Dear and Glorious Physician

Dear and Glorious Physician


"like the hardest parts of the Pixies, but better." -Orlando Sentinel


To see Dear and Glorious Physician is to encounter a violent young art form. Somewhere between the art-rock sounds of New York in the late 70’s and the noisy, stripped-down sounds of D.C. in the 90’s, Dear and Glorious Physician have built a home for themselves, and started in to work.
The band consists of three blonde siblings (the Westfalls) from Gainesville, Florida: two brothers and a sister, the youngest of whom is only 17.
In less than one year D+GP has risen to become florida's new buzz band, generating major label interest, and sharing the stage with acts like MikeWatt, Ambulance LTD., Minus the Bear, the Appleseed Cast, Rainer Maria, Aloha, Holopaw, and many more. They have toured with The Living Blue (Minty Fresh records) and Rahim (Frenchkiss records), and have participated in music festivals around the South, including the Florida Music Festival, Tropical Heatwave, and MACRock. Currently their single "Spooky Action" can be heard on 100.5 "the Buzz" (Gainesville, FL) and WMNF 88.5 (Tampa, FL)
With an almost overwhelming stage-presence, and a truly unique and substantial sound and style, Dear and Glorious Physician is determined to soon become one of the indie scenes most important and influential up-and-coming bands. Make way.


behold the man

Written By: charles westfall

behold the man

he is not letting on,
silence is his virtue
patience is his strong
so take him to the skull and bind him

where is his shade?
where is his drink?
he's not but platted brim and gastric leak

and voices coming down
when scars will last forever
he'll show you when he's round
so shake 'em take 'em down
now three days underground

they raise him east and lower west
and spring a fountain from his chest

a whiter machine

Written By: charles westfall

i am a light and a lead and not a difficult sound

i am a twitter machine and makeing difficult sound

i'm the parade for the season and the animals frowned

i am disperser of sediments, a fabian plow

my work is done
everything is one and one
funny how i'm used to gray
funny how i'm used to it

i made the indian leave and wear the continent down

i made the elephants freeze and breaking physical ground

you make a violent disease you make a difficult sound

i am an oven for freeze and burning mesophil brown

and you will listen to me, why is that difficult now?

i am a lion for dreaming, a medicinal down

i am a whiter machine and making difficult sound

i am dispiser of heat and like a physical cloud

kublai khan

Written By: charles westfall

valentine's is over, is a mother
godspeed little emperor in you fight for city light

khan is living thunder-bloated monster
ghobi desert milk is gritty-white like city light

so close your eyes with holy dred
for he on honeydew hath fed
and drunk the milk of paradise
(that milk unfreezing ice)

there is no rush to put the house in order
there is no dark nor night for city light, thin city light

and then the vessel broke
and he, who long to break it had designed, himself began to real and spit and choke
and had not understood the heat inside
and shrank to come to know the heat inside


"Spooky Action" EP, 2004
tracks; Spooky Action, Behold the Man, Patterns

"Dear and Glorious Physician" self titled LP, 2005
tracks; Spooky Action, Behold the Man, A Whiter Machine, Malcangrejos, Frenzy, Memento Mori, Kublai Khan, Donner Party, I do not think we are beyond the Old Mistakes

Set List

40 minutes, no covers.