
CM7 Em9
and a ghostly wind is calling from somewhere

Am Bm
Could anything be more beautiful?
Could anything be more alive?
Am Bm
Maybe it was just a dream
But it’s worth it when you arrive
On your Time Machine

Verse 2:
Summer days and its time for play
On creaking swings that reach up to the sky
Flying through the air between the sheets
That mother hangs like pure white clouds to dry
Am Bm
Could anything be more beautiful?
The way the world’s supposed to be
Like pictures in a storybook
Of the moon, the clouds, the stormy sea,
And your time machine

It all seemed so perfect then
Bm C
But does your memory play tricks on you?
When you close your eyes and take the trip
Bm C
Does it matter if it isn’t true?
It isn’t true.

Verse 3:
Suddenly there’s a scent in the air
Is it chocolate milk or could it be perfume?
It takes you back to a different time,
It takes you home and a brightness fills the room

Am Bm
Could anything be more beautiful
But like smoke, it’s all unraveling
When the memories get hazy now
is it possible, you’re traveling

On your Time Machine?
Your Time Machine
On your Time Machine


Songs About Stuff- Kira Records #2906
Released December, 2006

Vestiges: More Songs About More Stuff- Kira 3210
Released January 2008

Set List

Country, Bluegrass Rock Folk, ballads, etc.

You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere Blue Suede Shoes Dream (All I have to do)
Cajun Joe If You Wanna Be Happy Girl fr/the North Country
Worried Man Blues Devil in Disguise Mariah
Blowin’ Down That Old Dusty Road Down in the Boondocks I Shall Be Released
Long Black Veil Easier Said Than Done Bonnie Boy is Young
Banks of the Ohio Boom Boom Ramblin Boy
I Couldn’t Leave You If I Tried Junction Blues (Petticoat Jct.) Me and My Uncle
Lonesome Fugitive Soul Kitchen Pastures of Plenty
Take Your Memory With You She’s a Woman Cryin’ in the Rain
Can’t You Hear Me Callin’ Brown Eyed Girl Let It Be Me
Rocky Top Mustang Sally Stand By Me
Fox on the Run Wooly Bully I Get a Kick Out of You
Salty Dog The Weight Minnie the Moocher
Louisiana Man Honey Don’t Coal Tatoo
Wild Side of Life Roll Over Beethoven Pretty Polly
Workin’ Man Blues Lucille (Little Richard) Spanish is/Loving Tongue