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I have no lyrics ,yet, put to music and am rather disapointed that this membership is for bands AND songwriters but this part of the showcasing is for bands alone and not formatted for the writer.



My biggest influence is my calling. My musical influences are Elton John, George Strait, Waylon Jennings, Pink Floyd and Neil Diamond. I grew up from age 18 as a survivor of life at ANY cost. I had to eat. Even more, compelled to drink. I made compromises till I had no more left to make. I made promises I'd never keep, I burned every bridge I crossed as an "Oh well". Till one day I had enough consequences and zero friendships. Out of self preservation and tough love, my family had no choice but to leave it in God’s hands and pray. I have 3 Children I’ve never seen and numerous ex's.I quite often woke up on the right of Satan himself. I thought I was at my end when really, God had me right at my beginning. And right were He wanted me, on my knees literally and figuratively. Then, one day a Thanksgiving meal for the impoverished , I accepted Jesus Into My Heart. Soon, I began to journal as a way to communicate my emotional stressors and daily experiences. Writing made me change within because I re-read my experiences and the ones I was disgusted with were right in my face and eyes, undeniably. My journal became my therapist, the more honest I got the more it reflected a nicer me. I got hooked on this feeling and wanted more. The more I wrote the more rhythmic it became. It made more sense. It was becoming valuable, so was I.I gained a set of morals also. Lines I now refuse to cross or compromise lest I give in and fall back to the dark. The light became my goal. Climbing THAT staircase was no easy task, as is nothing at embarkment in the world of the light. I was used to getting it up front on credit just to pay the fat lady when she sang. And the bill always reflected the compound interest unmentioned at the onset. The staircase was and still is an adventure. Each step a new song to be spoken from the tongue of my newly formed spirit. Each landing a chapter closed and to be shared with the world. I started to see how these journaled words may even help my fellow man by reading out loud to those who might listen to the crazy and coincidental miracles unfolding all around me daily and sometimes by the minute. I learned how to translate moments of clarity to poetic resonance, a sort of mesomerism if you will. Then I started getting individual inspirations from seemingly nowhere and chronicling them as they occurred. I saw patterns of my spiritual experiences and at the end of each one also was a story to tell of my freshly gained wisdom's. I'm at the point now where I have submitted some of these writings to church newsletters and senior clubs, poetry contests and won. I even received an editors choice award from one particular organization that helped my self esteem not to mention the drive within to do even better the next time. And that's the gist of my journey of how God can surprise, at middle age, with a whole new destination than that of our plans. But there seems not one thing I, a humble human, can do about it even if I wanted to, which I certainly don't. I LOVE what I do and someday I'll even get better at it, who knows. DeanPeter,

Here is an original poem I wrote about my journey up that staircase to the LIGHT. It’s called “Ascending” ( Which will also be available in long version of my journey, escapades, pitfalls and many failures leading to the success of a very long and rigorous struggle up the ladder from dwelling in the dark to the world of abundant LIGHT. My first ever novel also called "Ascending: The Book"

By: Dean Peter (Ciokiewicz)

Meandering ways and days from the dark to abundant

The awful fears and amazing craze,

the phase, an amazing fight.

Top, Tug, Eternal, emotions beacon,

feelings fester, feelings wane.

Yet the questions, how? still remain,

for the immortal gender or spirit's disdain.

GIVE,GET and Glorify all in HIS name,

for the everlasting, not mundane.

Copyright ©2008 Dean Peter Ciokiewicz