Dean Stevenson

Dean Stevenson


Australian artist Dean Stevenson. Melodic Rock songs with organs and brass. Lush guitars and soaring pop melodies. Love and troubles Philosophy. A warm reedy voice telling secrets.


‘The Eclectic troubadour’

Turning heads in the new music scene with old song values, Dean Stevenson is becoming known for incredibly dynamic shows with souring highs, waves of emotive songs and a thoughtful approach to rock, pop and the delicate elements of folk.
Dean’s primary focus is the art of song writing and their delivery.

Originally from Melbourne, growing up over Fleetwood Mac and Mozart fighting it out for the turntable, Dean grabbed the attention of the Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music where Dean earned the 2004 Directors Prize - the first ever to be awarded to a contemporary performer - in his first year for outstanding performance.
His partnership with guitarist Dave Wilson began shortly after arriving in Hobart in 2000 after which they spent 3 years playing covers from Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and other Brit 60’s writers. To augment the wide, lush sounds with a new depth, Shayne Rodgers (drums) and Bob Tolputt (bass) were recruited to fill out the band. This line-up created such a lush sound Dean took them to the studio, with songs in hand, and created a unique sound with souring melodies and grooves.
Says Dean, "This new collection of songs is due to having a great collective team about me. It’s these people who support the music that make it happen and inspire the songs.”

Dean began the album ‘In Time’ in 2005 upon the concept of how much time he had to write it and record it. The sessions were every Tuesday night for months until the mixing could begin.

Dean has averaged over 160 shows around Australia per year for 6 years. Having opened Tasmania’s 10 days on the Island festival in 2002, Dean has also supported Stephen Cummings, Alex LLoyd, Clair Bowditch, Marcia Hines, Jeff Martin, Serena Ryder, Lior and Mick Thomas. Dean is poised to take his new album show around Australia and investigate the world of interest that beckons from afar.
“My stories are everyone’s shared experience and I’d love them to hear them”

The album ‘In Time' is available from through Green/MGM and online at

A new release recorded in Sweden this year is due out summer 2008.


Like a Drum - Indie release 2000.
Dean EP - Indie release 2003
In Time - Indie release 2006, distributed by MGM Australia.
For Streaming of several tracks go to

Set List

A typical set list at this time would closely follow the track listing of the album In Time.
The avarage set is 55 minutes. This can of course be completely flexible.

Now you know
The Getting
Rescue me
This one
Wayward song
10 days
You came
Cool Blue
Home (Taxi)
Happiness is a warm gun (Beatles cover)
No Quarter (Zed Zeppelin cover)