Dean Williams Band

Dean Williams Band

 Tahlequah, Oklahoma, USA

Ever want to hear sounds of John Legend, Chris Brown and John Mayer on the same CD and from the same band? Here's your chance!!


Their performance is electryfying, comical and humbling. The artist invites you into their lives and asks you to share in their journey. From their pain, to their excitement, to their optimistic views in this thing we call life. How did these eclectic souls collide? Prepare to engage in one of the best upcoming acts. Kendall Dean and Kyle Williams joined forces in 2008 to form the group Dean Williams Band.The duo has been catching ears all over the midwest area with their eclectic style and has even been leaking into the Chicago and California area. With their undeniable catchy but heart felt lyrics there was nothing left to do but add music to it.The upbeat lyrics transcend generation lines and leave listeners feeling positive and optimistic. Recently, their live solo performances have included only an acoustic guitar. This stripped-down intimate show allows audiences to see the true emotion in dWb’s music. Dean Williams Band also performs with a live band including a full horn line. They have shared the stage with such acts as Jeremih, Hinder, Stars Go Dim, Carrie Underwood and have been featured playing at the Legendary Cains Ballroom, Diamond Ballroom and Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame. They can guarantee that you’ll leave the show with a new love for music. Their full talent is waiting to be unlocked.


E.P Currently available on CD baby

Set List

1. My Bidness
2. Mindgames
3. For a Reason
4. The Hook(Blues Traveler)
5. Who are you?
6. Style
7. Lets Stay Together(Al green)
8. Storm for a Soul
9. I believe in love
10. Hey
11. Show me the way
12. Bet on it
13. I'll never go
14. Take home to mama
15. Easy but true
16. Tahlequah Stars
17. Only Mine