Deanna Latson - "Eat Right, Feel Good, Look Great!"
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Deanna Latson - "Eat Right, Feel Good, Look Great!"

San Diego, California, United States

San Diego, California, United States
Band Comedy


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The best kept secret in music


"Deanna has a way with her audiences. She is the best health and wellness speaker I have ever heard. Our Greek community thought a lecture on health would be boring but Deanna proved them wrong. They want her back!" - Tamara Kunow, Student Activities Advisor and Coordinator of Greek Affairs, Waldorf College

"We are still talking about your presentation weeks after we heard it." - Tracie Massey, Coordinator of Greek Affairs, UNC Wilmington

"Deanna was wonderful; the students absolutely loved her. They even walked to the student center in a snow storm and told me it was definitely worth the walk." - MJ Kochen, Residence Hall Director/Greek Advisor, Morningside College

"Deanna was fantastic. She spent so much extra time working with small groups after her large presentation. The athletes loved her." - Kim Rockey, Women's Basketball Coach, Manchester College

"Deanna even visited our campus cafeteria before her talk so she could help students with their food choices on campus." - Robert Shaw, Programming Board, Arizona State University

"You'll be blown away at how funny, entertaining and life changing Deanna is." - Stephen Sporer, Student Activities Advisor, University of Texas, San Antonio

"Deanna's presentation is upbeat, informative and thought-provoking. Every college student should hear what she has to say." - Marianne Russo, RN University Health Services, University of Southern Maine

"Deanna's lecture was educational information and just plain fun. The audience was mesmerized by the information she gave so much so that we ran out of handouts and had to print more." - Mary Tosch, Program Director, Angelo State University

"Deanna has a way with students. They listen, take notes and stay for a long time after the presentation to speak with her. We have made her program a part of our orientation week. Anyone who brings this program to their school will be thrilled." - UCLA, Programming Board


Still working on that hot first release.



Nobody has more impact upon audiences in speaking about health and nutrition than Deanna Latson. Currently studying for her Naturopathic Doctor degree, Deanna is a Clinically Certified Nutritionist, a member of the Wellness Council of America, and has a Masters from San Francisco State University where she instructed for five years. Her inspiring story is featured in several books including Perfect Body, Major in Success, and Gearing Up.

Aiming to dispel unhealthy “fad diet” myths (95% of all diets fail), Deanna's program is as a hard-hitting, nutritionally sound, research based discussion about food and how it affects your body.

In her presentation “EAT RIGHT. FEEL GOOD. LOOK GREAT!” Deanna transforms audiences with amazing health information. Having suffered with bulimia, excess weight and chronic illness, Deanna dramatically restored herself to great health within one college year, and will tell you how you can do the same.

Dedicated to educate, enlighten, and inspire those who are ready to restore themselves to perfect health, Deanna will teach you about foods you can eat to stay fit and energized and uncover the "slow poisons" you eat everyday that create lethargy, sabotage weight loss efforts and interfere with strong mental functioning. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to make life-changing decisions to with optimum health and vitality!

NACA Showcases:
• 2012 Central Lecture Showcase
• 2011 West Lecture Showcase
• 2011 - Northern Plains Lecture Alternate
• 2010 - Central Lecture Showcase
• 2009 - Northern Plains Lecture Showcase
• 2008 – South Lecture Showcase Alternate
• 2007 – Central Lecture Showcase
• 2006 – Northern Plains Lecture Showcase
• 2005 – Mid-America Lecture Showcase
• 2005 – Central Lecture Showcase
• 2005 – Nationals Lecture Showcase

Other Conferences:
• 2009 – SEPC – Southern Pan-Hellenic Conference
• 2008 – APCA Nationals
• 2007 – Phi Kappa
• 2007 – BACCHUS
• 2007 – SEIFC – Southern Interfraternity Conference
• 2007 – APCA Advisor Conference
• 2006 – APCA Nationals
• 2006 – Southern Pan-Hellenic Conference
• 2006 – NCSL Conference
• 2006 – AFA National Conference
• 2005 – Southern Pan-Hellenic Conference

• 2010 San Diego 6 New Year segment
• 2010 Fox 5 Coolest Cooler segment
• 2010 San Diego 6 4th of July segment
• 2010 San Diego 6 Healthy School Lunches segment
• 2009 San Diego 6 Halloween Segment
• 2009 radio show guest
• 2008 – Fox News Healthy Halloween Segment
• 2008- National Radio Spot for Teen Central
• 2007 - Star 94.1 Radio interview
• 2007 – Fox News Healthy tail gating Segment
• 2007 – Fox News Sliming down for summer Segment
• 2007 - Entertainment Tonight Canada
• 2007- Full length DVD – Healthy Shopping and cooking with Deanna
• 2007 – National radio interview with Dr. Bernie Segal
• 2006 – Guthy Renker Commercial Spot with Mary Lou Henner
• 100’s of local news and radio spots for colleges

• 2001 – 2008 - Speaker of the year nominee by college and/or meeting planner associations
• 2000 – San Francisco State best new teacher award
• 1997 – Outstanding Graduate award


• 2007- 2008 - Contributing writer for Alpha Women
• 2007- current Contributing writer for MD magazine
• 2007 – Author of the Health Acceleration Program for Wealth Masters International
• 2007 – Audio program on healthy living for Life Path Unlimited Corporation.
• 2006 – Contributing author for “Gearing up on the Inside and Out for a Great Life”
• 2006- current - Contributing writer for Hillquest News, San Diego

Academic/Government Conferences:

• 2009 Georgia Panhellenic Council
• 2010 Bacchus
• 2008 – American College Health Association Conference
• 2007 – North Dakota State Government Conference
• 2007 – American Healthy School Lunch Program Conference

Other Notable Presentations:
• 2007 – Co-Lecture with Best selling author Dr. Bernie Segal
• 2006 – Co-Lecture with Best selling author Dr. J