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"Dear Bobbie . . . locals making music"

College of Eastern Utah’s fall Eagle Frenzy kicked off the year with activities throughout the week. Culmination of the week of the frenzy was a pool party for all students at the Price City Wave Pool and live music by Dear Bobbie, a pop punk from Price.

Dear Bobbie is a four-piece punk/rock/alternative band from whose music is inspired by bands as Blink 182, Snoop Dogg, The Backstreet Boys and many others.

The band played a two-hour set for the Eagle Frenzy participants, plus gave every student in attandance a free CD of their music.

“We were surprised with all the hype after the show. We handed out about 100 CDs and gave out about another 100 copies of the new album,” said Mitch Ewan, lead singer and guitar player for Dear Bobbie.

Even though Dear Bobbie is new to CEU, they have been getting exposure not only in Utah, but all across the states. Recently their music was featured on international radio

“It has been a great couple months for the band,” said Scotty Montgumery, drummer for Dear Bobbie. “We have not only been spreading the music here in Utah, but now we have listeners all of the world. It’s crazy!”

The band has been formed for about five years now. Through many name changes, the group decided to stick with the Dear Bobbie name. When ask why Dear Bobbie, Paul Arnold, guitar and vocalist of Dear Bobbie, responded, “We just finishing our first EP and in the process came up with the idea that it was time for a change from the previous name, ‘Today’s Tomorrow.’ So we got to thinking and the suggestion Dear Bobbie came up. And it just stuck.”

The band has made history in the last five years, from starting out as a three-piece band in high school to the four-piece band we have today. “Mitch and I have been in out of drummers and guitar players throughout the history of the band. We found two players with the same goal and talent we needed, and found that we just clicked with Paul and Scotty,” said Troy Olson, bassist to Dear Bobbie.

Once they put together all the members of the group, things took off for the band. “It was a slow start but we are finally getting there. Our first show was in Castle Valley, and it expanded our music thorughout the Western United States. We love traveling to the different venues. We’ve not only grown as friends, but as a band. The travel outside of Utah has opened the chances for the band to meet many new faces,” Montgumery said.

On Aug. 14, the band released their first studio recorded EP titled “Standing Room Only,” a five-song album, all written and performed by the band themselves. The album was produced by Dead Point Studios.

Ewan talked about making the album. “We loved it. It turned out just how we wanted it. We can’t wait to share our music with everyone we can,” Ewan said.

Where is the future headed for Dear Bobbie? “The band will be busy the next few months, promoting with the street team,” stated Olsen. “We have a busy lineup of shows this fall and if things go as planned, more touring in the spring.”

To listen to Dear Bobbie, tune into Radio Basile, several local radio channels in the Castle Valley, or rock where the new album can not only be heard but also downloaded.

Band members are also looking for people to be a part of the Dear Bobbie Street Team. The Street Team has staff throughout the states and it is free to be a member. There is also a chance to make money when you are staff with the band or the promoting team.

A message the band would like to send to everyone is, “We love writing and especially playing music for as many people as will listen. We thank everyone for supporting and helping us get as far as we are and hope that, through our music, we can make more new friends. We hope to see you soon at one of our shows.”

Dear Bobbie plays at CEU in October for the CEU radio 89.9, The Edge. Dates will be posted on their band web site as well as 89.9 The Edge. - College of Eastern Utah - The Eagle


We have release Two eps- 2007 Broken Heart Cronicals - and on 2009 release Standing Room Only. We have been featured on many radio station across the united states and as of resent we our featured on international internet radio "radio basile" we are featured on page one of there site! With Five Tracks on airplay we also have our music streaming on our internet site and/myspace.



To start what sets us apart from other bands our live show is very entertaining. With the whole band very talented in there instruments, but also When there is no music being played during the set our three front men keep the crowed entertained. Mitch Ewan is the main voice sings amazing and is very comical on stage. We all love playing music. With Scotty playing for 15 years on the drums, and about 7-9 years for the rest of us its our lives we love it. We started out in 2004 at our county fair, We had a lot of fun playing more covers then our own but it was great. The man running the fair loved it and ended up paying us $75 for the gig at the time we were amazed only being 15 we had a lot of fun. Then the fire started we started playing practically every weekend, house shows, birthday parties, and later down the road we started doing our own touring all around the western states,"Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Texas,New Mexico, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Oregen, and Califorina". We love traveling were hoping to start sharing our music with others all over the world. We have many influences way to many to list all but the most influence would have to be Blink, Green Day, Mest, Glass Jaw and so many others. We have a lot to offer in our shows and love sharing our music with anyone who wants to listen. We recently have been featured on international radio we our featured number 3 one page one. We also are on many stations around the western states. But to close all I can say is we are four friends trying to make our dream a reality and we are already on our way!