Dean Taylor

Dean Taylor


Tom Petty meets the Wallflowers with a dash of Steve Earl and John Prine. Dare we say "Folk Rock"? Or is "Roots Rock" better? Either way it's acoustic-based rock with catchy melodies and thoughtful, poignant lyrics.


Dean began his professional career as touring musician playing bass guitar in a variety of duos, trios and bands throughout the Southeast performing various styles of cover music. After ten years he went on to other endeavors as a producer, DJ and finally an actor. Finally, unable to resist his musical yearnings any longer, he's back playing, only this time he's playing his own songs. Although he's been writing songs for years, he recently decided to capitalize on his creative output and record 11 songs for his debut CD release "so far". Some of the musical influences you might hear in his music include Tom Petty, The Beatles, Wallflowers, John Prine, Steve Earl, Squeeze, The Rembrandts, Bruce Springsteen, and John Mellancamp. You'll probably hear many influences because Dean is an admirer of many genres of music from Classical to World Music to Hard Rock to Traditional Country. You'll find yourself humming the catchy melodies in his songs and thinking about the lyrical subtleties of his sometimes weighty subjects and the complex characters in his songs.


Too Much To Deny

Written By: Dean Taylor

Me and Deb were in our prime
Everything looked good
I never stopped to think about what
I never understood
A moment’s hesitation is a lifetime long regret
The strength of her compassion could not match my cruelty

The first time that I made her cry was
The first time that I lied
The pain of that broken trust was
Too Much To Deny
Too Much To Deny

Like the girls I knew before
She never had a chance
It wasn’t long before I broke
Her spirit with my crazy dance
I thought I’d buried deep inside what I tried to forget
But what comes stealing back from there is so much more than that

Every time that feeling comes
Across my Bridge of Sighs
What haunts me like a ghost I fear is
Too Much To Deny
Too Much To Deny

Every man who does his time
Knows wrong from right
It’s not what you know but what you do
That’s a compass to the light
I don’t know when I knew but something’s not the same
There’s something wrong, I can’t go on till I face my fears again cause….

Everything I’ve tried denying comes
Rushing back in spades
It’s then that voice of conscience says it’s
Too Much To Deny

The rock that shields me from that mighty
Rush of pain gone by is
The One that brings my soul to bear… he’s
Too Much To Deny, she’s
Too Much To Deny

Truth In Love

Written By: Dean Taylor

There comes a time when you know there’s another
I could tell by the way she avoided my eyes
Truth denied is a cunning foe
He slips away where you dare not go
If you do it’s a cold and lonely way

I had to ask her to finish her move
The answer told, completed the game
Truth confirmed is a cunning foe
Before you know it you’ll be on the floor
Then you look around but you see there’s no one there

Truth in Love, oh, Truth in Love
All I want is some Truth in Love
Is Truth in Love a lie?

The truest love is one that needs no reply
Our give and take is not even close
Love disguised is a cunning foe
She’ll squeeze you till it hurts then she’ll let you go
But that empty relief says it’s all worth the pain

Truth in Love, oh, Truth in Love
All I want is some Truth in Love
Is Truth in Love a lie?

Crazy Love

Written By: Dean Taylor

We’re always doing it like rabbits
After we fight like cats and dogs
There’s hardly one without the other
Can’t you see there’s something wrong?

You’ve got me going round in circles
Sometimes I feel I’m in a race
But I don’t know which way I’m going
And you keep telling me to pick up the pace

I’ve had enough of this Crazy Love
Where hurting each other is a game
Don’t want no more of this Crazy Love
Why can’t I just break this spell of Crazy Love?

Every time I think of leaving
I keep coming back for more
Always wishing I was miles away
Instead I’m doing time with you

Can’t I get out of this crazy love?
I know it’s never gonna change
I’ve had enough of this crazy love
Why can’t I just break this spell of crazy love?

Just let me out of this Crazy Love
You must find comfort in the pain
I’ve had enough of this Crazy Love
Where broken promises are made

Don’t want no more of this Crazy Love
I know it’s never gonna change
Don’t want no more of this Crazy Love
Hurting each other is a game


Self released CD entitled "so far" with all tracks available for download and with streaming samples at

Set List

1. Sorry Ain't Enough (original)
2. Too Much to Deny (original)
3. Truth In Love (original)
4. I'll Be there (original)
5. Willin' (cover) Little Feat
6. Crazy Love (original)
7. Sorrow (cover) David Bowie
8. Freedom Ain't Free (original)
9. Living Love (original)
10. Who'll Stop The Rain (cover) CCR
11. Up On Cripple Creek (cover) The Band
12. Pretty Good (cover) John Prine
13. Change For Good (original)