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I Need a Savior Every Day

Written By: Deanna Sarkar

I need a Savior every moment of every day
My enemy knows the weak spots and he’s never far away
Only you can save me from the lies that look like truth
When you set me free long enough to shine
Your glory will be proof

My Jesus, my Savior
You come for me, remind me that I’m free
You reveal each lie, hold me when I cry
If I’m to live any life, I need the Truth and the Way
I need a Savior every day

I want to claim each promise, live life abundantly
I don’t want to miss a blessing that you’ve set aside for me
I put on daily armor and I do my best to obey
But Satan’s afraid of what you’ll make out of me
And he waits to destroy and steal it away

Lord Jesus you came for salvation
To forgive and erase my sin
But it’s not just for the end of my life
It’s so my real life can begin